Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 886

Chapter 886: Forming a Nascent Soul
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Half a month later, on a plain 2000 km away from River State City, Ye Mo was working on laying down the formation to help Li Yuqian face the heavenly punishment.

Although Li Yuqian didn't think Ye Mo could help her, she still agreed to let Ye Mo build a defense formation and a spirit gathering formation for her.

Ye Mo wasn't just laying down a defense formation. He was mainly setting up a lightning attraction formation and a lightning storage formation. Ever since that lightning rune had made him ascend a level, Ye Mo had been looking for a source of lightning. Thus, he wasn't going to let this opportunity go.

He made a storage formation just in case the lightning was too strong and he would be blown to pieces before he could absorb it all.

"I'm going to start," Li Yuqian saw that Ye Mo was ready and said. She had done all the preparation she could. If she still couldn't overcome the heavenly punishment, then it was fated to be so. Li Yuqian was very calm.

Ye Mo quickly stepped back to the eye of the lightning attraction formation. He had calculated the range of the heavenly punishment. At the same time, he was aware that the eye of the formation happened to be at the border of the heavenly punishment. He believed he wouldn't catch the attention of the heavenly punishment with his foundation establishment state level 6 power.

Zhen Xiaoshan looked around anxiously, waiting for the heavenly punishment to arrive.

Although she didn't know why Ye Mo was so close to her and he might even be in the range of the heavenly punishment, Li Yuqian didn't have the time to worry about it. She took the cao huan pill and in the charge of a tidal wave of spirit chi, her golden core rustled.

All the spirit chi in the region seemed to have gathered over there, forming a huge whirlpool in the air. Li Yuqian had never been taught about the experience of forming a nascent soul, so she could only keep using her cultivation method to devour spirit chi.

Ye Mo and Zhen Xiaoshan were shook when they saw the big reaction.

They noticed that the spirit chi around them seemed to have solidified. They knew that it would benefit them greatly to cultivate now, but none of them dared to.

They were afraid to influence Li Yuqian's nascent soul development.

Li Yuqian just kept devouring spirit chi. All of the spirit chi in a 1000 km radius swept down there. The huge spirit chi swirl immediately caught countless people's attention. All of them got on their flying swords and arrived at where Li Yuqian was.

The City Lord, Zhang Chengfeng, was sipping a cup of tea when his face suddenly changed. He immediately flew above the city. He could tell that it was no ordinary cultivation what he felt.

"Someone's forming a nascent soul? Is it Lu Jiucheng? Is he really forming a nascent soul?" he subconsciously said. Then, he flew towards the spirit chi whirlpool.

Inside the Immortal Treasure Tower, Yan Zheng and the other managers also got news of this and rushed towards the place immediately.

At the All Pill Tower, Peng Shiping stood up in shock. Who was forming a nascent soul? Was it Boss Lu? That was impossible. He had just gotten news not long ago that Boss Lu was still in solitary cultivation.

It wasn't long until they were surrounded by cultivators, watching outside of Ye Mo's formation.

Zhen Xiaoshan began to worry, seeing that more and more people came. Ye Mo regretted not having chosen a farther place. It was too close to River State City.

But soon he calmed down. There weren't a lot of powerful cultivator nearby. The highest level person there was just a golden core state cultivator. If he went further away and attracted a stronger cultivator, then things might have gone worse.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo got up and saluted the cultivators around. He said, "Today, China Pharmaceutical's elder is forming her nascent soul. Dao friends, if you want to watch this event, please stay outside, 1 km away from the formation. Otherwise, it will be considered a taunt to China Pharmaceuticals."

Most people that heard this hadn't expected that China Pharmaceuticals had a cultivator about to form a nascent soul. A nascent soul state cultivator's power was very influential.

Although Li Yuqian hadn't reached nascent soul state yet, no one wanted to offend a potential nascent soul state, so no one went near them. They all watched from outside of the formation.

"I really didn't expect that China Pharmaceuticals would soon have a nascent soul state qianbei. I heard they've only been around for half a year."

"Pffft- Some months ago, there was a qianbei from China Pharmaceuticals who reached golden core state."

"No way! How is China Pharmaceuticals so strong?"

"They sell pills, so they have a lot of them."

"Pfft- Do you think core forming and soul forming pills are cheap? Even the All Pill Tower might not have them."

The cultivators discussed, but no one dared come up and ask Ye Mo and Zhen Xiaoshan. Most of them were at chi gathering, some at foundation establishment state and very few at golden core state.

"Hahahaha! Congratulations, Pill Master Ye! I didn't expect it was someone from China Pharmaceuticals who is forming a nascent soul." Zhang Chengfeng heard Ye Mo's words as soon as he arrived, so he was very shook. However, he still smiled and greeted him.

Ye Mo knew what sort of a person that guy was. He had taken his face preserving pill and hadn't done anything. He didn't even put a good word for China Pharmaceuticals, much less do something. This person was very realistic and heartless, and nobody could see what he was truly thinking.

Yan Zheng had genuinely went to congratulate them. He approved of Ye Mo's pill concoction skills, but he indeed wanted China Pharmaceuticals to get stronger. If China Pharmaceuticals had a nascent soul state cultivator, then even the All Pill Tower wouldn't dare to easily offend China Pharmaceuticals. The power of a nascent soul state wasn't something ordinary cultivators could compare with. Moreover, in River State, golden core state was the strongest power.

Peng Shiping looked at this coldly. He had wanted to wait for Boss Lu to finish solitary cultivation and then devour China Pharmaceuticals. Yet a month ago, they had gotten a golden core state cultivator and now they were about to have a nascent soul state cultivator.

If this continued, how could the All Pill Tower deal with China Pharmaceuticals?

Li Yuqian knew quite a lot of people that had come, but she had to focus on herself. Her golden core seemed to have expanded to its maximum. Just when she didn't know what to do, her golden core started to crack.

Li Yuqian rejoiced. She knew that core cracking was a compulsory step towards nascent soul state.

Suddenly, the spirit chi whirlpool grew even bigger. Li Yuqian devoured all of the spirit chi, she felt like she needed more.

Ye Mo was shook. He hadn't thought a nascent soul state cultivator needed this much spirit chi.

Li Yuqian also felt the lack of spirit chi, but she knew now wasn't when she would need the most spirit chi. Once her cracked core slowly progressed to a soul, then she would truly need a titanic amount of spirit chi.

However, she couldn't think about that much right now. She threw all of her spirit stones into the formation. She was grateful to Ye Mo. Without that spirit gathering formation, she would've failed already.

Ye Mo saw this and so did Zhang Chengfeng, Yan Zheng and Peng Shiping.

Peng Shiping sneered. They hadn't even prepared enough spirit stones, yet they were trying to form a nascent soul. The nave were really fearless. But he was happy, he wanted Li Yuqian to fail.

Ye Mo calmed down. He still had 800,000 middle-grade spirit stones and 1000 top-grade spirit stones. He was going to pour all these into the formation later on.
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