Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 896

Chapter 896: Do You Have a F*cking Problem with that?
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Yan Zheng saw the big manager sit down in silence with a bleak face. He nodded and said, "Yes, that Ye Mo is the pill master I recommended. I didn't expect him to go to the tournament representing the Herb Pill Sect after being rejected by us."

The big manager suddenly said in a deep voice, "Elder Yan, as an elder of the Immortal Treasure Tower, you don't even know the skills of the pill master you recommended. Do you even know to what degree you've neglected your job?"

Yan Jun didn't dare to talk. If he had known about Ye Mo's skill, he would have argued in his favor, but he hadn't. This meant that he didn't know where Ye Mo came from anyway.

He wasn't happy with the big manager's words. If it hadn't been for his intervention, Ye Mo would've represented the Immortal Treasure Tower. Now, the big manager messed things up and put the blame on him.

Yan Zheng stared dazily at the big manager. He hadn't thought he was such an unreasonable person. He had suggested Ye Mo, but if his big manager hadn't intervened, this wouldn't have happened. Instead, the big manager didn't blame Elder Feng, but instead blamed his uncle.

However then, the big manager immediately stared coldly at Feng Jicheng, "Elder Feng, is our Immortal Treasure Tower a place for you to fight for power and benefits? For your own benefit, you pushed away a top ten spot. Where is the person you recommended? The one who passed the first round for us seemed to be one of our own people!"

Feng Jicheng was very horrified. He hadn't expected a pill master from a small place like River State to be that good. He hadn't even researched about him, yet Ye Mo was this good. He not only had reached the second round, but also got into top ten.

If he had known Ye Mo was this strong, he would've killed him.

Although he had been yelled at by the big manager, he didn't dare to rebuke. However, Ye Mo was a dead man to him in his heart.

Yan Zheng looked at his emotional big manager and suddenly shivered. The big boss of the Immortal Treasure Tower rarely managed things. Ir was usually the big manager who made decisions. It was very easy to lose one's life working for someone like him.

He looked at his uncle and sighed. If it hadn't been for his uncle, he wouldn't have stayed there. It looked glamorous, but if you offended the big manager, your life could be very hard.

He had set up the River State Immortal Treasure Tower all by himself, but it had been taken away from him by the words of the big manager. He hadn't even been praised for any of his work, but was instead yelled at.

In the tournament area, only 500 contestants were left.

The top ten had been surrounded by the others, wanting to connect with them or fawn over them.

Almost every pill master of the top ten was famous.

Ye Mo knew what these people were thinking. It was beneficial for their future and their sect to know one of the top ten.

The judges up there and the elders of the pill association were mostly from the hall of fame. It was good to connect with these future pill kings - not to mention how good it could be to know Cheng Yejun, who had been first three times in a row. He was a level 1 pill king and his skills were better than even some of the judges.

If he was willing to, he could become a Pill Association elder at any time.

Ye Mo was the dark horse. No one knew him.

"Hello, friend, I'm Demon Spirit Sect's Ye Zhilong. I was lucky enough to make it to the second round. How many points did you get?" a contestant came up to him from the side. He had no one to share his joy with, so he found Ye Mo.

Ye Mo heard this name and remembered that he had gotten six points, barely making it.

Ye Mo saluted with his fists and said, "I'm Herb Pill Sect's Ye Mo. I was lucky to make it to the second round too."

"Brother Ye, your surname is also Ye! It seems we're really fortunate. Sorry, I've never heard of the Herb Pill Sect." Ye Zhilong had an apologetic look on his face. Perhaps he had gotten so excited that he hadn't found out that Ye Mo was top ten.

Ye Mo smiled and didn't get angry. He knew Ye Zhilong was speaking his heart. The funny thing was that he hadn't heard of the Demon Spirit Sect neither.

"So, it's the Ye Mo who is said to be halfway into the top ten of the pill concoction hall of fame. You're good! I, Wan Guoping, want to see how you're going to get into the top ten of the hall of fame. But it seems you're not that good! You're stick around with a little p*nk from the Demon Sect," a contemptuous voice interrupted them.

"You're Herb Pill Sect's Ye Mo, top ten of the first round!" Ye Zhiping remembered now and looked at Ye Mo in shock.

Ye Mo saw that Wan Guoping was looking for trouble with him more than once. He stared coldly at him, "What does me being in top ten got to do with you? I'm talking with someone from the Demon Sect. Do you have any f*cking problem with that?"

"Yes, do you have a f*cking problem with that, Wan Guoping? Hahaha! I, Zhuang Man, like these sort of words-" a coarse voice sounded and laughed.

Ye Mo found a man that looked extremely bulky - he was nearly two meters tall. His were full of muscles. Ye Mo really couldn't picture such a person to be a pill master.

Wait! 'Zhuang Man'! He was from the All Beast Mountain, with 8.6 points. Ye Mo sighed. One really couldn't judge a book by its cover.

Wan Guoping saw this and his expression looked bad. "Zhuang, you're really going to go against me, aren't you?"

"Go against you? Do you deserve it? Let your Pill Cauldron Mountain's Big Martial Brother decide this." Then, Zhuang Man couldn't even be bothered to look at him. He walked up to Ye Mo and saluted him with his fists, "I'm the All Beast Mountain's Zhuang Man. I highly approve of Brother Ye. I'm different from you, I have large amounts of spirit herbs and materials supplied by the sect to concoct pills and good masters to teach me. Only then did I get 8 points. However, Brother Ye relied on yourself to get 8 points, I look favourably to you."

Zhuang Man looked coarse, but he was quite meticulous. He could tell that guy was no simple character, he had slapped Wan Guoping's face to get on his good side. Perhaps he was using him to strike Wan Guoping, but Ye Mo didn't care.

At this moment, the examiner said, "All contestants, the first round has finished! The second round is about to begin! Please find a place to sit and listen to the second question."
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