Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 91

Chapter 91: So What If You Steal It

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn
Ye Mo was sure that when he arrived at Luo Cang, he would need to find a proper place to grow his Silver Heart Grass, and until it was fully grown, he would not only waste time but also raise suspicion if he watched it germinate every day. Besides, although he had tens of thousands of dollars, that money would be gone soon enough as he would buy food and medicine.

When the train arrived at the Shen Yang Station, another two people came in and, the four people compartment was filled immediately.

One of them was a middle-aged man in his 30s with a black bag in his hands. He had very dodgy eyes as he scanned the compartment and noticed the woman sleeping, so he smiled and greeted Ye Mo, Hello, Im Jin Jibing, and Im going to Beijing, how should I call you, friend?

Mo Ye, Ye Mos words were very simple as he didnt really like talking to strangers. This was his habit after long years of cultivation. Also, he didnt particularly like Jin Jibings dodgy eyes.

At this moment, the woman in her 40s also woke up and sat on the bed. Jin Jibing seemed to feel that Ye Mo didnt like to talk much, so he immediately greeted the woman.

After a little nap, this woman became more spirited. However, she was quite talkative, and soon they started to talk about everything. Ye Mo heard that this woman was called Wang Yan and was going to Beijing too; however, she had also some business in Shen Yang. He was no longer interested in their conversation and looked at the other person who came.

This was a young man in his 20s who was wearing very ordinary clothes, he even had a few patches on his pants meaning that his economic condition wasnt too good. Ye Mo didnt know why he would buy a bed ticket.

However, this youth seemed scared of something, and once he came in, he went to his bed and no longer talked. He just clutched his bag tightly. Seeing his vigilant attitude, Yr Mo thought that he was more experienced than that woman in her 40s.

Little brother, do you have gold in your bag. Haha, I see youre very alert. Its okay, were all strangers, but you just need to be careful, there is no need to hug your bag this tightly, Jin Jibing talked with the woman for a while and suddenly looked at that innocent youth, joking with him.

No, no gold, just some tools to cure illness this innocent youth didnt seem to expect that someone would talk to him and immediately stuttered.

Oh, I didnt know you were a doctor, excuse my rudeness before, whats your surname? seeing the youths anxiety, Jin Jibing asked once again; however, his tone wasnt contemptuous.

Im Yu Erhu, my medical skills were passed down from my ancestors the anxiousness in Yu Erhus tone was still obvious, showing that it was his first time leaving his home.

Uh I really couldnt tell you were a doctor, where do you plan to go? Wang Yans tone was obviously suspicious toward Yu Erhu being a doctor; however, she wasnt straightforward about it.

Yu Erhu blushed more after being asked like that by Wang Yan, he mumbled, I got a ticket to Zheng State, so Im going there to have a look.

Ye Mo had already understood that this Yu Erhu had never left home before and probably didnt even know where he got the ticket to Zheng State.

Although he didnt know what Yu Erhus medical skills were like, he could imagine that he definitely wouldnt be able to survive properly there. Perhaps, he may even end up begging in the streets.

However, Yu Erhu gave Ye Mo a good idea. If he started a clinic in Luo Cang and hired this innocent and honest looking Yu Erhu to help, he would have time to cultivate and grow his Silver Heart Grass. The most important point was that when he left Luo Cang, Yu Erhu would be able to look after it.

Hearing Yu Erhus words, both Jin Jibing and Wang Yan obviously didnt believe him, so they quickly lost interest in him; however, Ye Mos interest for Yu Erhu had picked.

Seeing that Ye Mo chatted a bit with Yu Erhu before he stopped and closed his eyes to sleep, Yu Jibing suddenly took out a magazine from his bag and a pair of glasses.

However, Ye Mo was alert. When this Jin Jibing walked in, the way his eyes moved around didnt seem like he was short sighted. What would he take out glasses for now?

Ye Mo closed his eyes and didnt pay attention to him anymore, but he kept his spirit sense scanning Jin Jibing constantly. After not long, Jin Jibing no longer looked at the magazine and scanned his eyes toward Ye Mo and Wang Yans bags.

When he looked toward Ye Mos bag, there seemed to be joy on his face. Of course, Ye Mo knew that he had tens of thousands of dollars in his bag, and with Jin Jibing showing such complexion, it meant that he had realized what was in his bag. Ye Mo was quite surprised, how did he know he had money in his bag? Did he have spirit sense too?

But soon, Ye Mo figure it out that Jin Jibing didnt have spirit sense, but there was definitely something with his glasses. It was probably some infrared scanner or something that allowed him to see through things.

It was already 10 pm at night, and Ye Mo pretended to be sleeping. He wanted to know whos bag Jin Jibing would try to steal first. However, he thought that he might probably be his target first because he had the most cash. If only he had a storage ring, he wouldnt have so much trouble...

As expected, Jin Jibing brought his bag over to Ye Mos side not long after Ye Mo fell asleep. He reached out his hand and opened his bag stuffing all the cash inside his bag.

Ye Mo sneered and didnt stop him. He knew that these thieves would take everything. He didnt need to get angry. He just used the blanket to cover his hands and at the same time took back the money Jin Jibing stole from him. Then, he also took everything other than Jin Jibings clothes from his bag. He had spirit sense, so it was as clear as using his eyes.

Yu Erhu had fallen asleep already, but Wang Yan had obviously noticed Jin Jibings movement. However, Jin Jibing turned around and glared at her. She was so frightened that she immediately held her mouth with her hands, not daring to make a noise.

At this time, the horn sounded, they had arrived at a station. Jin Jibing had already taken everything and grabbed the bag as he was ready to leave. At this moment, a girl in her 20s walked past the compartment and saw Jin Jibings movement. She immediately knew that he was a thief but more importantly, the victim was still asleep.

The girl saw the thief and immediately yelled, yet Jin Jibing grabbed his bag and didnt care if other people found out as he dashed out of the carriage of the train.

Argh, that thief stole your things, and youre still sleeping! This girl saw Jin Jibing run away and was sure that Ye Mos possession had been stolen, so she reminded Ye Mo loudly.

Ye Mo opened his eyes and saw this extremely worried girl and realized that she was a student. No wonder she had such a sense of justice. Seeing that other people were worried about him, he had no choice but to smile and say, I actually dont have much in my bag, so it doesnt matter if he steals it.

You... sigh, you should call the police immediately! Ill help you with that. This girl was really warm-hearted.

Ye Mo thought that the people he didnt want to deal with the most now was the police, so he quickly waved his hand: Dont mind about this, I really dont have much, theres no need to call the police but still, thank you.

This girl saw that Ye Mo really didnt want to call the police, so she shook her head helplessly and crossed the carriage.

Seeing this girl leave, Ye Mo immediately stuffed everything in the bag. Originally, he had 50 thousand dollars, but now he had 20 thousand extra. Other than this, there were also some miscellaneous things and a large stack of identity documents. Ye Mo stuffed them all in his bag.

Although she didnt see Ye Mo steal everything back, Wang Yan saw with her own eyes Jin Jibing take a few notes from Ye Mos bag, but this young man said there wasnt anything in his bag. Obviously, he didnt believe that he had his things stolen, and she couldnt help but shake her head.
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