Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 880

Chapter 880: Why Not Steal It and Run?
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo saw through the mist that there were countless sword rays flashing through it. It seemed like the battle was at a stalemate.

Ye Mo watched it for a while and found that his eyes couldn't follow their fighting marks at all. Hence, he changed his formation to watch the two books.

Something that could get two hollow spirit state fighting shouldn't be a simple item. However, Ye Mo soon realized that he could only see the box, but not what was inside. If he wanted to see it clearly, he would have to use spirit sense. If he wanted to use spirit sense, he would have to leave the golden page world.

He could only use the formation to see the outside world for now.

Thinking that the two hollow spirit state cultivators were busy fighting, Ye Mo decided to put on Nine Transformations and leave the golden page world.

Those two cultivators didn't have the energy to mind him. It was fine for him to check the two books as long as his spirit sense didn't touch the boundaries of their battle.

Ye Mo left the golden page world and waited for a long while. He hadn't noticed anything, so he carefully concealing his chi and extended his spirit sense to check the two books.

Ye Mo knew that even if he used Nine Transformations, it would be hard to trick a hollow spirit state cultivator. Hence, he could only put his hopes on the Three Birth Chant's stealth art.

As soon as his spirit sense touched the two halves of the book, he was shook and immediately took back his spirit sense. He realized he had done something stupid.

He was caught as soon as his spirit sense touched the jade boxes. He took back his spirit sense and immediately hid on the edge of the natural spirit sense barrier formation. Soon, he felt two powerful spirit senses scan on the spirit sense barrier formation.

'So powerful!', Ye Mo thought.

"Tong, there's actually a third person here. You're really weak!" Sima sneered.

Tong Wusheng said coldly, "Sima, old man, you didn't find him either. A mere foundation establishment state cultivator dares to scheme against me for this book. He's asking to die."

Both of them knew Ye Mo was there, but they didn't care at all.

Sima Zhu suddenly said, "A mere foundation establishment state cultivator is hiding in a formation that even our spirit sense can't scan. It must be a natural formation! Usually, these formations are created with rare treasures."

"Tong, how about I leave the natural formation and that foundation establishment state ant with you, and you give me the book? No matter what's inside the formation, I won't take it. Also, don't worry, I'll carve a jade slip for you."

The dark-faced cultivator smiled and seemed interested. At least, his attack was slowing down.

Ye Mo knew he had been caught, but he didn't dare go into the golden page world. If they found out that he disappeared, they would know he has a pocket world artefact. Such things were extremely valuable to even truth realisation state cultivator. If he let get known it, he only needed to wait to get killed.

Ye Mo had just scanned the book once, but he knew what sort of book it was.

It was the most sought supplementary text - it was called Things. Ye Mo had scanned through the spirit herb section and seen that all the herbs had images and were explained in detail. It even showed its characteristics and how to cultivate them, as well as what sort of pills they could be made into.

Ye Mo came from a herbal sect, yet by scanning the book once, he could tell that about 40% of spirit herbs in it he didn't know.

Ye Mo could only imagine how quickly his pill concoction skills would sky-rocket after obtaining this book.

However, what got him most excited was the pill concoction recipes he saw under each spirit herb.

The Three Birth Chant was overpowered, but it wasn't easy to create his own pill recipe. Even if he could, it would be after countless trials and it would waste countless spirit herbs and time.

It was a heavenly big fortune! Spirit herbs were just a small portion of it. Ye Mo suddenly had a crazy thought, why not just steal it and run?

There was a knife in front of him and a knife behind him. Instead of waiting for death, he might as well fight for his life.

With this thought, Ye Mo could no longer resist his crazy urge. He forced himself to calm down and look at the two cultivators fighting through the surveillance formation.

The black mist had spread out. Ye Mo could barely see Sima Zhu's net. Meanwhile, Tong Wusheng's sword formation was also not as wild. They seemed to be about to stop.

Ye Mo was shook. If they stopped fighting, he was dead for sure. What should he do? Ye Mo desperately wanted an answer.

At this moment, he suddenly saw Tong Wusheng throw many formation flags and quickly weave a few hand signs. Ye Mo could tell that Tong Wusheng was about to activate the formation to steal the book. He was disappointed.

Just when Ye Mo was about to run, he suddenly stopped and looked very excitedly. Sima Zhu hadn't disappointed him. After Tong Wusheng threw the formation flags, he also threw a few formation flags.

The attack formation slowed down and the transmission formation didn't transmit to Tong Wusheng, but to Sima Zhu.

Ye Mo commended Sima Zhu's wits. He was sure that he had come to check the place after Tong Wusheng left.

After knowing Tong Wusheng's plan, he decided to utilize it and make a few more formations on top of Tong Wusheng's formations. He had been waiting for Tong Wusheng to throw the formation flags so he could redirect the transmission to himself.

Ye Mo realized that this amicable-looking old man was actually more bleak than Tong Wusheng.

However, Tong Wusheng was confused because he was sure he could prevent Sima Zhu from destroying the box. Yet, how had Sima Zhu managed to get it?

"Sima Zhu, you old fart! You love to play sneakily indeed!" Tong Wusheng was very angry and attacked with full force. More flying sword birthed from his cloak and joined the sword formation.

Sima Zhu sneered, "You're no better yourself." The mist rose again, as though it wanted to cover the skies.

Tong Wusheng saw the box nearing Sima Zhu, so he yelled, "Sima Zhu, if you dare rob it, I'll make my half turn into dust immediately!"

Ye Mo took out his formation. It was the best moment to attack.
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