Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 895

Chapter 895: Black Horse, Herb Pill Sect
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

"Hmm, what an innovative idea! Using a spirit chi whirlpool and" Kong Ye looked at the recipe for a while and exclaimed.

But then he shook his head, "The idea is great, but it's almost impossible to make the spirit weaving pill. Controlling spirit chi like this in the pill is unheard of."

"Yeah, I don't believe the idea to be feasible too," Elder Yu quickly confirmed.

"Then eliminate him - a pill maker with such absurd ideas won't accomplish much anyways," Sect Leader Qiao commented.

However, Kong Ye shook his head, "Although I don't believe the contestant can concoct the spirit weaving pill, his idea creates a whole new branch of pill concoction. His theory is also completely correct. Such a pill master shouldn't be eliminated. He was also able to recognize 9 herbs and use these 9 herbs to write the spirit weaving pill recipe - that is genius enough already."

"Yes, Kong Ye Qianbei is right. I also noticed his pill recipe because he recognized 9 herbs. I believe this is very amazing," Wang Zangjian approved of this contestant greatly.

Kong Ye nodded, "Give him 8 points."

"Kong Ye Qianbei, wouldn't that be too high?" Elder Yu didn't care if Ye Mo got 8 points, but he cared that Wang Zangjian had found him.

There were only ten points in total for this round!

Kong Ye shook his head, "A person who can have this train of thought is a genius. If the spirit weaving pill could actually be made like that, then even full points should be awarded to him."

"But he didn't recognize three other herbs," another judge muttered quietly.

Kong Ye shook his head but didn't say anything. He just glanced at the pill recipe once again and left.

Just when the contestants were anxiously waiting, a judge came up to the stage and said, "The first round of the pill concoction hall of fame tournament has ended. A total of 500 contestants succeeded in reaching the second round. I will announce the names now, please stay behind for the second round. Those who don't hear their names called out, please leave the test region and go into the observing region."

Ye Mo had already given up on all hope of reaching the second round. Only 500 had remained out of 6000 - that was a higher than 90% elimination rate!

"Solitary cultivator Qin Jiuta - 6 points, Demon Spirit Sect's Ye Zhilong - 6 points Duo Heart Valley's Wang Huayi - 6.2 points, All Pill Tower's Meng Wu - 6.2 points"

Ye Mo was shook. He knew this round was out of ten points, but he didn't expect it to be calculated so accurately up to the decimals. He should have been able to get 6.5 points if he hadn't used the spirit attraction herb.

" Sea Palace's Zhen Long - 7.7 points, solitary cultivator Wu Yonglin - 7.7 points, Heaven Pill Sect's He Liang - 7.8 points, Immortal Herb Valley's Guang Wei -..."

Ye Mo's heart sunk. Already 480 names had been announced, and there was still no mention of his name.

Mu Yiqing knew how Ye Mo was feeling and patted his shoulder, "Don't be disappointed, the Herb Valley only opens once every 50 years, but the tournament happens every decade. With this experience, perhaps you will have a chance next time."

Mu Yiqing was also disappointed. He'd wanted Ye Mo to represent his sect and get into the top ten or at least earn a spot on the hall of fame, or even at least pass the first round so that the examiner would mention their sect's name.

That way, perhaps their pill business would get a little better.

Meanwhile, the examiner started speaking even louder, "I'm going to announce the last ten people now - these are the top ten contestants of the first round.

"Herb Pill Sect's Ye Mo - 8 points, Heaven Pill Sect's Cai Sheng - 8.1 points, Pill Cauldron Mountain's Wan Guoping - 8.2 points"

As Ye Mo heard his name in the top ten, he was dumbfounded. But immediately, that turned into immense joy. Even he didn't expect to be able to reach the next round with the spirit attraction herb in his recipe and even get 8 points!

The Desert Plane Herb Valley was filled with resources, and the fastest way to get stronger was with resources. Only with enough power could he find Luo Ying and the others.

He didn't have that power as of yet. Luo Yue Continent wasn't Earth. Earth wouldn't make so much as a splash if it were to be thrown into the heartless seas.

Ye Mo also vaguely heard that Qin Muxin got 8.7 points and that Ye Chengjun got 9 points, becoming number one. That wasn't important to him, though. He was just happy he made it into the next round.

Mu Yiqing was also dazed for a long time. After a long while, he shouted in joy, "Martial Brother Ye, did I hear right? Herb Pill Sect's Ye Mo reached top ten with 8 points?"

Ye Mo had calmed down and patted Mu Yiqing, "It seems I'm quite lucky. You heard right, I really did get into the top ten."

"Arrogant! You just happened to get 8 points, and you don't even know what your name is anymore," another man sneered.

Mu Yiqing pulled Ye Mo to the side, "Ignore him, he's Pill Cauldron Mountain's Wan Guoping. He also got 8.2 this time, so we can't mess with him."

Ye Mo smiled - he didn't care at all.

The Herb Pill Sect's Mu He and Lu Min etc. were all very excited. Even Uncle Zao who rarely spoke was obviously happy.

They soon heard many onlookers ask about the Herb Pill Sect. They really wanted to get up and shout that they were Herb Pill Sect members, but instead of letting everyone see how weak they actually were, it was better to let them guess.

Yan Zheng looked at Ye Mo in disbelief. He didn't think Ye Mo would not only be able to pass the first round but also get 10th place in the first round! Yan Zheng finally came to believe that Ye Mo was truly a level 7 spirit pill master.

Thinking about how the Immortal Treasure Tower only had one of their 5 contestants reach the second round and only with a score of 7.3, Yan Zheng felt bitter. If the big manager had let Ye Mo join for them, the Immortal Treasure Tower's name would be on fire.

But no one expected that even though Ye Mo was so young, he could have such pill concoction skills. Everyone including him had judged wrongly.

Yan Zheng suddenly got his uncle's message. Reading it, he quickly went back to the Immortal Treasure Tower.

"Xiao Zheng, is that Ye Mo who reached top ten with 8 points the Ye Mo you recommended?" his uncle asked immediately.
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