Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 912

Chapter 912: Angry But Not Daring to Speak
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

"It's you, punk!" Boss He then immediately looked at Ye Mo's storage ring, "Kid, that chick outside liked minding other people's business so you got away. This time, I want to see how you're going to get away!"

Then, He Chong chopped out with his axe.

Ye Mo didn't answer and just sent out sword rays with Zi Xu.

He Chong was at the false core state, so he was a far cry from true golden core state power. Even the blue python was stronger than He Chong. He could only block 30% of Ye Mo's sword rays as the remaining pierced his cultivation essence barrier.

"Arghh!" after a cry of pain, He Chong's axe was sent flying, and the remaining sword rays penetrated his body, leaving behind a bloody mist.

Ye Mo was dazed. He Chong was a technically foundation establishment state tertiary stage cultivator, yes, but his false core state meant that he was actually a level higher than Ye Mo.

Yet a guy like him died without even blocking one of his moves - was he made of paper? Ye Mo shook his head and put away Zi Xu.

Seeing He Chong fall to the ground with his eyes still wide open, Ye Mo took his storage bag and said coldly, "Actually, what you said was also what I wanted to say."

Only then did the other two cultivators react. They were a little weaker than He Chong, yet He Chong couldn't even last a move against the foundation establishment state level seven cultivator in front of them. Clearly they would be no match for Ye Mo even if they joined forces.

The bald-headed cultivator had finally understood why the cultivator in frint of him had asked if you could kill as you please before they came in. That was because he had wanted to kill him and He Chong all along.

Yet he and the people around thought this guy was dumb. He opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but Ye Mo didn't have the mood to keep wasting time with them.

Countless purple rays flashed across, and the bald man and the other cultivator were sliced into pieces without resistance.

Ye Mo took their storage bags and then dug up the Lin Blue Fruit Tree and sent it into his golden page world.

After cleaning up the marks here, Ye Mo found a quiet place nearby and dug a cultivation home to recover.

A day later, Ye Mo had fully recovered. He took a bath and changed all of his clothes. The golden core state cultivator with a bitter expression would know for sure that Ye Mo had killed He Chong and co. And Ye Mo couldn't beat the bitter-face fellow as of yet.

Ye Mo quickly organized the storage bags he had gained from the hoodlums, but they didn't have anything good - only some low grade pills and middle grade spirit stones.

However, that golden core state cultivator did have hundreds of thousands of top grade spirit stones and 2 million middle grade spirit stones. The pills he had were also at a higher level. However, what made Ye Mo the happiest was that he found an extreme grade spirit stone in there too!

This was the first time Ye Mo saw an extreme grade spirit stone. And as expectes, it was very pretty. It looked natural and emitted strong spirit chi.

Ye Mo put away the spirit stones and then took out a jade card that had the words 'Demon Spirit Sect', and the word 'Su' was marked on it. It seemed the golden core state came from the Demon Spirit Sect. Ye Mo didn't care and dumped verything into the golden page world.

Then, Ye Mo took out a Zhou Huan Flower and made a few bottles of the clear essence oill before leaving his cultivation home. He had realized once again that his power was too weak. Any golden core state could take his life. There should be tonnes of golden core states in the Herbal Valley.

And so, Ye Mo decided to find a place with adequate spirit chi and cultivate for a month first. It was important to find herbs, but his life was the most important.

Ye Mo collected whatever herbs he could find around before stepping on Zi Xu and leaving the area.


Rumble- a few hundred kilometers away, Ye Mo heard a deep explosion and subconsciously looked in that direction.

A few more rumbles sounded. There seemed to be someone attacking some formation. Ye Mo saw multiple sword rays and travelled in that direction.

It wasn't long until Ye Mo came before an ancient, round building. There were many cultivators gathered before it - at least 30. There were about 10 golden core state cultivators among them.

This ancient structure was protected by a very strong restriction.

Ye Mo didn't know why these people wanted to break this defensive restriction, was this some ancient cultivator ruin?

"It's a spirit marrow ruin!" another golden core state flew over and called out in joy after seeing the structure.

As Ye Mo heard this, his heart started beating rapidly. He knew spirit marrow all too well. It was the most easily digested spirit item for cultivators. With spirit marrow, they wouldn't even need to cultivate, they just had to put it on their hand, and it would be automatically digested. This place was a spirit marrow pond, so if he could go in to cultivate, he would be able to reach foundation establishment state peak in less than half a month.

With that, he could form his golden core at any time. If he became a golden core cultivator, he wouldn't need to be concerned by other golden core states.

Ye Mo's eyes lit up. He had to get in this spirit marrow pond no matter what!

All the cultivators here looked fervent, though. Who didn't want to go in there?

A golden core state stopped the people attacking the restriction and stood high up in the air, "Everyone, the spirit marrow pond is a treasure of this world, and everyone wants to go cultivate in it, but there are so many people here. It would be unfair if everyone went in. So I suggest that everyone attack the restriction here together, but after breaking the restriction, foundation establishment state cultivators can only cultivate for a day."

No foundation establishment state cultivator dared to rebuke this.

Ye Mo was angry, but he didn't dare say anything. Even if the golden core state told them to leave immediately he wouldn't be able to do anything.

This golden core state cultivator was already at golden core state level seven. That was the golden core state tertiary stage. It would be all too easy for him to kill him.

No matter what, Ye Mo soon joined the attack on the restriction. One day was better than nothing.

15 minutes later, the restriction shook and rumbled. The round-shaped structure gradually became clear. Everyone knew that the restriction had been broken.

All cultivators charged inside, and Ye Mo squeezed into the crowd too.

Ye Mo saw that this was a huge spirit marrow pond. They didn't even have to go into the pond to feel the surrounding spirit chi be so dense that it made people want to moan in comfort.

This pond could fit even 300 people, much less 30. There were even crystals around the rim of the pond.

A foundation establishment state saw this and couldn't help but charge over.

But as soon as he got there, a white light flashed, and that foundation establishment state cultivator immediately fell to the ground, while his head flew away. One golden core state cultivator took back his flying sword and said, "Foundation establishment state gets no spirit crystals. Golden core state gets them based on their level - level one gets one, level two gets two"

This golden core state cultivator was a golden core state level nine expert, so no one dared to object to him.
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