Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 914

Chapter 914: Ascending Like Crazy
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

He suddenly stopped because he realized that there seemed to be one person missing from the foundation establishment state group. It was that timid-looking fellow who tried to suck up.

He had been tricked! The golden core state peak stage cultivator immediately understood what had happened. A mere foundation establishment state level seven insect had dared to trick him? His face turned green immediately.

Ye Mo left the round structure carefully while the golden core state peak stage was talking to the four golden core states.

His Three Birth Chant was put to good use again - no one realized he left. Still, the main reason for that was that everyone's attention was focused on the spirit marrow pond.

Ye Mo immediately flew away a few kilometers and came to a barren mountain. Then he used earth travel to go underground. Immediately, he went into the golden page world. When he saw the large pond of spirit marrow in front of him, he was overjoyed.

He was rich, really rich this time!

Ye Mo immediately charged into the spirit marrow pond and started cultivating wholeheartedly.

The spirit energy didn't even need to be converted as it became his cultivation essence and his meridians opened up effortlessly. Ye Mo knew his risk had paid off.

Even though his power was ascending rapidly, Ye Mo didn't stop to control its stability. His weak power just made him feel too uncomfortable. He even ate a clear essence pill and a Lin Blue Fruit.

With this, the Three Birth Chant showed its true power. Ye Mo could clearly feel his power rise drastically.

Half a day later, Ye Mo felt the depth of his meridians hurt and then crack. His cultivation essence immediately became denser, and the strong feeling that ensued made Ye Mo knew that he had reached foundation establishment state level eight.

Ye Mo then immediately ate another clear essence pill and stayed inside.

Ye Mo entered a state of deep cultivation, forgetting everything but cultivation.

When the last meridians were opened and all the meridians in his body connected, Ye Mo felt himself become lighter.

He couldn't help but get up and howl. He knew he had reached foundation establishment state level nine! But Ye Mo still stayed inside to keep cultivating.

Foundation establishment state peak stage!

Ye Mo still didn't stop. Ye Mo knew that he could go for golden core state now, but he still wanted to first consolidate his power.

Ye Mo knew that his power had risen too quickly recently. So before he consolidated his cultivation, he couldn't attempt to breakthrough to the golden core state.

Meanwhile, Ye Mo ate a few stalagmite benefit pills. He had eaten too many pills lately, and so he needed to remedy the pill poison in his body before he charged for the golden core state as well.

As all the poison was removed, his foundation establishment state peak stage power was consolidated.

Ye Mo thought about many things. He had only transmigrated for a bit over ten years, yet he was about to reach the golden core state.

At this moment, he thought about Luo Ying, Qingxue, Xiaoyun, Yimo, Yangzhu, Ye Ling and even Ye Zifeng and Luo Yue City.

These thoughts flashed across his head and further consolidated his will to reach the peak as soon as possible and find them all.

It was due to this thought that he stopped his impulse to break through to the golden core state.

If he tried that now, he might not succeed, which wouldn't be good for his future.

Ye Mo decided to use the remaining two months and a half in the Valley to battle and stabilize his power. Once he was fully used to the foundation establishment state peak stage power, then he could attempt to reach the golden core state.

Ye Mo knew that with one or two years of consolidation, his foundation would be very solid, but he didn't have that much time.

Another important point was that the golden page world wasn't very complete as of yet. He could break through to the golden core state, but it was better to do it outside in the complete world.

Ye Mo came out of the golden page world and went to the ground level.

He took out 9 Transformations and put it on his face. He was sure that Tong Dark Face and Sima White Face wouldn't be inside the Valley, so he didn't have to worry.

Ye Mo had to wear it in case he saw that golden core state peak stage again.

Ye Mo looked around. He wanted to know what had happened to that spirit marrow pond. He knew that he couldn't get any spirit crystals even if he went back, but he still desired them greatly.

Ye Mo was at the foundation establishment state peak stage now and more than twice as strong as he was before. Perhaps if he faced that golden core state level four guy again, he wouldn't have to rely on the Blue Python to escape.

Ye Mo was sure that he could fight against someone at the golden core state levels one to level three as long as they weren't some geniuses.

Ye Mo was much more careful this time heading back.

However, Ye Mo was clearly worrying too much. When he arrived, the place was a mess. There were multiple bodies laying around. As for the pond, there wasn't even any jade left, much less spirit marrow and spirit crystal.

An intense battle had clearly taken place there. Ye Mo didn't stay and left as quickly as he could.

By now, Ye Mo realized that this desert plain herb valley was surrounded by the desert and the precious herbs were all near the center.

However, Ye Mo didn't walk towards the center and walked towards the desert instead.

He needed battle, and there were plenty of scorpion beasts in the desert. It was the best battle ground.

As soon as Ye Mo came to the desert, he was surrounded by multiple level 3 earth scorpions. This was no challenge to Ye Mo at all anymore. Zi Xu flashed, and these foundation establishment state primary stage equivalent beasts were taken care of in a flash.

At the start, Ye Mo had to swing Zi Xu to kill but after a while, he found that his sword ray seemed to have a little intelligence!

Ye Mo hence immersed himself in his Zi Xu sword ray. He had a feeling that once he completely controlled the intelligence of his sword ray, his Illusion Cloud Sword would develop its fourth strike.
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