Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 892

Chapter 892: Sinister Test Question
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Ye Mo felt at a loss. He didn't need that old man to make pills for him! He didn't need heaven level 5 pills - with his current power, he only needed those below spirit level 7. He just wanted a spot for the herb valley.

Ye Mo patted Mu Yiqing and said, "Martial Brother Mu, be realistic, this top ten doesn't seem easy."

Ye Mo was worried if even he could get into the top ten anymore. If he took out his Mist Lotus Heart Fire, he might even be able to get in first place, but if he planned on living for a few more years, it was best not to take it out.

Yan Zheng who was spectating finally realized why the Immortal Treasure Tower took this so seriously.

The Tower had golden core state and nascent soul state primary stage cultivators. To these people, finding spirit herbs wasn't hard - it was hard to turn the spirit herbs they found into pills. If Master Kong Ye were to concoct pills for them, then they would easily get spirit condensing pills.

He looked up and felt some bitterness in his mouth. They were fighting over the opportunity of letting Master Kong Ye concoct pills for them. If his side with Ye Mo could have won, it would be his uncle's great fortune.

As Yan Zheng thought about this, looked up and saw Ye Mo. He was shaken instantly - how did Ye Mo come in and how did he get into the group of people participating in the tournament? Did he find another sect to let him represent them? He really wanted to ask Ye Mo, but the tournament was about to begin, so he couldn't go.

"Okay, now that I have announced the prizes, I hope everyone can do their best in the tournament. I hereby formally declare the start of the 213th pill concoction hall of fame tournament!" Fireworks erupted at the statement of the announcer.

All the participants entered the tournament stage based on their jade card.

Ye Mo and Yiqing handed up their card and followed everyone into the tournament grounds.

Ye Mo immediately knew this was a special magic artefact. The room didn't look big from the outside, but it was huge once one went inside. Even with everyone taking a seat, it still didn't seem squeezed.

Ye Mo found that each seat had a restriction that prevented others from looking.

When everyone sat down, a jade card appeared before them. Ye Mo scanned it and saw there were images of 12 types of herbs inside. An examiner then went in and said to everyone, "The first round is 15 minutes. During this time, 90% of the participants will be eliminated."

Ye Mo heard this and was shook, but other people seemed ready for it, and no one objected.

The examiner said, "Everyone, you have the image of 12 types of spirit herbs in front of you. Please write their names and characteristics on the jade slip provided. Then use the herbs to make a pill recipe."

'This simple?' Ye Mo thought at first, but he soon realized it wasn't. It was actually very hard to form so much as one pill recipe.

The only reason why he felt it was simple, was because he was a pill king.

Ye Mo let his spirit sense scan the jade card again and realized that he knew all 12 types of spirit herbs. Three of them he wouldn't have known in the past, but after reading Things, he knew.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo rejoiced. This question was made for him! If he didn't have Things, he would have only been able to recognize 9, but Ye Mo was sure that most other people wouldn't even recognize that many. And without Things, they wouldn't recognize the last 3 types for sure.

Ye Mo was about to write the names of the spirit herbs without a thought, when he suddenly felt like something didn't seem right. Then he started to sweat cold, 'That was close!'

He almost fell into Dark-faced Tong's trap. Luckily he didn't start writing, Dark-faced Tong, Light-faced Sima, and Ye Mo himself were the only three to have read Things. These three herbs must have appeared here due to these two guys!

Whoever recognized the last three would be the most suspicious - what a sinister question. It was targeted at him!

Ye Mo cursed and wrote down only 9 types of herbs. He might be eliminated, but that was much better than losing his life.

Besides, Ye Mo felt that he might not be eliminated, even if he only wrote down nine names. Some of the nine were very uncommon too. Ye Mo knew them from the journal written by that foundation establishment state cultivator who never left East Black State his entire life.

Ye Mo then wrote his own pill recipe based on the characteristics of the herbs.

Pill recipes needed to be tested, but Ye Mo couldn't, and he was sure other people couldn't have either. The recipe he wrote wasn't likely to succeed, but he logically explained why it could work.

Ye Mo wrote a recipe called the Weave Spirit Pill - a level 4 spirit pill recipe. He wrote it based on a level 4 spirit herb called the 'Attract Spirit Herb'.

The Attract Spirit Herb had an important function, which was to strengthen spirit sense. However, this spirit herb couldn't be made into a pill and thus had to be consumed directly. This way, only 10% of the potency was utilized.

Ye Mo used what he learnt from the new Illusion Cloud Sword to theorize the separation of the Attract Spirit Herb's potency into many gusts before forming a spirit chi whirlpool to surround the potency of the herb. This way, the potency wouldn't be lost, and more than 80% of the potency could be utilized.

However, he made this from the Illusion Cloud strike, so if it really was feasible, only he could make it.

One would need to be a level 4 spirit pill master and know the Illusion Cloud Strike, otherwise, one wouldn't know how to control the spirit chi. Most importantly, one needed a rather strong spirit sense.

Ye Mo was quite interested in testing it after creating this recipe.

In the cultivation realm, those pills related to spirit sense were very rare, because without special methods, they were the hardest to make.

Ye Mo just finished writing when the examiner announced, "Time is up! Please go to the square and wait for the results."

Ye Mo followed everyone out. He heard the discussions and knew that there had truly been a lot of people who couldn't answer the questions. Making up a pill recipe was already hard, and then there were also quite a few herbs no one had ever heard of.
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