Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 904

Chapter 904: Ye Mos Worry
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo knew what Yan Zheng was thinking and waved his hand, "If Brother Yan still considers me a friend, then you must know that I won't join the Immortal Treasure Tower no matter what. But thank you for all your help - this jade card for Kong Ye Qianbei is yours."

Yan Zheng looked at the jade card in a daze. He was shook that Ye Mo gave such a precious thing to him.

Seeing Yan Zheng in a daze, Ye Mo could only say, "Brother Yan, if you don't have anything else, I'm going to rest. I'm planning on going to see Kong Ye Qianbei later."

Yan Zheng reacted and bowed to Ye Mo, "In that case, I'll take this jade card. To be honest, I came here because the big manager wants me to persuade you to join us, but that's not what I want to say. Our Tower is not a good destination for Brother Ye. The big manager seems like an emotional person, and he's very dangerous. If it weren't for him, I would've persuaded my uncle to leave the Tower already.

I will tell the big manager that you have rejected the offer, but you must be careful. Big Manager won't let you go like this, so you need to be prepared. I'm sorry I didn't help you much, even though you are giving me this. I'll be leaving now, take care Brother Ye."

Ye Mo heard this and felt touched. He knew Yan Zheng was a good guy, but he didn't expect him to tell him the truth and take the risk of offending the big manager. However, Yan Zheng's words still made him alert. Without power, he was nothing.

He patted Yan Zheng's shoulder and said, "Thank you for your reminder Brother Yan, I will remember this."

"By the way," Yan Zheng suddenly turned back again at the door, "You need to be careful of that Qu Meiyan. She's from the demon sects. She's no simple character."

Ye Mo nodded.

After Yan Zheng left, Ye Mo sat in the guest room for some time. He really wanted to take Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling and co. to leave River State and find a safe place to stay. However, if he stayed in one place just cultivating non-stop, he wouldn't achieve much.

He had to go to the Desert Plane Herb Valley. Ye Mo made up his mind. After he went there, he would collect plenty of resources and then leave River State.

Ye Mo now decided to meet the respected Kong Ye. If Ye Mo wanted those who lurked in the dark after him to feel threatened, he needed Kong Ye's help.

Ye Mo just got up when Mu Yiqing walked in, giving him an invitation, "Brother Ye, this is Immortal Herb Valley's Sect Leader Mingxin's invitation."

Ye Mo thought it was probably about Yan Zheng and looked at the hesitant Mu Yiqing, "Brother Mu, do you have something to say to me?"

Mu Yiqing nodded, "Yes, Brother Ye, we're going. I was planning on asking you for some spirit weaving pill selling rights but I underestimated its influence. If we really were to try to sell it, we would probably soon be annihilated."

Ye Mo nodded, Mu Yiqing wasn't an idiot. If he really gave Mu Yiqing the selling rights, then it would be harming him. Ye Mo wasn't even safe himself.

Ye Mo said, "The spirit weaving pill isn't mature yet, so I can't even sell it, but I agree with Brother Mu's thinking."

Then, he gave the two jade cards for entering the herbal plane to Mu Yiqing, "I only need one, you can have the other two."

Mu Yiqing wasn't even hoping of getting one to begin with. He just took one and said, "Brother Ye, I only need one."

Ye Mo remembered that Lu Ming and Mu He weren't very strong, and so they didn't need two jade cards indeed. The herbal valley was no safe place, so he took one back and said, "In that case, Brother Mu, we can go there together in three days."

Mu Yiqing shook his head, "I only need the jade card. I will enter it from somewhere else. Brother Ye, you're in a dangerous position right now, you need to be careful."

Ye Mo nodded and took out some benefit essence pill and cultivation increasing pills from his ring and gave them to Mu Yiqing, "You're about to reach the foundation establishment state level nine peak, so take these pills. If I have time, I will go visit you guys at your sect."

Mu Yiqing took the bottles and just wanted to thank Ye Mo when he looked inside with shock, "This, this is the cultivation increasing pill?"

Ye Mo nodded.

'Huh?!' Mu Yiqing was stunned at Ye Mo's magnanimity. He didn't think a random friend he met would give something that was the most precious thing to a foundation establishment state cultivator.

"This is too precious, I-" Mu Yiqing didn't want to give it back, but he still felt it was too precious.

Ye Mo smiled and pushed it back, "I'm a pill master. I have lots of these, don't worry. Go form your core and then lead the Herb Pill Sect to prosperity. Perhaps I will go visit your sect in the future."

Ye Mo sent Mu Yiqing and co. away and then went back inside the hotel. Ye Mo took out the invitation from Ming Xin. It just said that it invited him to Immortal Herb Valley's local residence, saying there were important things to discuss.

Ye Mo thought about it and decided to go see Kong Ye and then Ming Xin.

The Pill Association was the biggest power in the city, even greater than the City Lord. When Ye Mo came to the door, he heard Kong Ye's voice by his year, "Come up, I'm waiting for you on the 11th floor."

Coming to the 11th floor, Kong Ye seemed to have been waiting for him for a long time.

"Kong Ye Qianbei." Ye Mo genuinely respected this old man. Ye Mo respected him for his attitude and manners the most.

Letting Ye Mo sit down, Kong Ye suddenly asked, "If there had been a third round, how confident would you be in getting first place?"

Ye Mo thought for a moment and said, "Zero confidence."

Kong Ye smiled and asked, "What if you used all of your power?"

Ye Mo was shook. No one knew that he had the Mist Lotus Heart Fire, what did the old man mean?

He saw Kong Ye's calm face and realized that this old man might have seen something so he said, "I would have 100% confidence."

Kong Ye nodded without surprise, "Other people thought that I let you win because of the spirit weaving pill and stopped the third round because of that. But I was actually scared you would get first place again on the third round. You didn't disappoint me. You know when to go in and out. I can tell from your first answer, if I insisted on the third round, you probably wouldn't have taken out your Rare Fire Seed."

Ye Mo looked at this old man in shock. He was too terrifying.

He didn't know how strong Kong Ye was, but since he could tell, doesn't that mean people at his power level could all see that he had a Rare Fire Seed? That way, how could he be sure he wouldn't reveal the Mist Lotus Heart Fire?
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