Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 906

Chapter 906: Marry Into the Sect
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"What does Ming Xin-Qianbei need Wanbei for?" Ye Mo didn't feel confident facing the hollow spirit state Sect Leader Ming Xin.

Ming Xin sipped some tea before saying slowly, "Mr Ye, you haven't joined any sect yet, right? What do you feel about my Immortal Herb Valley?"

When he heard this, Ye Mo was dazed. Didn't the Immortal Herb Valley only take female members? Why did it sound like Ming Xin was inviting him to join the Immortal Herb Valley?

"Um- Ming Xin-Qianbei, Ye Mo don't understand what you mean. I heard that the Immortal Herb Valley only recruits female members," Ye Mo said straightaway.

Ming Xin smiled. "Don't worry, Mr Ye, we do indeed only take female disciples. However, if you choose to marry into the Immortal Herb Valley, you can join us. Our core disciples can choose a partner from outside the sect and settle with him in the valley."

"You want me to marry into the sect!?" Ye Mo blurted. Yet he immediately understood the situation. Qin Muxin was there, which meant that Ming Xin wanted Qin Muxin to be his wife.

Ming Xin smiled sweetly. "Mr Ye said things quite straightforwardly, but it's correct. It's not really marrying into the Immortal Herb Valley, it's just settling here."

Ming Xin continued. "Muxin is the most excellent disciple of the Immortal Herb Valley. She ranked fifth on the foundation establishment state hall of fame and now she has reached golden core state. She even ranked fourth on pill concoction hall of fame. More importantly, she's the number one beauty in the Immortal Herb Valley. If Mr Ye is willing-"

Qin Muxin heard this and blushed even more. She looked down and didn't dare say a word.

Ye Mo didn't know why Ming Xin looked so favourably of him, but he was sure Ming Xin wanted Qin Muxin to marry him. However, Ye Mo had no intentions of having another wife.

So before Ming Xin finished, Ye Mo quickly got up and bowed. "Thank you, Ming Xin-Qianbei, for your generosity but I already have a wife. Hence, I can only reject Qianbei's offer, I'm deeply regretful."

Ming Xin was dazed. She hadn't expected Ye Mo would reject her so bluntly.

Qin Muxin heard this and the blush on her face went away. Her face even got a little pale. To be honest, she wasn't willing to marry someone she didn't even know for her master, but she had never gone against her. Yet, before she could say anything, Ye Mo had rejected her without hesitation.

When Ming Xin realized that Ye Mo actually had rejected her, her tone turned cold, "Mr Ye, I know you have a wife but I never told you to divorce her. You can bring your wife and sister to the Immortal Herb Valley. Moreover, who said that us cultivators can only have one spouse?"

Ye Mo realized that Ming Xin had completely investigated his identity.

Ming Xin paused for a moment and continued, "The reason I chose you is not because you made the spirit weaving pill, but for some other reason. I don't think you're dumb. Without the support of the Immortal Herb Valley, how many people will be going after it? I bet you know quite well."

Ye Mo heard this and his heart started skipping even faster. Was it not for the spirit weaving pill? Had she also seen that he had the Mist Lotus Heart Fire?

But soon, he calmed down. He felt like Ming Xin probably meant something else.

Just when Ming Xin was about to explain, Qin Muxin suddenly said, "Master, I don't agree to this wedding."

Ming Xin was dazed. She had already told her disciple to choose Ye Mo and she had given her the reason. Why was her disciple rejecting him? Yet she soon realized that since Ye Mo had already rejected her, if her disciple also didn't reject him, she would lose a lot of face.

Seeing this, Ming Xin understood it was probably fated. She remembered what her master had told her, "Ming Xin, if one day you see someone making spirit sense pill signs using ordinary chi fire, then this person has created a new system of pill concoction. He will become a pill immortal for sure. If he doesn't die, then his future will be unimaginable."

After pill king, it came pill immortal level. However, there had never been a pill immortal on Luo Yue Continent. She had watched Ye Mo concoct pills from the start to the end.

Hence, she could tell that Ye Mo would definitely not be an ordinary person in the future. She wanted to pull Ye Mo into the Immortal Herb Valley. Otherwise, with the Immortal Herb Valley's status and Qin Muxin's condition, how could she even suggest sharing the same husband with another woman?

"Since Muxin doesn't agree to this, then nevermind." Ming Xin lifted her tea cup. She knew that she couldn't force someone like Ye Mo unless she killed him. However, since Kong Ye favored him and his current fame was rising, she couldn't do anything to him then.

Moreover, she didn't want to do anything to him. Ye Mo's accomplishments in the future would be significant. It was best to keep good relations with him.

Ye Mo left the Immortal Herb Valley residence sweating. If he had angered that hollow spirit state master, he wouldn't have been able to walk out of there today.

He had been threatened by all sorts of scarily powerful people recently. This made Ye Mo feel very insulted, but he could only sigh. He needed to increase his power until the day where no one would dare say a thing to him.

When Ye Mo was walking to the Si Fang Hotel, he was stopped by a man.

"May I ask if you're Pill Master Ye?" The man saw Ye Mo and saluted him with his fists.

"Yes, I am. Who are you?" The man was in his 40s and had long black hair. However, he was at golden core state primary stage.

Hearing this, the man showed excitement and said, "I'm Hu Haibin, I have a request."

"What is it? Tell me," Ye Mo asked.

"I heard you have an extra spot for the Herb Valley, so I came to ask for one. Of course, name your price. I'm willing to pay for everything," Hu Haibing said.

Ye Mo nodded. "Indeed, I have extra spot, but it won't come cheap."

Hu Haibing said without hesitation, "I know it's not cheap. Please, name your price pill. master Ye. If I can't afford it, then nevermind."

Hearing this, Ye Mo realized that Hu Haibing really wanted one. So he said, "I don't really care about spirit stones."

Before Ye Mo had finished, the man gave his storage ring to Ye Mo and said, "Pill Master Ye, have a look yourself. If there's anything you want in there, take it."

Ye Mo was shook. Storage rings were like the second life to cultivators. Yet, Hu Haibing had given it to him casually.

Regardless whether Hu Haibing had a second ring or not, Ye Mo had decided to give the spot to Hu Haibing. Even if there weren't things he needed, he would just take spirit stones. He really approved of Hu Haibing's personality.

When Ye Mo saw inside the large amount of spirit stones, herbs as well as some spirit artefact, he immediately realized that Hu Haibing had given him the ring he usually used.
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