Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 910

Chapter 910: Encountering a Golden Core State
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

This blue python was nearly at level 5, which was like being at halfway golden core state.

Ye Mo didn't know what kind of beast it was. However, from its blue colour, Ye Mo could tell that it had been consuming a lot of the Lin Blue Fruit.

The fruit's smell was getting more and more intense. The blue python also saw Ye Mo. It immediately got up and opened its mouth, hissing at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo wasn't going to let the Lin Blue Fruit go away. He ignored the blue python's warnings, pulled out Zi Xu and inserted his cultivation essence inside. Zi Xu emitted a faint purple sword ray. As soon as it was shot out, it separated from Zi Xu and split into two.

Then, it immediately split into four sword rays.

The blue python seemed to have never seen such thing before, but it knew of its power. It swept its tail at the sword ray at once.

It was the first time Ye Mo used Illusion Cloud after having gotten Zi Xu.

The sword ray instantly clashed with the blue python's tail. Ye Mo felt a huge power smash on his chest. He almost couldn't breathe, he felt as though he was going to be thrown many kilometers away.

Ye Mo was shook. He quickly used his cultivation essence to try to stabilize his body.

Yet even so, he was still pushed back. Luckily, his cultivation essence was a lot more dense than an ordinary foundation establishment state's. He was thrown tens of meters away in the air, but he managed to stop himself and landed on the ground.

Ye Mo was shook. He had approached it and used Illusion Cloud Division Strike immediately. However, even so, he had still been sent back. The blue python's power was very shocking!

He didn't dare to hold back anymore. He injected Zi Xu with his cultivation essence and he got ready to use the Illusion Cloud Whirlpool Strike.

Yet when he looked at the blue python, it dashed across his eyes. The blue python ran away. Ye Mo was left dumbfounded. Why had the blue python escaped? It had the upperhand.

When he saw the blood on the ground, Ye Mo understood what seemed to have happened. The blue python had gotten scared of his Illusion Cloud Division Strike. His first attack had injured it, so it chose to run away. Perhaps, the Lin Blue Fruit wasn't valuable enough for it to fight for it with its life.

It had probably eaten too many and the fruit was no longer useful to it.

Ye Mo put away Zi Xu and breathed at ease. If he had really fought a life-or-death battle with the blue python, even if he had won, he would have exerted a lot of energy. It was the best outcome.

However, Ye Mo also realized that the reason the first strike hadn't really injured the blue python was because he hadn't mastered it completely yet. If he could split it into thousand sword rays as soon as he used it, then there would have been no way the blue python could have gotten away.

Ye Mo shook his head. It couldn't be reached simply by practice. It also required a strong spirit sense and cultivation essence.

Even so, Ye Mo rejoiced. He felt that using the Illusion Cloud with Zi Xu was more powerful than before. He was sure that if he used it at golden core state, then the blue python would have been filled with holes and wouldn't have been able to move a single bit.

The Lin Blue Fruit had gotten more and more aromatic. Ye Mo could tell that it was about to blossom. He took out three jade boxes and waited under the tree.

It didn't take long until a fruit fell down. Ye Mo put it in the jade box. When the second one fell, Ye Mo did the same.

When the third one was about to fall, two howls sounded. Ye Mo's spirit sense scanned two cultivators who had just arrived there.

Ye Mo didn't care much at first, as the first guy was at foundation establishment state tertiary stage, but the other one was at golden core state. Ye Mo was shook. He was planning on taking the fruit for him, but he had no chance against a golden core state.

Without thinking, Ye Mo took out his flying pike and immediately left.

Yet before Ye Mo could leave, the golden core state cultivator stood before him. Ye Mo stopped and put away the flying pike. He couldn't run from a golden core state master. Moreover, that guy was at golden core state level 4, which meant that he was at golden core state middle stage.

"Leave behind your storage ring and that chopping knife of yours. P*ss off!" the golden core state cultivator said coldly.

Ye Mo might've agreed if he had just asked for the two Lin Blue Fruits, but this guy had told him to leave behind his storage ring and sword. It would be like killing him in some way.

He even saw a sliver of killing intent in the golden core state cultivator's eyes. Clearly, he was very careful - letting him drop his weapon first to then kill him.

Ye Mo's eyes turned cold. He knew things weren't going to work out peacefully, so he held Zi Xu tightly and said, "Do you want to kill me and rob me?"

The other foundation establishment state cultivator laughed. "Master, this guy is an idiot!"

The golden core state cultivator was dazed and laughed. "Yes, I'm not only going to rob you, but I kill you too."

Then, he immediately attacked.

Ye Mo shot out the Illusion Cloud Essence Binding Strike. The purple ray with sword chi spread around the golden core state cultivator and formed a cultivation essence field.

The golden core state man hadn't thought that Ye Mo would dare attack him first, so he was furious. He sneered and his strong cultivation essence spread out.

Ye Mo felt that his first strike had been slowed down and it couldn't be used to its full power. Ye Mo furiously exerted his cultivation essence. He had to use the first strike before he could use the second strike.

When Ye Mo released all of his cultivation essence to activate the Illusion Cloud Essence Binding Strike, the golden core state cultivator realized his cultivation essence was not running quite smoothly and the feeling was getting worse and worse. He frowned and pointed at him.

Then, a beam of cultivation essence struck Ye Mo's blade screen. Crack- Ye Mo's chest bone immediately broke.

The difference in power was too great. His first strike had only slowed down the golden core state cultivator's cultivation essence by a minor bit, and yet he had gotten injured because of that. Ye Mo bit his lips and shot out the Illusion Cloud Division Strike.

Ye Mo had used his cultivation essence to the maximum. The sword ray was like lightning, flowing towards the golden core state cultivator from all directions and instantly turning into tens of rays from just one, which then turned into more than 100.

The golden core state cultivator had been sealed off by the sword rays, which were still increasing. The cultivator's eyes narrowed. He hadn't thought a mere foundation establishment state cultivator could know such sword technique. His eyes immediately looked greedy. The next moment, his ring flashed and a rapier fell in his hands.

The golden core state cultivator shook his hands lightly and the sky got filled with sword light, completely covering Ye Mo's sword rays.

Pierce- pierce- Ye Mo's sword rays had been stopped and they couldn't multiply anymore.

Thud- Ye Mo was struck again and thrown in the air tens of meters. Ye Mo spat a mouthfull of blood, while the golden core state cultivator took a few steps back too. He had some gashes on him.

However, after using his cultivation essence, these minor wounds disappeared immediately. He stared coldly at Ye Mo and his killing intent rose drastically. He hadn't thought that a mere foundation establishment state level 7 cultivator could injure him. It had never happened before, despite the injuries being very minor!

Ye Mo's heart sunk. He realized he wasn't on the same level as that golden core state cultivator.

Ye Mo immediately grabbed Zi Xu and started running. He knew that if he kept fighting, he would die for sure.

Shadowless was powerful, but facing a fully-powered golden core state cultivator, Ye Mo knew that Shadowless didn't stand a chance either.

"Are tou trying to escape?" the cultivator sneered and chased after him.
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