Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 875

Chapter 875: Heaven and Earth Fire Seed
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Li Yuqian saw Ye Mo's expression and she could tell that Ye Mo had understood this. "I know a place with Fire Seeds. It's said to be at the Chang Fen Hill - there's a Li Zhe Fire there. It ranked a little low, but it's already a rare treasure for fire style cultivators. I got my Li Fire Feather from there, but I wasn't a fire cultivator so I didn't touch the Fire Seed."

Fire Seeds were not only helpful to pill masters, but also to fire element cultivators. If they have a Rare Fire Seed, their offensive power and power level will be massively different than before.

However, it was very hard to get Rare Fire Seeds, according to what Ye Mo knew. There were 108 types of Rare Fire Seeds in the world. It was said that the cultivation realm only contained 36 types. The Li Zhe Fire one ranked 29 of the 36 types, and it was near the very end of the 108 types general ranking.

But even the last ranking Rare Fire Seeds were insanely valuable. The Heaven and Earth Fire Seeds had a common property that other Fire Seeds didn't have and that was potential growth. The speed of growth was based on their master's cultivation method and fortune, as well as fire element spirit items that they devour.

In other words, if the worst ranked Fire Seeds grow to a certain extent, they can be more powerful than the Fire Seeds which ranked high before it.

Pill masters also loved Fire Seeds. A good pill master must have a good Fire Seed. Without a Heaven and Earth Rare Fire Seed, a pill master can never become a top-level pill master.

Ye Mo had heard about the Chang Fen Hill. It was once a mortal city, but conflict between two big cultivation powers took place there.

Both powers were very mighty and had a lot of allies. Eventually, more and more people died. It reached a point when most people forgot why they were even fighting and the place was completely destroyed. No one in the city was able to escape and the cultivators that died there were countless. Finally, the war gradually calmed down.

Thousands of years later, most cultivators who were going to have a battle to death liked to resolve their conflicts there. Soon, the place became another name for graveyard.

Ye Mo hadn't expected there would be a fire seed here. No one else could guess it either.

Knowing that Ye Mo would be surprised, Li Yuqian took out a jade slip. She quickly drew a map on it saying, "I found this place out of luck. You will know once you go there. The Li Zhe Fire was left behind by a pill master. He died before being able to spirit control it."

Ye Mo took the jade slip gratefully. Ye Mo knew how precious that Heaven and Earth Rare Fire Seed was. If she sold it for money, she could get countless spirit stones.

Li Yuqian breathed at ease after seeing him take the jade slip. She always owed Ye Mo and never helped him with anything. What is more, she was going to owe him even more in the future. Finally, she could help Ye Mo a little bit now.

Three days later, Ye Mo gave a cultivation increasing pill to Zhen Xiaoshen and she almost cried out of excitement. She hadn't been this excited even when she bought the Core Building Herb, because she knew how hard it would be for that herb to turn into a pill. Yet now, she actually got the pill.

Ye Mo understood her feelings.

"Sister Zhen, you can stay at China Pharmaceuticals to form your core. The spirit chi here is quite good. When you're at golden core state, you can choose to stay if you're willing," Ye Mo said.

If China Pharmaceuticals had its own golden core state and nascent soul state cultivators, then they would have the foundation to stand upright in River State City.

Zhen Xiaoshan tried to calm herself down and she said word by word, "Brother Ye, it was my fortune that China Pharmaceuticals was willing to take me in. I swear that as long as you're still in China Pharmaceuticals, I will be a part of China Pharmaceuticals."

Zhen Xiaoshan was no idiot. She had been a solo cultivator and now that she could follow a spirit pill master, her future was like heaven compared to before.

Seeing this, Ye Mo rejoiced. He took out an essence benefit pill and gave it to her. "Use this bottle of pills to prepare for core formation. As for the spirit artefact and gears you need, I will get you these in half a year."

After Zhen Xiaoshan left for solitary cultivation, Ye Mo took out the jade bottle and looked at it satisfyingly.

He had concocted six pills of cultivation increasing pill and given one to Zhen Xiaoshan. He still had five left, which meant that Ye Ling, himself and the others didn't need to worry about pills all the way until golden core state.

With the remaining time, Ye Mo helped the Immortal Treasure Tower concoct pills while concocting the pill he needed, the stalagmite benefit Pill.

Ye Mo made this pill for the ming yuan pill. The way to the Chang Fen Hill shouldn't be too dangerous, but he still decided to go after reaching foundation establishment state level 6. The ming yuan pill could help him reach that and with the stalagmite benefit pill, there would be no side effects.

A month later, Ye Mo reached foundation establishment state level 6 with the help of these two pills. His cultivation essence was a lot stronger again.

Although he really wanted to study the Illusion Cloud Sword Technique, he knew he really didn't have much time. He decided to go get the fire first. Once he got the fire, he would make the cao huan pill immediately.

To him, the earlier Li Yuqian reached nascent soul state state the better. He had broken the All Pill Tower's branch store owner's son's leg, but they still hadn't gone to look for trouble with him. Although he knew it was Yan Zheng's doing, he had to make some preparations too.

If that branch owner Lu Jiucheng reached nascent soul state and Li Yuqian didn't, then China Pharmaceuticals would be at a complete disadvantage. Ye Mo couldn't believe that a nascent soul state cultivator would let him go after he had broken his son's leg.

Although a broken leg injury was nothing in the cultivation realm, if people wanted to look for trouble with you, even losing a strand of hair was an excuse.

Before leaving, Ye Mo was also going to set up a teleportation formation. He didn't place it underground. The teleportation formation was for emergencies, and the more hidden it was, the less easy to access it.

Hence, Ye Mo had decided to place it at where Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling were cultivating.

Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling were both at chi gathering stage 7 now. Their spirit root was very good and with adequate spirit chi and pill supplies, their progress was very rapid.

"Brother, are you going out again?" Ye Ling could tell that her brother was about to leave when he went to see them again.

Song Yangzhu also looked worried.

Ye Mo nodded. "Yes, we must cultivate faster to be able to stand upright here. I'm going out to look for a Fire Seed and then help concoct pills for your master. In half year, I'm going away for a long time so you guys need to work hard. Today I'm here to give you some pills and set up a teleportation formation here."

"A teleportation formation in our room?" Ye Ling asked curiously.

Ye Mo nodded. "Yes, if you encounter strong cultivators that we can't beat, then escape through it. It will only recognize our spirit senses, other people won't be able to activate it."
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