Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 894

Chapter 894: The Controversial Pill Recipe
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Someone had actually recognized 12 types of herbs! Ye Mo was feeling less and less sure of himself. Although he knew that he wouldn't be eliminated in the first round, he didn't feel so easy anymore.

Ye Mo was aware that the first round's points would be counted into the total score. Even one point less might affect him for getting into top ten.

Ye Mo and the others looked at the person who claimed to have recognized the last herb. Even Qin Muxin had beams in her eyes, clearly not expecting someone to have recognized the 12th herb.

The person who spoke was an old man who was at golden core state tertiary stage. Ye Mo felt a burning sensation from the old man. He immediately knew that the old man must have a Rare Fire Seed - he was a pill concoction master.

However, Ye Mo didn't regret his decision. Dark-faced Tong wouldn't dare investigate the prodigy of the Immortal Herb Valley, but he was no one.

"It's Chen-Qianbei. Muxin learned something." Qin Muxin saluted the old man with her fists. It was obvious that she truly respected him.

Ye Mo found that everyone else also looked very respectful to the old man.

Mu Yiqing could tell that Ye Mo didn't know the old man, so he explained again, "He's called Cheng Yejun, the number one on the pill concoction hall of fame three times in a row! He's a level 1 pill king. There is rarely anyone who doesn't know him."

Ye Mo now understood why so many people were so respectful to him.

Ye Mo glanced up at the judges' stage, but he found in surprise that everyone else was there except for that Dark-faced Tong.

Ye Mo felt a little at ease. It was best that the guy never came back again.

Cheng Yejun was a little older and a level 1 pill king, but he had no arrogance. He answered any question people asked him.

"Chen-Qianbei, can you please estimate how many herbs you must recognize this time in order to not be eliminated?" someone asked what everyone wanted to know.

Chen Yejun thought for a moment and said, "The questions this time were indeed strange. It's strange because there was the Spirit Attraction Grass. But if you managed to answer eight questions and didn't use the Spirit Attraction Grass to make a recipe, then it should be fine."

"Huh- Chen-Qianbei, why is that? I used the Spirit Attraction Grass," someone immediately asked in shock.

The red-dressed lady replied, "Isn't it obvious? Everyone knows that the Spirit Attraction Grass shouldn't be added into pill. If you included it, then you will be eliminated for sure."

Chen Yejun nodded.

"Why can't it enter a pill? Why did they put such a herb into the questions?" someone asked. Clearly, he had used it in his pill recipe too.

Ye Mo was dazed too. Did that mean he had been eliminated too?

Ye Mo didn't want to believe Chen, but he felt the old man might be right.

Chen Yejun looked at the unsatisfied contestants and said, "If I'm not wrong, the pill association used it to make the eliminations faster."

Ye Mo had solved the problem of the grass not being able to enter a pill, but after hearing Chen Yejun, he realized that the judges would immediately eliminate you if they saw the Spirit Attraction Grass in the recipe. They wouldn't even look at it just so that they could save time.

"So that's it!"

People around them discussed and Ye Mo felt worse and worse. He had been screwed up by his intelligence. He could have made a random pill recipe, why did he have to add the Spirit Attraction Herb?

"Martial Brother Ye, are you alright?" Mu Yiqing realized that Ye Mo was a bit down after they started talking about the Spirit Attraction Herb.

Ye Mo waved his hand. "It's fine, sigh- I used the Spirit Attraction Herb in my recipe too. I think I can leave now."

Mu Yiqing was dazed when he understood what happened. Even he knew that the Spirit Attraction Herb couldn't be used. Why had Ye Mo, a level 6 spirit pill master, used it?

Ye Mo cursed. If it hadn't been that he needed to be so wary of that dark-faced Tong, he could have written the 12 types of herbs and easily found a recipe in Things. He wouldn't have even needed to think about it.

Ye Mo felt down. While everyone else was waiting for the results, the judges were amazed by his pill recipe.

"Genius idea! He thought of using his spirit chi whirlpool to preserve the potency and fully utilize the Spirit Attraction Herb to make the spirit weaving pill. If this method really works, it would amaze the entire Luo Yue Continent," a judge praised.

"Brother Wang, did someone really put the Spirit Attraction Herb into the recipe? Did you actually bother looking at such recipe?" an old man stopped checking the jade slips and turned to the other judge in shock.

The conversation attracted all the other judges. They all wanted to look at the pill recipe.

"This is blasphemy. If the Spirit Attraction Herb can be added just like that, then I will eat this jade slip. Yet, Vice Association Director Wang, you're saying this pill recipe is creative?" someone said in contempt.

"Elder Yu is right. Many people write b*llshit for the question. It's already hard to form a spirit chi whirlpool in the cauldron, much less circulate the Spirit Attraction Herb's herbal contents in the whirlpool. At least I can't do it. Perhaps that contestant is better than me," another judge said.

Elder Yu sneered, "Sect Leader Qiao, we're just level 1 pill kings. Perhaps that contestant is more than that? Perhaps he's stronger than us or perhaps he just happens to be able to do something we can't do?"

The irony in his words was obvious.

At this moment, another pretty middle-aged woman sneered, "Elder Yu, just because you can't do it, doesn't mean other people can't."

"Sect Leader Ming Xin, I'm just stating the facts." Edler Yu was just a level 1 pill king, but Sect Leader Ming Xin was already a level 2 pill king.

The middle-aged woman said plainly, "Let's not argue if this pill recipe is feasible, but if it's theory is right. Elder Yu just rejected this pill recipe just because you saw the Spirit Attraction Herb, isn't that a bit too rushed?"

"By the way, where is Tong Wusheng? I heard he got a substantial pill book. Let him see this pill recipe," someone else said.

"Brother Tong just looked at a few contestants who had recognized ten or more and left. He seemed to be in a rush," another examiner said.

Sect Leader Qiao said at this moment, "Since everyone has different opinions about this pill recipe, then we should let Kong Ye-Qianbei see it."
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