Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 907

Chapter 907: Zi Xu
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

There were millions of middle grade spirit stones in his ring and tens of thousands of top grade spirit stones. This was a very wealthy cultivator.

But Ye Mo really didn't need these pills and spirit artefacts. He scanned the whole ring and didn't find anything he really needed. Just when he wanted to just take some spirit stones, he saw a purple sword at the corner of the storage ring. He thought for a moment and took the sword out.

Ye Mo immediately felt that the sword was very heavy. He quickly used his cultivation essence to hold the sword. This was the first time Ye Mo saw a sword like that. It was very heavy and looked very ugly. To be honest, it was just like a somewhat longer and thicker chopping knife.

But when Ye Mo saw the two tiny words 'Zi Xu' on it, he was shaken even more. This was clearly a sword -it might look ugly, but it was still a sword- yet it was named 'Zi Xu'.

TL note: 'Zi Xu' literally means 'purple hack axe'

Seeing Ye Mo take the Zi Xu, Hu Haibing quickly said, "I found this sword in an ancient ruin. It's called Zi Xu, but the only pity is that I can't use spirit control. It can only be used by those with a lot of power. If Pill Master Ye wants it, then take it. And if you don't think that's enough, take some spirit stones too."

Unable to use spirit control? Ye Mo didn't think much about it. He felt this Hu Haibing was a good person, someone worthy of being friends with. Ye Mo threw back the ring to Hu Haibing, "Zi Xu is not bad, I'll take it. As for spirit stones, I won't take any. Here is the jade card."

Hu Haibing didn't think Ye Mo would be this easy to talk to. He quickly took the jade card and saluted with his fists, "Thank you, Pill Master Ye, if you need me in the future, just call for me."

Ye Mo said politely, "Brother Hu is a genuine person. It is a joyful thing to have met someone like you. Why don't you have a seat upstairs before you go?"

Hu Haibing seemed to be in a rush and politely rejected Ye Mo's invitation and left.

Going back, the first thing Ye Mo did was to set up some restriction in his room and then take out the Zi Xu. His guts were telling him that the sword wasn't simple.

Ye Mo seeped his spirit sense inside it and tried to use spirit control on the sword, but Ye Mo's spirit sense seemed to have sunk into a sea of mud.

At this obstacle, Ye Mo actually rejoiced. He was a formation master, and as soon as his spirit sense and cultivation essence went inside Zi Xu, he understood that it wasn't that Zi Xu couldn't be spirit controlled, but that spirit control was stopped by some high level restriction. The restriction had to be broken first if you wanted to spirit control the sword.

The restriction had been there for a long time and was already loosening up. It would still pose some difficulty for Ye Mo, but it wasn't completely hopeless.

Two days later, Zi Xu made a cracking noise as the ancient chi inside of it seemed to have gone away. Zi Xu emitted a layer of faint purple colour and seemed a lot heavier again.

Seeing Zi Xu like this, Ye Mo rejoiced. He knew that it would be no ordinary thing, that it wasn't even a spirit artefact. But he also knew that it wasn't something on a higher level than a spirit artefact.

Ye Mo had to quickly spirit control it so that other people wouldn't notice anything from the purple rays, though.

Ye Mo had thought that since Zi Xu was left behind from ancient times, it would take a long time to spirit control it, but he only spent half a day to spirit control it in the end. The purple ray had rescinded. At the same time, Ye Mo had completely understood what was in his hands.

It was a sword fetus!

Ye Mo couldn't help but admire the person who made this fetus. After someone spirit controlled it, it would be able to change into the most suitable weapon based on the user. He also found that Zi Xu could be upgraded. This meant that the master of Zi Xu could add in different materials at different times to make the weapon more suitable to the master.

But after the first upgrade, Zi Xu wouldn't be able to change shape anymore.

Ye Mo was shook - did ancient cultivators all make fetus-like weapons? But soon, Ye Mo rejected the idea. No matter what material Zi Xu was made from, if all weapons were made like that, then cultivation artefacts wouldn't be as valuable as they were.

No matter what, Ye Mo was really stunned about the means with which Zi Xu had been made. He guessed that the heritage must've been lost in the cultivation realm, but if he had time, he really wanted to go into the golden page world and try out Zi Xu-like forgery methods.

Ye Mo soon did go into the golden page world, however it was not to try to learn the forgery method, but to test Zi Xu's power.

He went into an open space and gathered his cultivation essence, hacking outwards.

A purple ray flashed as a ravine that was a hundred meters long formed on the ground. Ye Mo even felt that space seemed to have become unstable from that slash. The dull gray sky even rumbled, seemingly unhappy that he was testing the sword in the golden page world.

Silver, who slept on the side, also seemed to be dissatisfied with it and chirped unhappily.

Ye Mo threw a few pills at Silver, and it immediately cheerfully ran to the side.

Ye Mo felt Zi Xu lovingly. This was the magic artefact he wanted! Right now, it was just a low grade spirit artefact, but Ye Mo was sure he would be able to upgrade it to higher levels.

Ye Mo didn't dare to stay in the golden page world for long and came out. It was already the third day, so he would have to go to the Herb Valley the next day.

Ye Mo walked out of his room happily.

"Pill Master Ye!" Ye Mo didn't expect to see Ye Chengjun as soon as he came out. He immediately remembered that he had agreed to see him.

"Brother Chen, I'm really sorry. I went into solitary cultivation and lost track of time," Ye Mo saluted with his fists apologetically.

"It's fine, I came in suddenly too." Ye Chengjun didn't seem unhappy at all.

Ye Chengjun had a really nice attitude and manner. He came to find Ye Mo just to give him a rare herb list. He remembered that Ye Mo hadn't recognized the last three herbs in the first round and felt very sorry for him, so he came to give it to Ye Mo.

Before Ye Mo got Things, the list would've been very important to Ye Mo but now, Ye Mo could only be grateful to Ye Chengjun.

Ye Mo felt like Ye Chengjun was similar to Kong Ye. They were examples of genuine and honest cultivators. Ye Mo exchanged some pill concoction experience with him. Ye Mo would have really wanted to give him a cao huan pill, but he knew he couldn't do that at the moment.

It's not that he wasn't willing, but that Ye Chengjun was too honest and would probably spill that the cao huan pill had come from him.

Ye Mo benefited quite a lot from talking with Ye Chengjun. Although he had started a whole new system, he still learnt a lot of techniques and common knowledge from Ye Chengjun. This would let him make less mistakes in the future.

The two conversed deep into the night before finally leaving.

The next morning, Ye Mo and the other cultivators came to the portal to the Desert Plane Herb Valley.

The spots inside were limited, but there were still a lot of people going. Most people went to do business on the outside.
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