Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 885

Chapter 885: Wanting to Leave
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo saw Zhen Xiaoshan and said in surprise, "Sister Zhen, you're already at golden core state?!"

Before she could reply, Song Yangzhu said, "Sister Zhen had been at golden core state for half a month. Manager Yan came over to send his good will - even the city lord did so too."

Zhen Xiaoshan's eyes were red as she said excitedly, "Brother Ye, thank you! If it wasn't for you perhaps I would have never been able to reach golden core state myself."

Zhen Xiaoshan came from a medium-sized cultivation family. However, since her grandfather, her relatives' talent had been ordinary. Her father's talent had been even more ordinary and he hadn't even been able to enjoy the family's resources. Her father had been sent out to do business, but after a tragedy, both her parents died.

The reason she had two million spirit stones was because she has inherited the savings of three generations just so that one day, their branch could have a golden core state cultivator.

Zhen Xiaoshan felt deeply grateful to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo was also happy for her and nodded. "Sister Zhen, it's your fortune that you could reach golden core state. I just helped a little."

Zhen Xiaoshan shook her head. "I know me. I won't say much, thank you. China Pharmaceuticals is my family from now on."

"Okay," Ye Mo had been waiting for that. "Sister Zhen, you won't regret your decision. Don't worry, when I leave in half a year, I will bring you back the best magic artefact. Why don't you choose one from the Immortal Treasure Tower for now?"

Zhen Xiaoshan smiled. "Thanks, but Manager Yan already sent me a low-grade spirit artefact. I don't really anything else for now."

Ye Mo didn't agree. A low-grade spirit artefact was good, but he felt that people from China Pharmaceuticals should be using the best magic artefacts. Ye Mo had been to the shop in River State City and the Immortal Treasure Tower had the best pills there, yet they had no high-level spirit artefacts

After some thought, Ye Mo decided to make a sword for himself first. When he went to Broken Leaf City, he would go to a bigger magic artefact shop.

When he noticed Su Yue and Sheng Yizhong looking very envious, Ye Mo said, "If you two work hard in cultivation, you won't have to worry about the foundation establishment pill either. By the way, where are Sun Zhicai and Sister Li?"

"Martial Brother Sun had some business at home so he went back for now. Master is still in solitary cultivation," Ye Ling said.

Ye Mo nodded. He wanted the two women to go cultivate but Ye Ling said, "Brother, Sun Zhicai said that Manager Yan seemed to have had an argument with someone before he came to congratulate Sister Zhen. Your name seemed to have been mentioned."

Ye Mo was dazed. He was a spirit pill master, thus Yan Zheng looked favorably upon him. He also believed he hadn't made Yan Zheng lose out on the deal. His 70% success rate was better than most people. Other than the land, he didn't owe Yan Zheng anything.

Song Yangzhu said, "Husband, Yan Zheng's dad is an elder of the Immortal Treasure Tower so he has quite some power there. However, apparently his decision of giving us the land made another manager very unhappy. It's said that the two elders have fought over this countless times. The other manager wasn't happy that Yan Zheng was the tower's representative to congratulate Sister Yan so due to this, Yan Zheng had to pay for the spirit artefact himself."

Ye Mo frowned. "How does Sun Zhicai know about this?"

Song Yangzhu replied, "He has a friend that's a waiter at the Immortal Treasure Tower and his friend overheard their argument."

Ye Mo fell silent. The reason he could stay there safely was mostly due to Yan Zheng's support. Without Yan Zheng's support, there was no point in staying there.

For the first time, Ye Mo felt how bad it was to live under someone. When he had been at Luo Yue City, he was free and did what he wanted. He didn't need to look at others for survival.

Power, power! Without power, he couldn't get his own land. Without his own land, he would forever live under someone else.

For the first time, Ye Mo wanted to leave River State City. Without the support of the Immortal Treasure Tower, even though China Pharmaceuticals had two golden core state cultivators, they couldn't take on the All Pill Tower.

"Go cultivate first. Try to reach foundation establishment state as quickly as possible. I'll go visit Sister Li." Ye Mo really wanted to know if she had reached golden core state primary stage.

Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling worked very hard and they were also very talented. It had only been two months and they were already at stage 8 chi gathering. In less than a year, they should be able to reach foundation establishment state.

After they left, Ye Mo thought in his room for a while and decided to go see Li Yuqian first.

If in two months, Li Yuqian could reach nascent soul state, he would go to Broken Leaf City alone to participate in the pill concoction tournament.

But if she couldn't, he would take everyone to go with him.

"Sister Li, are you done?"

Li Yuqian suddenly saw him.

When Ye Mo's spirit sense scanned her power, he said in joy, "Sister Li, you're at golden core state primary stage?!"

Li Yuqian was very happy that she had reached golden core state primary stage. Yet when Ye Mo said it, she was quite shook. Ye Mo was a mere foundation establishment state level 6 cultivator, but he could see her power level.

However, she felt it was normal after thinking about it. He was very young and already a pill king.

Ye Mo said desperately, "Sister Li, this is the cao huan pill. When will you be able to develop your nascent soul? I'll help you stay on guard."

"Did you really make the cao huan pill?" Li Yuqian believed that Ye Mo was a pill king, but she was still shook when the pill appeared before her eyes.

Ye Mo nodded. "Yes, I promised you so and I will live up to it."

Li Yuqian grabbed the pill shakily. After a while, she calmed down and accepted the pill. "Thank you. However, my mental state right now isn't suitable for forming the nascent soul. It'll take half a month to prepare myself. I'll go for it at the end of the month."

Ye Mo knew what she was worried about. She had just reached golden core state primary stage. Without enough foundation and preparation, she might lose her power -or even her life - in the wake of the nascent soul state heavenly punishment.

Ye Mo said, "Sister Li, if you trust me, I can protect you. That nascent soul state heavenly punishment should be no big deal."

A cultivator could only have their first heavenly punishment after reaching nascent soul state. This heavenly punishment was called the four nine lightning punishment. There were 36 strikes of lightning.

Ye Mo dared to say this because he knew that lightning was a huge nourishment to him and a good source of lightning cultivation resource. He want to weaken Li Yuqian's lightning punishment by devouring it.

Hearing this, Li Yuqian stared at Ye Mo for a long while before saying, "You're not thinking of helping me block the lightning punishment, right? You must face it yourself. Other people can't intervene, don't you know?"

Ye Mo touched his head awkwardly. He really hadn't known. Still, his method wasn't directly helping.
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