Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 878

Chapter 878: The Mist Lotus Heart Fire
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

With Ye Mo's level 6 foundation establishment state power, his hair and clothes were instantly burnt away and it even began to burn his skin.

Ye Mo was shook. If it continued, he would turn into a pile of dust as soon as his cultivation essence dried out. Ye Mo immediately called out Winter's Arrival.

When Winter's Arrival spread out, the stone room immediately sunk into cold frost. It was the first time Ye Mo applied Winter's Arrival onto himself. The bone-chilling frost seeped into Ye Mo's burning body. The feeling of intense heat and cold was indescribable.

Luckily, Winter's Arrival was Ye Mo's belonging and it wouldn't harm his foundation.

A moment later, Ye Mo felt his body's surface was covered by a layer of ice. He finally breathed at ease. The frost had stopped the Li Zhe Fire's rampage.

However, just when Ye Mo was relaxing, he felt something was wrong. The thin layer of ice soon melted and the intense flame of the Li Zhe Fire quickly charged at him again. Ye Mo quickly urged Winter's Arrival to form a layer of ice on his body, but it melted in an instant. Things repeated like this and Ye Mo soon realized how dire the situation was.

Winter's Arrival was getting weaker and weaker, while the Li Zhe Fire was getting stronger and stronger. If things went down like this, Winter's Arrival would soon be completely extinguished and he would be burnt to ashes.

With this thought, Ye Mo took a burst essence pill and used all his spirit sense to try to spirit control the Li Zhe Fire. The flame was still weak at that moment. If it returned to its prime, then he might not be able to spirit control, even if he had been at golden core state.

The burst essence pill allowed his power to increase drastically and reach foundation establishment state level 8 tertiary stage before stopping.

Ye Mo was aware that time was limited. So, he used all of his power and spirit sense to envelope the flame and spirit control it. Otherwise, all he would be able to do was go into the golden page world. However, if he exhausted all of his spirit sense and cultivation essence, he wasn't sure if he could.

Feeling Ye Mo's drastic increase in power, the flame seemed to notice danger and stopped fighting Winter's Arrival. Instead, it was trying to free itself from Ye Mo's spirit sense.

Ye Mo felt this and realized something. Had the flame developed its own will?

Thinking about this, Ye Mo's heart fire up.

Since the flame was trying to escape, Winter's Arrival had an opportunity to retaliate. Thanks to Ye Mo's increased power, it actually controlled the flame.

The flame had some intelligence but it was too low level. Hence, as Ye Mo spirit controlled it, the flame struggled but it was getting weaker and weaker.

An hour later, Ye Mo had completely controlled the flame. He hadn't finished spirit controlling it, but it was no big deal for the moment. Seeing how Winter's Arrival had shrunk in size, Ye Mo's heart ached. For a long time, he wouldn't be able to rely on it for help.

After putting Winter's Arrival away, Ye Mo focused on spirit controlling the Li Zhe Fire.

The more he focused, the more he was shook. He realized that the flame wasn't a Li Zhe Fire, it was a Mist Lotus Heart Fire. The Li Zhe Fire was an earth fire, but the Mist Lotus Heart Fire was heaven fire. There was a core difference between the two.

The Mist Lotus Heart Fire could rank number three among the 36 types of fire found in the cultivation realms. It was a legendary flame.

Ye Mo wanted to scream in excitement. Out of the 36 types in the cultivation realm, 10 were heaven fires and the rest were all earth fires.

There were countless cultivation realms in the universe and the Mist Lotus Heart Fire ranked third out of the 36 different flames. This was rather astonishing! Ye Mo had heard that on Luo Yue Continent, a fire element cultivator once got the Extreme Geng Fire, that ranked fourth. He was invincible amongst those on the same state. For some reason, this cultivator disappeared, and so did the Extreme Geng Fire.

Many people believed that the cultivator had caused too many carnages and a lot of them wanted to hunt him down. Another reason could be due to the fire. Anyone would want such a high-level Fire Seed.

The top 10 flames were all heaven fires. Its power was far from something earth flames could compare with.

He also realized that if he had the Mist Lotus Heart Fire, he couldn't show it around. Otherwise, he would be dead for sure. If he got the Li Zhe Fire, he could use it for pill concoction. People usually didn't dare to touch a pill master with Li Zhe Fire.

Even if he got Abyssal Earth Fire, he would still be safe if he became a pill king. After all, it had still ranked 11th - it wasn't in the top 10.

Revealing that one had a heaven fire would be a disaster. The Mist Lotus Heart Fire was not only a heaven fire, but one that had ranked in top three.

Ye Mo understood why Li Yuqian had thought of the flame was the Li Zhe Fire. They were quite similar. Both had a small gust of mist inside the flame. Yet, the Li Zhe Fire only had mist on the outside of the flame. Once the flame got an orange colour, it would gradually disappear.

Meanwhile, the Mist Lotus Heart Fire was the opposite. It didn't have the mist to begin with and would only develop a little after reaching orange colour. When the flame reached higher levels, the mist would become more and more condensed.

Ye Mo hurried to spirit control the flame, his burst essence pill time was had almost ran up. Just when he was about to spirit control the flame, he felt motion on his surveillance formation.

Ye Mo didn't dare to look who was coming. He spat a mouthful of essence blood and forcefully spirit controlled the Mist Lotus Heart Fire. Then, he ran out of the room without thinking twice.

As soon as he did, he went into the golden page world.

Then, Ye Mo immediately took a stalagmite benefit pill to mediate the side effects. Song Yangzhu wasn't there after all.
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