Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 888

Chapter 888: Black and White Semi Pill King
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Li Yuqian's face flashed a sliver of despair.

She was sure that she couldn't block the last three bolts, despite her body rapidly getting stronger.

Rumble- Rumble- Rumble- The last three bolts didn't stop at all.

Li Yuqian used all of her cultivation essence to block them. She knew that if she failed, she wouldn't die. However, the shattering of her nascent soul might lower her power to foundation establishment state.

But soon, she was surprised to see that although the three bolts looked fearsome,they weren't even as strong as the first one. They disappeared after causing some light wounds on her.

Without thinking, Li Yuqian immediately sat up to gather spirit chi and form her nascent soul.

The moment the last three bolts struck down, Ye Mo spat out three mouthfuls of blood. His formation had succeeded, but he had overestimated his tolerance.

He felt that the lightning was about to annihilate his body. He was shook, so he used the Three Birth Chant like crazy. At the same time, he wondered if his lightning storage formation had failed?

Thus, spirit chi rushed to Ye Mo like crazy, but he couldn't care about it anymore. He knew that the more he cultivated, the less the lightning would affect him.

With this, the lightning sparks circulating Ye Mo's body grew fainter and fainter. Ye Mo rested at ease. When he completely devoured all the lightning, he felt even more lightning getting devoured by him from another source.

Ye Mo understood now that his lighting storage formation hadn't failed. There had just been too much power in the last three bolts and the formation couldn't store it. Ye Mo believed that the formation might have even exploded if he hadn't used his Three Birth Chant to keep devouring it.

Ye Mo rejoiced for his carefulness. If he hadn't used the storage formation, the lightning would have ripped him apart straightaway.

Li Yuqian had attracted large amounts of spirit chi and Ye Mo was inside this field. This benefited him greatly. While absorbing countless lightning rays, Ye Mo felt his cultivation essence grow at a rapid rate.

The cultivators looked at the two spirit chi whirlpools in shock.

After some time, Ye Mo felt his meridians rumble. He had broken through once again. Ye Mo opened his eyes in joy.

He was at foundation establishment state level 7 now! Foundation establishment state tertiary stage! Three months ago, he had just reached stage 6.

There was just one level difference, but the power difference was huge. It was the difference between middle stage and tertiary stage.

Ye Mo immediately looked at Li Yuqian's situation.

However, she immediately told him, "Congratulations on reaching foundation establishment state tertiary stage! I've formed my nascent soul, thank you."

"You're at nascent soul state cultivator now!?" Ye Mo looked at Li Yuqian. Her cultivation essence seemed to have life now. She was indeed a nascent soul state cultivator.

Li Yuqian nodded. She tried to control her emotions, but her eyes showed the joy of having reached nascent soul state

She hadn't thought a mere foundation establishment state cultivator like Ye Mo could make her have such big life changes in half a year.

"Hmmmm- Where is everyone?" Ye Mo saw that the cultivators watching were all gone.

Li Yuqian smiled. "I told them to leave. I told Xiaoshan to go back first. I'm protecting you here, don't worry."

Ye Mo breathed at ease. A nascent soul state cultivator had the power indeed to give orders. He hadn't seen what happened, but thinking about Zhang Chengfeng running away, Ye Mo felt very satisfied.

In fact, Zhang Chengfeng felt things hadn't gonw as he expected when Ye Mo went in. Indeed, shortly after, Li Yuqian's powerful nascent soul state chi rose. She just said, "All irrelevant people leave now or die."

Hence, Zhang Chengfeng had to leave. He knew that if he wanted to get his face back, he needed help from his family's Qianbei. He couldn't deal with a nascent soul state cultivator himself.

When Ye Mo and Li Yuqian came back to China Pharmaceuticals, China Pharmaceuticals and the entire city were heated up.

News of China Pharmaceuticals having a nascent soul state had soon gotten out. Many people had to come to congratulate them, and so did Zhang Chengfeng. Nascent soul state was the highest power in River State City.

China Pharmaceuticals' business got huge after getting a golden core state and nascent soul state cultivators consecutively. Ye Mo had to concoct pills non-stop for half a month teach teach Sun Zhicai without reserves.

Ye Mo could finally feel secure since China Pharmaceuticals now had a nascent soul state cultivator. He had decided to focus on preparing for the Desert Herb Valley after getting the spot.

Ye Mo wanted to go for two reasons. One was to pay back Yan Zheng, and the second was for the large amounts of precious spirit herbs there.

Half a month later, Ye Mo handed China Pharmaceuticals over to Li Yuqian. He taught her the Primordial Chaos Chant before leaving River State City with Yan Zheng.

Broken Leaf City was near the Heartless Sea. It was more than millions of kilometers away from River State. Yan Zheng and Ye Mo took nearly half a month to get there using flying spirit artefacts and teleportation formations.

The two cultivators had been together for half a month. Yan Zheng's attitude to him was the same, but Ye Mo felt he was a little worried.

However, Ye Mo couldn't really ask. They had a good relationship now, but it was based on profit.

Broken Leaf City was much bigger than River State City. Its spirit chi was also much denser. One thing that caught Ye Mo's attention was that there were too many golden core state cultivators there.

He could only occasionally see a golden core state cultivator in River State City. Yet there, they were everywhere. He could also frequently see a nascent soul state cultivator - and sometimes even someone at hollow spirit state.

When a dark-faced cultivator appeared before Ye Mo's eyes, he subconsciously wanted to run.

It was that hollow spirit state middle stage cultivator, Tong Wusheng. He hadn't expected that guy to have gone there too. He didn't know if that old man, Sima Zhu, was also here.

Seeing Ye Mo's strange behavior, Yan Zheng said to Ye Mo, "Broken Leaf City is about to hold the pill concoction hall of fame tournament. Many famous people are coming over. The one who just passed by is a black and white semi pill king, Tong-Qianbei."

"A black and white semi pill king?" Ye Mo subconsciously asked.

Yan Zheng nodded. "Tong-Qianbei and Sima-Qianbei are both level 9 spirit pill masters. They're just one step from pill king, so people call them semi pill king."
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