Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 881

Chapter 881: The Foundation Establishment State Insect that Escaped
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo was a very decisive person. He dashed out of the stealth formation immediately.

As soon as he got to the Chang Fen Hill, he felt a bone-etching killing intent and a rampant cultivation essence. He didn't even dare to look at the two men fighting, and he just threw tens of formation flags. If he activated these flags, the formation that Sima Zhu had modified would change again.

Then, Ye Mo dashed towards the two jade boxes, protected by the restriction.

Although Ye Mo was as fast as lightning, he was still noticed the instant he came out of the formation.

Seeing this, Sima Zhu laughed. He didn't even look at Ye Mo and sneered, "This wanbei is interesting."

Tong Wusheng didn't look at Ye Mo either. However, he sneered and changed his sword formation.

"Old Man Sima, why don't we kill this foundation establishment state insect first and then fight?" Yet, Tong Wusheng kept putting pressure on the attack.

Sima Zhu sneered and didn't even reply. With more cultivation essence input, the dark net became stronger and stronger. He was having the upper hand and the transmission formation was transferring the two jade boxes to him. How could he stop fighting now? A foundation establishment state cultivator wouldn't even be able touch the box, he would just get killed by the restriction outside.

To them Ye Mo's actions didn't pose a threat. A foundation establishment state would be daydreaming if he thought he could open up restrictions set by a hollow spirit state cultivator. Even if there were no restrictions and they gave the two jade boxes to the foundation establishment state, he wouldn't be able to get out of the trap formation. Despite the trap formation having been transformed into a transmission formation, it still had the functions of a trap formation. It wasn't something a mere foundation establishment state could break through.

Even if he could, the time it would take for him to do it was enough for the two masters to kill him countless times.

Even if Ye Mo instantly broke free the restriction and ran out of the trap formation, there were destruction restrictions on the box. Moreover, even if they didn't destroy the box, they could follow the jade box, which would lead to the foundation establishment state cultivator. No matter what, even if he ran for five days non-stop, a foundation establishment state cultivator wouldn't be able to escape the hunt of two hollow spirit state masters.

Although they didn't care about Ye Mo at all, Ye Mo had instantly triggered their killing intent for daring to try to deceit a hollow spirit state cultivator for his belongings.

Before Ye Mo had even gotten to the restriction, the restriction was ready to kill Ye Mo under the control of the two hollow spirit states cultivator's spirit sense.

Ye Mo was much better with formations than the two masters and restrictions came from formations. He could tell he shouldn't forcibly open the restriction or he would lose his life.

Ye Mo didn't care about the restriction. He left behind the last formation flag. He didn't attack them because he had realized the two men didn't consider him a threat at all.

If Ye Mo activated the trap and destroyed the formation now, then perhaps the two cultivators would stop fighting and kill him instead.

Ye Mo went up to the restriction and reached his hand inside, grabbing the two jade boxes. Afterwards, he darted out of the hill right away. It seemed that the restriction and formation didn't affect him at all.

The instant he got out, Ye Mo didn't forget to leave the activation formation flag outside the trap formation. If someone got out of the trap formation, it would activate the attack and trap formation outside.

It all happened so fast that even the two hollow spirit state cultivators couldn't have predicted this to happen.

Even though it was just a quickly made restriction, the trap formation Tong Wusheng had left wasn't weak. Yet, he had easily escaped from it.

Neither of them knew that Ye Mo had already studied this trap formation, so they were completely in shock. However, they didn't rage because they knew that no matter how far Ye Mo got, he wouldn't be able to escape as long as he had the jade box.

Ye Mo immediately got on his flying sword outside the hill. He didn't use the flying pike, as it was easy to find out his identity through that. Moreover, he knew that no matter how fast he was, 800 to 1000 km was within the range of a hollow spirit state cultivator's spirit sense.

On the flying sword, Ye Mo saw through the surveillance formation that the two cultivators were still fighting. He rejoiced. As long as he got out of their spirit sense range, he would be able to completely disappear.

"Old Man Sima, the thing has been stolen. What's the point of you fighting with me here?" Tong Wusheng was aware that Ye Mo wouldn't be able to keep it, but he still didn't feel happy about it.

Sima Zhu nodded. "Yes, although I'll get it back, it's angering that an insect took it. Okay, let's stop fighting and chase him. Whoever gets to it first, takes it."

Tong Wusheng happily agreed to this as he got on a flying cultivation artefact.

Ye Mo noticed the two cultivators were about to stop. He tried his best to fly faster.

The two men immediately headed out of the Chang Fen Hill.

Sima Zhu was fast and Tong Wusheng wasn't slow either. As soon as they got to the borders of the trap formation, it suddenly got activated. The other three attack formations were also activated too.

When the four formations got activated, even they were hindered for a few minutes. However, they soon broke free.

They stared at each other, wanting to reproach the other. Yet they realized that neither of them had activated the formation.

Tong Wusheng grabbed a formation flag at the border of the trap formation and his expression turned bleak. "How dare you tamper with my formation, p*nk!!! There's not only a formation activation flag, but also a surveillance formation! F*ck!!"

Sima Zhu laughed. Tong Wusheng had set up the formations and not only he had used them, but the foundation establishment state cultivator had done it too.

Ye Mo estimated that he was already out of their spirit sense range and got on the flying pike to reach maximum speed. At the same time, he placed the jade boxes into his golden page world.

He was sure that no matter what spirit sense mark was on them, no one from outside would be able to scan it once he placed them in his golden page world - not even a truth realisation state cultivator.

Ye Mo was outside of their spirit sense range, so he didn't keep running. He landed in a valley and went a few hundred meters underground before going into the golden page world.

He was sure that after that great escape, not even a body condensation state would be able to find him. The only worry he had was that the two might have seen through his disguise. It was a very small possibility, but he didn't dare to be careless.

Ye Mo was betting on the thought that the two hollow spirit state cultivators had considered him to be an insect and hadn't uses their spirit sense to closely watch his face.

Tong Wusheng and Sima Zhu had suddenly stopped talking. They had used their spirit sense to contact the spirit sense marks they had left on their boxes again and again in disbelief, but after a long while, there was still no reaction.

The two men glanced at each other and realized this was happening to both of them.

"Hmpf! A mere foundation establishment state cultivator dares to be this cocky!" Tong Wusheng roared.

"Draw me a painting of him. How dare he steal things from me! Hehehe. He's got balls." Sima Zhu licked his lips.
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