Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 877

Chapter 877: Breaking a Formation
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It was a natural cloaking formation. Even a body condensation state cultivator might not be able to scan the spirit sense inside, much less his false core state spirit sense.

What shook Ye Mo the most was that the place was very hidden, but it didn't have any unique marks. How did Li Yuqian find it? How did the cultivator before her find it?

However, Ye Mo cast these thoughts aside. He could ask her how she found it and if she didn't want to talk about it, it didn't really matter to him anyway.

Ye Mo's spirit sense pierced the natural formation and went into a stone room.

It was about 10 sqm. Someone must've found the natural formation first and built a stone room inside.

There was a skeleton inside the room, it was probably the cultivator Li Yuqian spoke of. There was no Li Zhe Fire there, but inside the stone wall behind the room, Ye Mo found a faint orange fire.

Was that the Li Zhe Fire? Ye Mo stared at the faint gust of fire in confusion. He had seen Rare Fire Seeds before. The big elder of the Magical Herb Sect had one. It was a Ken Qing Fire ranked 26, but even that was countless times stronger than this alleged "Li Zhe Fire".

The Li Zhe Fire ranked 29, so it shouldn't be this far off.

However, the faint yellow fire had a sliver of white smoke. It was the signature of the Li Zhe Fire. What surprised Ye Mo was that the flame was faint, but still had an orange colour.

Ye Mo knew the levels of Rare Flames. From low to high, it was yellow, orange, red, green, aqua, blue and purple. The lowest level was pale yellow, but when it was dark yellow, it could ascend to orange. This flame was already pale orange.

Ye Mo shook his head. He was disappointed, but it was still a Rare Flame. When Ye Mo's spirit sense locked onto this flame, he immediately noticed something wasn't right. The flame hadn't been casually left behind, it was bound there.

He had to break the restriction to take the flame.

Restrictions had a lot of similarities with formations, but it was much simpler than a formation. Any cultivator could build simple restrictions, but the high-level restrictions were no easier than formation.

Ye Mo believed the restriction would be no problem for him, but when he scanned the restriction with his spirit sense, he realized he was greatly wrong. The restriction was very strong. At least, he couldn't put it down.

It was also an attack restriction, which meant that if it wasn't undone properly, it would attack the person.

Ye Mo calmed down. He didn't think things seemed to be so simple. He scanned his spirit sense around carefully and when he scanned the four corners of the room, he almost screamed.

He found that the stone room had actually been formed before the natural formation there, since the stone room had been completely embedded in the formation.

Ye Mo knew there was no way that this world would form a stone room and then form a natural formation around it.

The only explanation was that it was no natural formation, it was artificial. A person had managed to lay down a natural formation - even Ye Mo was shook.

The attributes of a natural formation were that there was no way for it to be found. Artificial formations left some traces behind. If someone could set up a formation without leaving any traces behind, how powerful were this person's formation skills? Ye Mo didn't even dare to imagine.

Ye Mo looked at that skeleton and understood some things. It seemed that the cultivator hadn't brought the Li Zhe Fire there. Perhaps he had wanted to get the fire and got killed by the restriction. Then, Li Yuqian found the cultivator and the fire. She had taken the storage ring but didn't take the fire.

This meant that someone else had brought the fire there and restrained it.

For some reason, that person never came back again. Ye Mo thought about it. Did that person leave it there for the fire to evolve? If so, then if he undid the restriction, he would get an orange level Rare Flame.

Ye Mo's heart was beating very quickly with these thoughts. However, he didn't let this blind him. He knew that the restriction was not easy to break. He also needed to figure out how the spirit sense barrier formation had been set up. If he understood that, it would benefit him greatly. Perhaps due to the experience he was going to gain today, he could build a natural formation as well.

Ye Mo had cultivated the Three Birth Chant and he was much stronger than an ordinary cultivator in terms of insight. He was a high-level formation master himself, so he didn't take long to notice the strange features of the formation.

The stone wall seemed to be able to faintly suck spirit chi. How could a stone wall suck spirit chi? Ye Mo immediately realized that the stone wall was the core of the formation.

The Li Zhe Fire was inside the stone wall. If he broke the stone wall to take the fire, then the restriction would get activated. If he didn't break the stone wall and just tried to take the fire, the restriction would still get activated.

If one wanted to prevent the restriction from getting activated and get the fire, he had to break the formation first in a non-destructive way.

Forcefully breaking the stone wall or spirit controlling the Li Zhe Fire would activate the restriction.

However, since Ye Mo could see the core of the formation, he could solve it. It wasn't a very strong formation, it was just a spirit sense barrier formation.

Ye Mo took out his materials and started to make formation flags. A few hours later, Ye Mo had made 30 flags and spread them around the corners. Then, he activated them, he even used top-grade spirit stones.

An hour later, the stone wall cracked and Ye Mo rejoiced. He had broken the connection between the stone wall and the restriction.

However, Ye Mo found that at the same time he solved the problem with the formation, the restriction had also released the fire automatically. He didn't have to take care of the restriction anymore.

But the next moment, Ye Mo cursed. He had to gather all of his cultivation essence to stop the Li Zhe Fire and he tried to forcefully spirit control it.

He realized that breaking the formation wasn't exactly helping. Once the Li Zhe Fire escaped the restriction, it was going to escape. It seemed that the person behind all of this didn't want anyone to get the Li Zhe Fire no matter what.

Ye Mo had gone all the way there for the fire. He wasn't going to let it escape! However, Ye Mo found he had been greatly wrong. He had thought the pale flame would be easy to capture, but when he surrounded the flame with his spirit sense and cultivation essence, it immediately emanated intense heat. Even the spirit stones he had thrown before became the flame's nutrition.
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