Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 911

Chapter 911: Join Forces and Ambush Him!
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo knew that the golden core state cultivator wasn't going to let him go. He ran for his life desperately while trying to think of a plan.

A huge cave appeared before Ye Mo. His spirit sense immediately saw the blue python he had fought not long ago. Without thinking, he charged inside.

The golden core state cultivator saw this and sneered. He wasn't in a rush to kill Ye Mo. Ye Mo's sword technique was quite good, so he was going to think of a way to get that first.

He could see the blue python as well. It was a level 4 peak beast, yet it didn't threaten him.

The blue python saw Ye Mo immediately and raised its head, hissing at him. Clearly, it was warning Ye Mo, but it also had some fear in its eyes. It couldn't understand. The python had ran away and given up the Lin Blue Fruit, why had the human chased it there?

Just when the animal was about to kick the human out of its cave, the human ignored it and went deeper inside.

Before it could react, another human charged inside - and this human was even cockier! He attacked with his sword without hesitation.

The blue python couldn't dodge it and the sword pierced its stomach. The animal howled painfully and its huge body fell on top of the golden core state cultivator.

The cave was very big, but pebbles were flying everywhere.

The golden core state cultivator sneered - a mere animal dared to act cocky in his face! His flying sword shot powerful cultivation essence. He was about to strike the blue python's head and it was impossible for a level 4 beast to dodge it.

But suddenly, he felt something wasn't right. The foundation establishment state cultivator he was chasing wasn't in his spirit sense's range anymore. When he realized this, his body went cold. The golden core state man immediately understood what had happened. The foundation establishment state cultivator was ambushing him. He was furious and tried to dodge it.

However, he was too late. Countless sword chi whirlpools had entered his body and ravaged his meridians. The golden core state cultivator spat many mouthfuls of blood. He was instantly heavily injured.

"Not good." The golden core state master wanted to charge out of the blue python's cave immediately, but the blue python was furious. Its tail swept the golden core state, smashing him into the roof of the cave.

As soon as the golden core state cultivator fell on the ground, he saw Ye Mo's purple sword charge at him again. He was scared now. He didn't understand how that mere foundation establishment state level 7 cultivator had managed to ambush him.

Even if he hadn't kept his attention on this cultivator, he shouldn't have been able to avoid his spirit sense. Little did he know - Ye Mo could even fool the spirit sense of a hollow spirit state master, much less his.

Ye Mo used the Illusion Cloud Whirlpool Strike with his full power.

Rumble- Zi Xu and the golden core state cultivator's flying sword clashed creating a huge explosion. The golden core state man was knocked out of the cave.

The golden core state cultivator breathed at ease. As long as he got out, then no matter how heavy his injuries were, he could kill the foundation establishment state cultivator.

Just when the golden core state cultivator was about to take a few pills, he felt like something had entered his body. Then, Ye Mo's Zi Xu brought a gust of purple death rays again.

If he wanted to kick out Shadowless, he would have to face that endless sword ray.

If he really got hit by that endless sword ray, then even a golden core state cultivator would be dead for sure.

The golden core state cultivator had no choice but to send out his flying sword, planning to kill Ye Mo first before he dealt with shadowless.

Instantly, the golden core state cultivator's essence blood and meridians were devoured by Shadowless. If Ye Mo hadn't stopped it, Shadowless would've devoured the golden core master too.

The golden core state cultivator made a terrifying cry of pain. His flying sword got smashed and he was instantly torn into a bloody mist by the onslaught of sword rays.

Ye Mo waved his hand and a dark golden core landed in his hand. At the same time, a storage ring appeared too.

Shadowless flew back to Ye Mo and growled at the golden core unhappily.

Ye Mo breathed at ease. If the blue python hadn't helped him, he would've really been in danger.

Ye Mo turned back to blue python and said, "Thanks for saving my life. This golden core is yours."

Then, he threw the golden core to the blue python. The blue python caught it with its mouth in joy. The human cultivator had actually given him such a good thing! It was a gift from the heavens.

Ye Mo took a few medical pills and gave one to the blue python. "This is for you too, thanks."

Then, Ye Mo turned away to leave. He had to kill the other foundation establishment state cultivator.

The blue python watched as Ye Mo left, still in disbelief that he gotten a golden core for no reason. Although its intelligence hadn't fully awakened yet, it understood that the human cultivator had not only helped him kill an enemy, but also given him a golden core.

That foundation establishment state cultivator stood under the Lin Blue Fruit tree waiting. He was confident that his master could kill Ye Mo easily.

"I made you wait quite some time," Ye Mo's voice sounded. The foundation establishment state cultivator turned around. When he saw it was Ye Mo, his eyes opened widely, as though he was seeing the most unbelieveable scene in his life.

Where was his master?

"Your master is waiting for you, you should hurry up." As soon as Ye Mo's voice sounded, he hacked with Zi Xu.

Bloox was spilled - the foundation establishment state man had gotten killed.

Ye Mo took his storage bag and finally rested at ease. He didn't know where that cultivator came from. However, if he had an important background, he couldn't let news of him having killed him get out.

Ye Mo rested for a while. He was planning on digging the tree out when three sword rays approached him. Three cultivator landed nearby Ye Mo in rapid speed.

Ye Mo noticed that there was no golden core state cultivator among them.

"Hmmm- It's the Lin Fruit Tree," one of the cultivators recognized the tree. He then looked at Ye Mo with joy and excitement. "The fruit must have given him essence blood. He's so lucky! Not only did he get a spot to come in, but he also saw the tree immediately."

"No, his luck isn't too good, because we've found him! Hahaha!" another cultivator continued.

Ye Mo had recovered a great deal now, so he studied the three cultivators. He was surpised to find that he knew them. One was Boss He, another one was that bald man.

He hadn't seen a single person in the desert. How come they were together? Yet then, Ye Mo immediately realized that they must have had communication paper runes and formed a squad after they came in.

Seeing the wounds on them, Ye Mo could tell that they hadn't found the desert easy to walk through. They had probably battled the scorpions. Ye Mo was impressed that they had managed to get the spots to come in.

However, from their tone, Ye Mo could tell that they had been looking for him specially. How had they found him?

Ye Mo immediately checked his clothes, but his expression soon turned really bad. Without him noticing, he had been marked with a spirit sense mark.

Ye Mo realized at once that it must've been that bitter-looking golden core state cultivator in the line for the portal.
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