Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 882

Chapter 882: Searching For a Place
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Tong Wusheng heard this and immediately realized that Sima Zhu hadn't looked at the foundation establishment state cultivator carefully, just like him. His heart sunk. If he knew what Ye Mo looked like, he might be able to use his abilities to find this person. How were they supposed to look for Ye Mo when they didn't even know how he looked like? That foundation establishment state cultivator barely had any cultivation essence or spirit sense wave. It was very subtle, yet now it seemed intentional.

"Such means!" Tong Wusheng sneered. Then he looked coldly at Sima Zhu. "I just know that he was wearing a face changing magic artefact. I really didn't look at what he looked like."

He was a hollow spirit state master, why would he look carefully at the face of a mere foundation establishment state cultivator who was about to die? Moreover, he was concentrated on the fight with that old man, Sima.

Sima Zhu heard this and his expression also turned very bad. He was a hollow spirit state middle stage master, yet he had had something stolen in front of his face by a foundation establishment state insect. This was like a slap to the face!

Sima Zhu sneered and didn't say anything. He took out a boat-shaped cultivation artefact and dashed away in a black ray.

"A cultivation artefact?" Tong Wusheng saw this and his expression turned bad. He hadn't thought that Sima Zhu also had a flying cultivation artefact. It was also low-grade, but it seemed better than his.

No wonder that old man had agreed that whoever caught the foundation establishment state insect would get the treasure - so this was it! He had been played by the old man twice and felt extremely unhappy. Luckily, there was a foundation establishment state that stole it from them or the thing would be in Sima Zhu's hands by now. As long as it wasn't Sima's, he had a chance to get it.

However, Tong Wusheng immediately thought of another problem. He had gotten the flying cart cultivation artefact from an auction. How did Sima Zhu have a black net cultivation artefact and a flying boat cultivation artefact? Had he found an ancient ruin or something?

He chased after the direction of Sima Zhu had taken immediately.

However, Sima Zhu simply returned to the Change Fen Hill.

He looked sardonically at the direction Tong Wusheng was coming from and scorned, "Dark-faced idiot! You want to fight over 'Things' with me. Even without that foundation establishment state insect, 'Things' would have never been yours. So what if he took my book and avoided my spirit sense? If I can't even deal with a foundation establishment state insect, I would've lived these few centuries for nothing."

"Interesting! There's a natural formation here and a stone room inside." Sima Zhu suddenly paused and looked around. "Hmmm- It's not natural. Someone set it up here. Who? Why did he do this?"

Sima Zhu looked around and suddenly dashed to the stone wall, grabbing a rock from behind the wall. He then put the stone inside his mouth.

After a moment, he spat the rock out and stared at this wall in shock, before saying word by word, "There was a Heaven and Earth Rare Fire Seed here?! Who used a formation to put the Fire Seed here?"

"Is it the Abyssal Earth Fire?!" Sima Zhu was shook. He was more and more certain of it as the place was full of yin chi and it was the best kind of greenhouse for the Abyssal Earth Fire.

Sima Zhu suddenly took out an orange flame and thought about it in excitement. His Li Zhe Fire ranked 29th in the cultivation realm. If he got the Abyssal Earth Fire, which had ranked 11th, wouldn't he have the ability to reach pill king?

Pill king! Sima Zhu couldn't contain his excitement. He was more and more interested in that foundation establishment state insect. A foundation establishment state insect had managed to get the Abyssal Earth Flame. If he got 'Things' too, his future possibilities were unimaginable.

"Hehehe!" Sima Zhu smiled bleakly. Since he knew about it, that foundation establishment state insect's good fortune would be coming to an end.

Just when Sima Zhu was about to leave, he remembered another Rare Fire Seed, the Mist Lotus Heart Fire. It could also grow in places with abundant yin chi. The Mist Lotus Heart Fire not only needed yin, but also yan chi to upgrade.

Sima Zhu was dumbfounded. If it really had been the Mist Lotus Heart Fire, he didn't dare to keep thinking.

If he had to choose, then he would chose the Mist Lotus Heart Fire over a few books of 'Things'. It was a heaven fire! If he got it, he could even reach truth realisation state.

Thinking that the foundation establishment state cultivator might have taken away the Mist Lotus Heart Fire, Sima Zhu could no longer stay calm. He could feel his heart thumping like it used to a few hundred years ago, when he was young.

At that time, he had fallen in love with a martial sister from his sect. When he first gave her a present, his heart was thumping like now.

At the time, his talent was poor. But that martial sister had great talent and became dao partners with another core disciple. He had been rejected and left the sect to become a lone cultivator. However, his fortune changed and he received a pill master's inheritance. He became a pill master and his power also rose drastically due to his pill concoction skills improving.

When he became a nascent soul state cultivator, the first thing he did was to go back and get revenge. His martial sister was already at golden core state, so he raped his martial sister in front of her husband. Her husband was so angry that he died from it, but he loved the satisfaction it brought him. He had never felt so happy before.

Yet today, due to the Mist Lotus Heart Fire, he could feel that passion again. Perhaps he would be able to take it from that insect soon!

Sima Zhu licked his purple lips. His eyes were full of greed.

He looked around. He damaged the formation and the contents inside without hesitation.

He didn't want any other person to know that there might've been a heaven fire there.

Tong Wusheng got there not long after Sima Zhu had left. All he saw was ruins.

The two cultivators believed that small foundation establishment state cultivator couldn't be more than 50,000 km away from them.

Since they didn't find Ye Mo in a short time, they believed Ye Mo was hiding near the Chang Fen Hill because only hiding could the two men not catch up to him.

The two masters searched everywhere in a 50,000 km radius. When they came across other cultivators and couldn't get an answer from them, they would cut their limbs off or kill them.

Soon, the Chang Feng Hill became a forbidden ground for cultivators because everyone knew two cruel masters were searching for something there.

The two cultivators encountered each other a few times, but they never talked.

They were very smart. Ye Mo was indeed hiding within their search range.
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