Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Prettiest Girl In Ning Hai University

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn / Carolin
The second day, Ye Mo didnt go to the Qing Du Lake Garden to train again. Instead, he woke up early in the morning and finished a set of fist training in the yard. Then, he went out to buy a medical box and a set of silver needles. Other than this, he also purchased a bunch of herbs. He made some simple medicine balls and soups. Of course, they werent even the simplest concocted pills. However, for Ye Mo, these things were enough for him to set up a stall.

This way, his remaining money sent him into a financial crisis once again. When he finished preparing everything, Ning Hai University had started again. It was already Ye Mos 4th year of university.

As everyone expected, Ye Mo didnt pass a single subject and had to redo exams for everything. However, Ye Mo didnt give a sh*t about that or the school. If it were a normal student, he would be punished heavily or even forced to leave the school when he failed more than three subjects. However, Ye Mo was a special type of person.

Although he was kicked out of the Ye family, the school wouldnt start a conflict with the Ye family over this, since nobody really knew what the big families were playing at. He would leave after four years anyway, so the school had nothing to lose. After all, when he first entered the Ning Hai University, he didnt get in with his scores. As for the remedial exams, Ye Mo didnt care at all, it had no place in his heart and was still focused on preparing his night market stall.

Every day, Ye Mo went to Ning Hai University while jogging. The primary purpose was to practice his cloud shadow step. Right now, he had no progress in cultivation, so if he couldnt even cultivate mortal martial arts, then he would really develop a sense of insecurity. However, he didnt feel the danger of constant life and death battles that were on the Luo Yue continent which made him feel much safer.

It was already the second week of school, although Ye Mo still hadnt set up the nomadic medical stall, he already felt huge improvements in his cloud shadow step. It appeared that leaving early and coming back late, covering 70 km of distance, was beneficial for him.

This morning, Ye Mo woke up a little late as he slept an hour more than usual. When he arrived at Ning Hai University, it was already 7 am and, after going to the small restaurant outside the campus for some soy milk and a few buns, it was almost 8 am.

Big brother, do you want to buy a flower? Outside the restaurant stood a little girl holding a bunch of fresh flowers. She looked tense and scared as she came up to Ye Mo and asked.

Ye Mo looked at the little girl and observed that she had a rather thin layer of clothes on. It was September, and it was quite chilly in the morning. This little girl came out to sell flowers this early? Her family must be having some difficulties. Ye Mo was reminded about the time when he was a small child, he was an orphan until nine years old, when he was brought by an old Taoist to his masters sect. However, in only a years time, the old Taoist died. After the old Taoist had passed away, he followed his teacher Luo Ying and only then did his life completely change for the better.

How come youre not going to school? Ye Mo thought to himself that this was about the time for class. It was a 9 years mandatory school system here, and this little girl had to be expected at school.

Today is Saturday, Im out to help my big sister sell flowers, the little girls voice was very soft, but Ye Mo could still hear her uneasiness, but Ye Mo continued asking, Okay Ill buy some, how much for one?

Meanwhile, he was amazed that it was already Saturday, as hed been running around every day, he forgot the time.

5 dollars for one, but if you buy more its three dollars, when the little girl heard that Ye Mo was going to buy flowers, her voice immediately became clearer. It was quite obvious that Ye Mos words gave her some confidence.

Okay, Ill take all of your flowers, heres your money. Ye Mo looked at the roses in the little girls hands, there was about twenty or so. He took out a 100 dollar note and gave it to the little girl. He took the flowers from the little girls hands and turned to leave.

Big brother, I still need to give you change, the little girl saw it was 100 dollars, and since Ye Mo took them all, she would only charge 3 dollars each.

No need, the flowers I give to my girlfriend shouldnt be discounted! See you around. Ye Mo took the flowers and already disappeared into the gateway of Ning Hai University.

If this were after school, Ye Mo wouldve probably given these flowers to Xu Wei. However, he was in the school now. Looks like he could only find a bin and dump it.

Hm, is the person who just bought the flowers Ye Mo from our school? He actually has a girlfriend? His words were quite philosophical The flowers I give to my girlfriend shouldnt be discounted! Who would be willing to be his girlfriend? Two girls at the front of the school saw Ye Mo taking the roses then walked into the school, and one of them who knew Ye Mo asked curiously.

So this is the one called Ye Mo? the other girl was also curious, and she was definitely so much prettier than the girl talking before. The meaning of her words was clear, she had heard of Ye Mo but didnt know him.

Su Mei, you are the campus queen of Ning Hai University, of course, you dont know about his tragic story, but I know this person, it is said that he has a rotten luck. Lets follow him and see who his girlfriend is, the other girl laughed.

Yan Zi, I feel that he didnt buy it for his girlfriend, but for the little girl, the girl called Su Mei said with frowned eyes.

Before Yan Zi could reply, another voice could be heard: Xiao Mei, I was just looking for you. I didnt think I would see you at the front of the school. I see youre free today, so let me invite you to dinner, and dont tell me that you dont have time!

A BMW X7 was parked outside the school, and from the car emerged a good looking youth; however, his skin had an unhealthy paleness to it, but when he saw Su Mei, his face brightened up in happiness.

Its Zheng Wenqiao, the biggest wealthy second generation in the school. Mei Mei, you really are charismatic. The prettiest girl and the wealthiest guy, I really envy you... Yan Zi looked at Su Mei with a face full of envy. Her eyes seemed to say If only I were Su Mei

Su Meis face sunk and immediately turned her head around and saw this young, wealthy kid, apologizing: Sorry, my boyfriend is already here.

After saying that, she ran a few steps, came by Ye Mos side and held his arm with her hands. Then, she used an incredibly soft and gentle tone and said: Mo, why did you just come, Ive been waiting for you so long. Did you buy these flowers for me? Theyre stunning!

Ye Mo was not expecting this, and thought to himself: Since when did I have such a beautiful girlfriend? How come I didnt know?

But Ye Mo saw that not far away, Zheng Wenqiao just got off his BMW with a blank face. Immediately, he knew he was being used as a shield. Seeing the smiling beautiful girl that held his arms, Ye Mo immediately sneered in his heart. A sense of disgust rose from the bottom of his heart.

This woman thought that just because she was a bit pretty, she could just do this to people. For her, it was only something as simple as using him as a shield. Afterward, she could just pat her butt and leave, but he would be left to deal with the other love interest. It was as though that it was Ye Mos honor that she used. These self-centered women really felt too good about themselves.
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