Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 890

Chapter 890: Sudden turn
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Yan Zheng's words made the scene fall into silence. After a moment, Feng Jipeng laughed out loud, "There's no way a young man can be a level 6 spirit pill master, and even if he is, you want him to represent our Immortal Treasure Tower to go to the tournament? Elder Yan, you're really ingenious! Perhaps you're right - before the end of the tournament, our Immortal Treasure Tower could very well become famous."

Yan Jun's face sunk, and he didn't talk. He knew what Feng Jipeng meant. If there was a mere level 6 spirit pill master in Immortal Treasure Tower's team, people would know that the Immortal Treasure Tower had no power. They would not only laugh at them, but it could even adversely affect their business.

Yan Zheng wasn't dumb, but the Immortal Treasure Tower had never taken the tournament this seriously before. Yet this time, even the big manager and the other elders had come.

There were also other recommendations for the Immortal Treasure Tower's participation in the tournament. There were five in total.

Even the big manager's face looked bad after this. He looked coldly at Yan Jun and said, "Elder Yan, the tournament is important. Elder Feng will deal with the tournament matters now. This time, the hall of fame suddenly added bonus rewards for the top ten, so you must get a top ten spot no matter the cost."

Then, he looked at Yan Zheng, "You can let go of the River State branch. HQ will send someone else there."

Yan Zheng's heart sunk as he knew he had impacted his uncle. He was kicked out of River State, and his uncle was in some trouble too. He had thought that if the person he recommended got into the top ten, his uncle would benefit from it, yet a problem occurred instead.

Yan Jun didn't rebuke as he got up, "Yes, Big Manager."

Yan Zheng could only say, "Yes, I'll arrange the handover immediately."

Big manager waved his hand, "No need, a new manager will be arranged. You may leave for now."

As Ye Mo stayed in the hotel, he was a little worried. He didn't have the mood to cultivate, and he wouldn't improve much in the next few days anyway.

There were three days left until the tournament, yet he still hadn't gotten any news from Yan Zheng.

Just when he didn't know what to do, Yan Zheng sent news, and soon, he arrived.

Ye Mo saw Yan Zheng's face was bad and looked dejected.

"Brother Ye, why are you staying in such a distant place?" Yan Zheng knew Ye Mo didn't have a lot of spirit stones, but he could definitely stay somewhere better.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, "Brother Yan, what happened. You seemed worried before and now things seem even more serious than I thought?"

Yan Zheng didn't hide it. He sighed and said, "Sorry Brother Ye, the tournament"

He didn't explain why. Even if he did, Ye Mo wouldn't be able to help him.

As Ye Mo heard this, he was disappointed, but he had expected it. He didn't ask why either. He patted Yan Zheng's shoulder and said, "Brother Yan, I know it isn't your fault, I'm still very grateful to you."

Seeing that Yan Zheng seemed to feel guilty, Ye Mo smiled and said, "Brother Yan, would I be able to enter the tournament myself?"

Yan Zheng shook his head, "It's possible, but you have to sign up a month before for that. Now there's only three days until the tournament."

After sending off Yan Zheng, Ye Mo was still thinking about how to go to the tournament.

Ye Mo started feeling annoyed. If he couldn't go to the tournament, he wouldn't be able to go to the Desert Herb Valley to get rare spirit herbs either. Then, his pill concoction skills would be of no use.

Ye Mo felt he shouldn't just accept his fate. He walked out and asked for the sign up location. He didn't want to give up just like that. If there really was no way, he would think of a way to pay Yan Zheng his spirit stones back and then leave River State with his people.

Ye Mo didn't take long to find the sign up area. Although only three days were left before the tournament, when Ye Mo came he found out that there was still one more day left for signing up.

Ye Mo touched his level 6 spirit pill master badge and was grateful to Yan Zheng. Without him, he wouldn't even have this.

A shy-looking girl was at the sign up place, and her face was clean and pretty, giving people a good impression. Ye Mo squeezed in and took out his badge, "Little Sister, I want to sign up for the tournament. Can I still sign up now?"

The little girl was dazed and blushed, "Please wait a bit, Martial Brother Cui will be here soon, you can ask him."

"friend, may I ask if you're here to sign up for the pill concoction tournament?" A middle-aged man's voice interrupted Ye Mo's thoughts.

Ye Mo turned around and looked at this middle-aged man. He had an average build and distinct facial features. He had a scar on his chin. However, he was only at the foundation establishment state level 9. There were four people behind him, among which a dark-faced young girl, a youth of medium build and an old man.

Ye Mo glanced at the old man a few times - he was at the golden core state primary stage, but his chi and blood were weak. Ye Mo could tell the old man was almost at his age limit.

"Can I help you?" Ye Mo studied the middle aged man.

The middle aged man saluted with his fist, "I'm Mu Yiqing. If you're not representing a sect, friend, then I'm afraid it's too late for you to sign up now."

Ye Mo hesitated and said, "I am indeed representing myself."

The little girl heard this and seemed to have woken up, "Aiya, sorry, Mu-Qianbei is right. The personal sign up period has ended already."

Then she blushed again.

Ye Mo looked disappointed. He knew Yan Zheng wouldn't lie to him, but he was still disappointed.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo saluted to Mu Yiqing, "Thank you for the heads up, Brother Mu, I'm Ye Mo. My luck is really bad."

Mu Yiqing smiled, "The tournament happens every decade, so don't mind it, Brother Ye. Ten years pass by really quickly for us cultivators."

Ye Mo looked at Mu Yiqing's face and understood something. He immediately said, "Brother Mu, I didn't sign up for the sake of the hall of fame, but because I want to go to the Desert Herb Valley."

Mu Yiqing's eyes flashed with joy, and he immediately said, "If you don't mind, we can talk somewhere else, Brother Ye."

An hour later, Ye Mo had joined Mu Yiqing to his hotel.

He didn't expect to be able to find a spot for the tournament at the last moment. Mu Yiqing was the sect leader of a small three star sect, the Pill Herb Sect. They didn't have any famous pill master or any special pills, so the sect was declining rapidly.

Although they had also signed up for the tournament, their highest ranked pill master was only a level 4 spirit pill master. It would be impossible for them to get into the hall of fame, much less the top ten.

Mu Yiqing came this time to bring his daughter and eldest disciple to experience the world, so he had signed up for the sect.

He then happened to meet Ye Mo who didn't have a spot to go in. He was willing to give Ye Mo a spot, and Ye Mo too agreed to go to the tournament in their name without hesitation. Ye Mo only asked for one spot into the herb valley, so both parties agreed immediately.
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