Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 889

Chapter 889: Complications
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

"They're also participating in the tournament?" Ye Mo asked in shock. It would be really hard for ordinary people to rank well if these masters were coming.

Yan Zheng shook his head. "Of course, Tong-Qianbei isn't here for the tournament. He's a part of the pill association, he's probably here as a judge. Those who participate in the tournament must be less than 300 years old. Tong-Qianbei is already more than 800 years old."

"By the way, is your master at Broken Leaf City already? If possible, I would like to go meet him." Yan Zheng thought Ye Mo's master was already there, since he promised that he could get a good ranking.

Ye Mo smiled awkwardly and said, "Brother Yan, I haven't contacted my master yet. I meant to say that I will be partaking the tournament."

"What?!" Yan Zheng looked at Ye Mo in shock. He said with a stutter, "Bro- brother Ye, um- Although I said a level 6 spirit pill master has hope, but- but-"

Yan Zheng was comforting Ye Mo. It was impossible for a level 6 to get into top ten. If Ye Mo's master really wasn't coming, then it was over.

Ye Mo knew what he meant. In Yan Zheng's eyes, there weren't many level 6 spirit pill masters, but it was easy for them to find them.

Ye Mo patted his shoulder. "Brother Yan, don't worry. I can make level 7 spirit pills."

Hearing this, Yan Zheng didn't seem surprised or joyful at all. Level 6 spirit pill masters could also make level 7 spirit pills with luck.

Yan Zheng sighed. He was just about to talk when he suddenly took out a communication bead. He looked at it and said to Ye Mo in a hurry, "Brother Ye, find a hotel to stay. I will come for you later."

Then he stuffed Ye Mo a communication bead and quickly left, disappearing into the crowd. There were spirit sense inhibition restrictions, so spirit sense couldn't be scanned out at all. Thus, everyone used communication beads there, but it had a limited distance.

Ye Mo shook his hand and put the bead away. However, he had a bad feeling.

He had felt Yan Zheng's concern on the way there. When he told him that the one going to the tournament wasn't his master, he seemed even more worried. Moreover, he hadn't taken him to the Immortal Treasure Tower's place, but instead told him to find a place himself. Things didn't look so simple.

Broken Leaf City's prosperity and rich resources were far from what River State City could compare with. Ye Mo was sure that there was something he needed here. Perhaps he could buy the sword he wanted.

Yet immediately, Ye Mo realized that he had very few spirit stones with him - only about 100,000 middle-grade spirit stones. And not just that, he still owed Yan Zheng 50,000 top-grade spirit stones. Ye Mo no longer was in the mood to shop around.

Ye Mo just went to a distant corner and found a cheap hotel.

Ye Mo was afraid that the Tong black-faced man would come. He was wealthy and powerful, so he would be staying at the best place. Therefore, Ye Mo went to a cheap place to stay away from him.

The Immortal Treasure Tower's HQ weren't in this city, but the branch there wasn't small. It was much bigger than the one at River State.

There were multitudes of businesses and powers in this city. Hence, the Immortal Treasure Tower wasn't very outstanding.

When Yan Zheng went into the Immortal Treasure Tower, he clearly felt the atmosphere was different.

"Yan Zheng, why did you just come now? The elders are having a meeting. You need to go in immediately," another manager said desperately to Yan Zheng.

Yan Zheng nodded. "I know."

He hesitated, wanting to ask if his uncle was there. However, the manager turned away to leave immediately, as though not wanting to stay there an extra second.

Yan Zheng didn't dare to chase after him and ask. He walked quickly into the meeting room.

As soon as he went inside, he felt the tension even more. Yan Zheng saw the eight elders and a middle-aged man sitting at the top. He was shook even more - even the big manager of the Immortal Treasure Tower had come!

The big manager of the Immortal Treasure Tower was so powerful that he was the number one person under the owner. He hadn't imagined that the higher-ups had sent eight elders and even the big manager this time. There were only 12 elders in the Immortal Treasure Tower.

However, he saw that his uncle had come too and his uncle signaled him to calm down.

Yan Zheng quickly bowed. "The Immortal Treasure Tower River State branch, Yan Zheng greet Big Manager and eight Elders."

Then, Yan Zheng carefully stood behind his uncle. His uncle Yan Jun was an elder.

However, although Yan Ju was Yan Zheng's uncle, Yan Zheng called him father because his parents had given him to Yan Jun to be his son.

Yan Jun nodded and didn't speak.

"Elder Yan, now that Yan Zheng is here, I believe the pill master he spoke of should be here too? How come I don't see him?" a sharp voice sounded.

Yan Jun ignored that pill master and looked at Yan Zheng.

Yan Zheng started sweating. He could feel this elder was targeting his uncle. He didn't know how to answer.

"Xiao Zheng, since Elder Feng asked, tell him. The master of a level 6 spirit pill master is a pill master indeed," Yan Jun's tone was calm.

"Yes, very well, but no matter how good he is, we should see him at least. Otherwise, how do we know if people aren't making up stories? I also heard that Manager Yan did quite a lot of things at River State City, giving tens of thousands of sqm of land to someone for free. Although our Immortal Treasure Tower doesn't cherish such a small parcel of land, it should have been accepted first, right? If everyone does that casually, then the future of the Immortal Treasure tower is truly concerning," the elder sneered.

"Feng Jipeng, what are you trying to say? In a place like River State City, is it too much to hire a level 6 spirit pill master for that land?" Yan Jun's expression sunk.

Yan Zheng had understood. This elder Feng wanted to get his uncle in trouble. The land wasn't small, but it was nothing to the Immortal Treasure Tower.

"Okay, stop arguing. Yan Zheng, tell me, how confident are you in his master? If possible let him come here to make a level 7 spirit pill," the big manager spoke.

Yan Zheng's heart sunk. It was a small thing, but his uncle's opponent would pick on anything. Although he had heard Ye Mo say he was very confident, Yan Zheng felt Ye Mo was desperate to get his help.

What worried him even more was that even though it was his uncle managing the spots for the tournament, why was big manager involved now?

He didn't dare to hide anything from the big manager. He took a step forward and bowed before saying, "We arranged for his master to come, but his master was caught up and so only he can come to the tournament for us."

Yan Zheng didn't dare to say Ye Mo was a level 7 spirit pill master. He didn't believe Ye Mo's words.
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