Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 915

Chapter 915: Illusion Cloud Exert Will Strike
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Amidst the endless slaughter, Ye Mo didn't realize he had been surrounded by more than thousands of earth scorpions. He was killing them purely based on instinct. He killed wave after wave.

If someone stood in the air right now, they would see endless earth scorpions flooding towards one person. But that wave of monsters was stopped by some power in the center, unable to flood the person in the middle.

In the end, Ye Mo closed his eyes completely and just controlled his sword rays based on his sense for danger. The intelligence in the sword rays grew. He kept on attacking with sword rays to unearth that intelligence. Each time a scorpion attacked, it would be blocked by his sword rays and then create a mist of blood. But even then, there were too many scorpions, and some made it through and injured him.

But the attacks that got through were the weakest. Ye Mo sensed the dangerous attacks, and a sword ray would block them immediately. In the end, a sword ray barrier formed around his body.

Everytime his cultivation essence was about to run dry, he would eat multiple essence recovery pills and spirit containment pills. He had prepared countless pills for the Herb Valley battles.

As for pill poison, he didn't have to worry about that.

Before this, his Illusion Cloud Division Strike could separate into countless sword rays already, but he couldn't control them.

Now, as he slaughtered the scorpions, he gradually found that sliver of intelligence. He wasn't going to stop now out of fear that he wouldn't feel that intelligence again if he did.

A few cultivators flew over the desert on their flying swords, and there was even one golden core state among them. When they saw an endless wave of earth scorpions rush towards one cultivator,however, they were shook and left as quickly as possible.

Even golden core states would be dead for sure if they were surrounded by countless level 3 earth scorpions. Moreover, there were level 4 scorpions approaching from the periphery too.

Ye Mo could feel the scorpion threat get stronger and stronger, but he still didn't open his eyes. Zi Xu kept sending out sword rays, and he could feel that he could control more and more of them.

Clink- Zi Xu suddenly shook, and the sword ray Ye Mo had been controlling suddenly scattered, becoming a mess. The next moment, Ye Mo felt pain on his chest, and an extreme sense of danger overcame him.

That danger even invoked the fear of being killed in Ye Mo. He subconsciously gathered all of the sword rays together and attacked the direction from where the dangerous feeling came. At the same time, he opened his eyes.

Ye Mo had never expected that in a rush, he would actually manage to control most of his sword rays together.

Before he could rejoice, his sword rays clashed with something, and Ye Mo was sent flying. A level 3 beast was smashed away too. Ye Mo once again felt that extreme pain as he spat some blood and gathered all the cultivation essence in his body to protect him.

At this moment, Ye Mo finally took a close look at his surroundings, and he was shook.

A 100 meter area around him was full of earth scorpion bodies, and there were countless more earth scorpions coming from a few miles away. The bodies were piled up to form a small hill already, and there were even some level 4 bodies among them.

Ye Mo examined his state. He was covered in blood and wounds, and there was a gash on his chest that was deep to the bone. Clearly, that was the result of the danger he had sensed.

Ye Mo immediately noticed the huge earth scorpion in front of him. It was much bigger than other earth scorpions. It glared at him with cold eyes.

This was a level 5 earth scorpion, a level 5 middle stage earth scorpion. Ye Mo suddenly became excited. He had survived under the furious attack of a level five earth scorpion! This level 5 middle stage beast was equivalent to a golden core state middle stage human cultivator. Ye Mo didn't know how much time he had spent in this carnage, but he knew that his power had increased a level again.

Ye Mo suddenly remembered that last strike of his where the sword rays had become intelligent. That strike had blocked the level 5 beast's lethal blow. If it hadn't...

Ye Mo subconsciously raised Zi Xu, and the blade quivered as a sword ray rolled around it according to his will. It seemed like it was intelligent, and it only finally disappeared after a long while.

After finally mastering this move, Ye Mo was shaking with excitement. The reason the sword ray disappeared was because he didn't have enough cultivation essence. One day when he was strong enough, he would be able to control countless sword rays according to his will.

Was this controlling the sword with one's will? Sword will?

Ye Mo didn't know sword will, but this sword ability of his was something he had created himself based on another sword ability.

Ye Mo realized that he had finally created the Illusion Cloud's fourth strike.

"I'll call it the Illusion Cloud Exert Will Strike," Ye Mo proclaimed as he clenched Zi Xu. His battle will soared, and he prepared to face the level 5 beast. All he wanted now was to fight the level 5 beast in front of him. He ignored the fact that he was full of injuries and surrounded by countless earth scorpions.

The earth scorpion saw Ye Mo casually shake out a few sword rays and looked concerned. It was level 5 and had some level of intelligence. It could tell that Ye Mo was full of battle will.

When Ye Mo's battle will climaxed, the level 5 beast shrieked and hearing this, the endless scorpion flood left.

Ye Mo looked at the ground full of bodies in a daze and felt uncomfortable. It was like he had been ready and prepared, yet his opponent suddenly ran away.

But soon, Ye Mo calmed himself. Even if he needed opponents, it didn't have to be earth scorpions.

Ye Mo checked his storage ring, and he found that he had used up almost all of his recovery pills. He had prepared them for a long time. He estimated that he had spent about half a month fighting the beasts, so now he could go collect herbs.

He ate a few stalagmite benefit pills and a few antedote pills to force out the poison from the scorpion stingers.

Then, he took off 9 Transformations and started digging out the scorpion stingers and beast cores.

Ye Mo believed that if he met that golden core state peak stage cultivator now, he should bee able to run away from him. It was best not to use 9 Transformations.

There were too many bodies on the ground, so Ye Mo just harvested the level 4 ones.

Two hours later, Ye Mo got up and was planning to leave. He had gotten about a few hundred level four earth scorpion beast cores and stingers - this was a fortune to him.

But just when Ye Mo got up, he heard the sound of flying swords slicing through the air. Usually, cultivators could adapt the angle or use some other means to mute the flying noise, yet there was this sound now. Clearly, someone was running away at full speed.

Ye Mo soon indeed saw three cultivators rushing over. One was running away at the front, while two were chasing from behind.

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