Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 884

Chapter 884: Returning to River State
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Ye Mo had been out a month and a half. It was almost time that he gave Li Yuqian the Cao Huan pill as he promised, but Ye Mo didn't go out yet. He wasn't sure if the two old guys had left.

It had been too risky to steal "Things" from the two hollow spirit state cultivator, but Ye Mo didn't regret it. If he hadn't done that, how would he know about all the magical items in the cultivation realm? How could he have his current world view?

How else would he know that he could use the stalagmite marrow to make the spirit recovery pill?

The spirit recovery pill was very precious. It was a heaven grade pill. It was rather hard to make.

Ye Mo hadn't known what the main ingredients for the pill were, but he now knew that it was made of the stalagmite marrow. However, almost all the spirit recovery pills on the market didn't use the stalagmite marrow, the main ingredient was something else. Even so, it was still so expensive that most people couldn't afford.

With the Mist Lotus Heart Fire, Ye Mo just took a day to make four cauldrons of the cao huan pill. Other than the first try, on which he only concocted one, he concocted three on the other tries. He also put aside one more cao huan fruit because he found that it had another use in "Things"

It could be made into the 60 year pill. This pill could extend one's life by 60 years.

Usually, a golden core state cultivator's lifespan was estimated at about 400 years.

In the cultivation realm, the lifespan of cultivators below nascent soul state was based on their power. At chi gathering state, there was no lifespan increase, the average was estimated at about 100 years. When they reached foundation establishment state, their lifespan could reach 200 years. At golden core state, it would be around 400 years and at nascent soul state it would be 800 years.

However, once they broke through nascent soul state, the lifespan stopped increasing as much. A hollow spirit state cultivator usually had about 1200 years of life. A body condensation state cultivator could have about 1600 years. Even a cauldron filling state cultivator only had about 2000 years of life.

Ye Mo was really happy this time because he had made extreme grade pills. It was just five pills, but Ye Mo believed that he could make more and more in the future.

Ye Mo had understood now why the pills he made before were at most top-grade and middle-grade. It was due to his lack of a good flame.

Having made the cao huan pill meant that Ye Mo officially had become a level 1 pill king. However, Ye Mo knew that he could even make level 3 heaven grade pills.

Afterwards, Ye Mo made a cauldron for the essence pills and five cauldrons for the spirit recovery pill. Then, he packed his cauldron away - he was ready to leave.

Ye Mo made six essence pills and six pills per cauldron for the spirit recovery pills. Ye Mo truly felt his progress.

He burned down all of the clothes he was wearing and changed into a new set. Then, he took off Nine Transformations and left all of his valuable things in the golden page world before going out.

However, just when Ye Mo was ready to go out, he realized that he was testing his luck doing this. What if he happened to be on the radar of the two hollow spirit state cultivators' spirit sense when he came out?

A hollow spirit state cultivator didn't lack patience. They wouldn't mind searching the area for a few years, much less a month.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo decided to release Shadowless first, who would carry the golden page world, and run.

Shadowless was his spirit insect and he could see the outside world through Shadowless. It wasn't the best method, but it was much safer than before.

There were countless bugs like Shadowless in the barren wilderness. It should be no problem as long as it didn't get scanned by their spirit sense.

When Shadowless got out of the golden page world, Ye Mo immediately felt a faint sense of danger. He suddenly understood that it was a smart move to do this. Although he didn't know where the danger came from, he could tell that he would be over if he came out.

After sensing the danger, Ye Mo was very careful and didn't ask Shadowless to be very fast.

It had been almost ten days and Shadowless had only taken him more or less 40,000 km away from before.

That faint sense of danger seemed to be dissipating. But just when Ye Mo was thinking it was about time and that they were ready to charge home at full speed, he had the sense of danger again.

He didn't dare to ignore it. Ever since cultivating the Three Birth Chant, his sensitivity to everything was far more acute than before.

He told Shadowless to stop. He didn't dare be careless in front of a hollow spirit state cultivator at all. He used Shadowless' eyes and looked around for two hours before stopping by a tree. He had understood what it was. One kilometer ahead, there was a hidden restriction that recorded one's movements.

Once he crossed this restriction, his actions would be recorded!

Ye Mo saw this and he couldn't help to exclaim. The hollow spirit state cultivator had such powerful means! Such large restrictions needed countless spirit stones. However, Ye Mo was sure that there was no way that they had actually made a restriction with a perimeter of 50,000 km. There might be blank spots on some places, but Ye Mo didn't try to look for them. What if he went into a place with an even more obscure restriction? He might as well try to leave through it there.

However, Ye Mo still told Shadowless to walk around. This allowed him to understand how determined the two hollow spirit state cultivators were in finding him. Tens of thousands of kilometers around him had been filled with recording restrictions. If they noticed him at all, the two hollow spirit state cultivator would appear in front of him at anytime.

Ye Mo could feel the cold sweat. He had been so close. If he hadn't used Shadowless to roam around for him, perhaps he would've been caught by those two cunning hollow spirit state cultivators by now.

A day later, Ye Mo made Shadowless walk through the restriction. Shadowless quickly flew 20,000 km. Ye Mo was sure that the place they were at was out of their surveillance range. Thus, he came out of the golden page world and got on the flying pike.

A few more days later, Ye Mo went through the teleportation formation and returned to River State City. By then, Ye Mo had been gone for two months. Even Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling were so worried that they weren't in the mood to cultivate.

Seeing Ye Mo come back, everyone came up to him with joy. When he saw their faces, Ye Mo realized how dangerous the things he had done before were. If something had happened to him, his wife and sister's fate would be like his or worse.
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