Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 883

Chapter 883: Abandoning the Double-Edged Sword to Start Using the Single-Edged Sword
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo wasn't worried that the two masters would find him in the golden page world. His golden page world was hidden in the earth and it was impossible to find it - unless they used spirit sense to look at that small block of earth specifically.

The journey to Chang Feng Hill had been full of dangers, but it had been very worth for Ye Mo. Seeking for fortunes in danger was a wise decision. He not only got the Mist Lotus Heart Fire, but also "Things".

He had spirit controlled the Mist Lotus Heart Fire. All he wanted to do now was break the restrictions on the two jade boxes and study "Things".

Ye Mo took out the two boxes and found they were covered with all sorts of spirit sense marks and restrictions. With one thought, they could destroy the box.

These two cultivators were very calculative and selfish people. Ye Mo laughed. If the two masters hadn't fought and had agreed instead to give each other the other half of the book, everything would have been fine. But now, it could only benefit him.

There were a lot of restriction on the boxes, but it was no big dig deal for Ye Mo. It just took him half an hour to remove all the restrictions. He then took out the two halves of the book and burned the boxes away with his Mist Lotus Heart Fire.

The book seemed to have been severed by something sharp. Ye Mo believed it had been torn apart before. The material of the book was very soft, but sturdy. Ye Mo tried to tear it and he couldn't.

He fused the two halves together. He got immediately immersed in the vast array of knowledge inside - the spirit herb scroll, the ore scroll, the beast scroll, the spirit insect scroll, the fire seed scroll, etc.

Ye Mo scrolled through the book - there were tens of scrolls! Ye Mo flicked it to the fire seed scroll and looked up the Mist Lotus Heart Fire.

The Mist Lotus Heart Fire ranked 17th in the 108 Fire Seeds ranking and third in the cultivation realm. It was a rather good fire, even amongst the heaven fires. Ye Mo liked it a lot.

The more he understood about the Mist Lotus Heart Fire, the more he realized why it had appeared at the Chang Fen Hill. It could upgrade through devouring yin chi. It seemed like someone had intentionally left it there for it to upgrade.

Ye Mo was confused. Why had no one gone to pick it up even though it had reached orange color? It was either because the person had died or because he hadn't had time to do it, so Ye Mo got to it before him.

Regardless, Ye Mo had spirit controlled the flame and he wasn't going to give it back.

Then, Ye Mo flicked to the spirit herb scroll. Time flew by.

20,000 km away from Ye Mo, both of the cultivators felt the spirit sense marks and restrictions being destroyed, but they couldn't find the source.

Their expressions didn't look very good.

Three days later, Ye Mo had already roughly scanned through the book. He had looked at the spirit herb scroll very carefully, but he just vaguely remembered the other scrolls.

After greatly increasing his knowledge, Ye Mo had realized why there were so few level 7 spirit pill masters and above. Not everyone could get the Three Birth Chant, or "Things".

It was pretty much an encyclopedia of cultivation. That's why the two men were fighting over it so desperately.

He put away "Things", but he didn't leave the golden page world. Even though he had destroyed the restrictions and the spirit sense marks, he didn't put them in his storage ring as it came from hollow spirit state cultivators. He had to be careful.

It had been three days but Ye Mo was certain that Sima Zhu and Tong Wusheng hadn't left yet. He took out the Illusion Cloud Nine Swords and started studying it.

Ye Mo had decided to change his main weapon of attack to a single-edged sword. His Three Birth Sword Ray was made for a double-edged sword, but he could change it for a single-edged sword. However, Ye Mo wanted to combine the Three Birth Sword Ray and the Illusion Cloud Nine Strikes to form a new sword ability.

He believes there were many similarities between the two attack techniques, so Ye Mo wanted to melt the Three Birth Sword Ray into the Illusion Cloud Nine Strikes.

Ye Mo gave a new name to the Illusion Cloud's first strike, the Illusion Cloud Essence Binding Sword. The essence of this strike was the same as the original movement.

The sword chi created from the Illusion Cloud was very extraordinary. It could be used to bind enemies. Ye Mo was an expert in formations too and he could feel that the first strike had an order. These orders were like a binding formation.

The Illusion Cloud Nine Sword was a very direct attack. The first move wasn't to attack the enemy, but to seal of the enemy's retreat. It was very harsh on oneself and the enemy. Ye Mo really liked it.

The second strike waa given the name of the Illusion Cloud Division Strike. This move combined his sword ray so that after a sword ray was shot, it would keep dividing like his Three Birth Sword Ray.

It was this strike that Ye Mo felt was much stronger than the original move.

The third strike was named the Illusion Cloud Flying Whirl Strike - it was just like the original move. When using it, sword chi whirlpools formed. The amount of whirlpools depended on the person's cultivation essence and spirit sense.

The power of the third strike completely depended on ones cultivation essence. However, once used, its power also depended on the person's understanding of sword will. The deeper the sword will, the more powerful the sword.

In a month time, Ye Mo had mastered the Illusion Cloud Three Strikes. However, Ye Mo couldn't unleash the full power of the third strike, as he hadn't understood its sword will yet.

But Ye Mo knew there was no rush. He had decided to fully master the first three strikes before trying to learn the fourth strike.
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