Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 916

Chapter 916: Battling a Golden Core State Again
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

The one running away was a female cultivator. Ye Mo scanned her with his spirit sense and recognized who she was.

She was Guang Wei, a core sect member of the Immortal Herb Valley and a top twenty ranker of the pill concoction hall of fame. She was at the golden core state level one. She had even ridiculed him a little for entering the Valley with his current power.

At this moment, her hair was covering her face, and her clothes were torn. Her snow-white skin was covered in blood.

Someone dared kill a core sect member of the Immortal Herb valley here? Ye Mo knew that the sect had quite a high status in the North Far State, so even if someone were to attack their sect member, they wouldn't dare to do it so overtly.

Guang Wei clearly saw the cultivator amongst the bodies and charged over to Ye Mo in joy. "Daofriend, I'm Immortal Herb Valley's Guang Wei, I'm-"

But when she reached Ye Mo, she stopped talking. Her face looked bad as she had recognized Ye Mo, the level seven foundation establishment state cultivator.

She didn't know why Ye Mo was there, but Ye Mo was heavily injured too. Even if he weren't, he wouldn't' be able to save her life.

But Guang Wei knew getting on her flying sword again was no option either as her two pursuers had sealed off her escape.

"What are you doing here?" Guang Wei was very annoyed. If Ye Mo wasn't there, she wouldn't have come down to ask for help. She could have kept running. In actuality, she did know that she was being unreasonable, though. She would have been caught eventually anyways.

"Why can't I be doing something here?" Ye Mo asked calmly while studying the two cultivators in pursuit.

It was one golden core state level four cultivator and one at level three. Guang Wei could indeed only run from them.

Guang Wei calmed down and said apologetically, "They're not from the North Far State. I have brought trouble onto you."

Guang Wei sighed.

Not from the North Far State? No wonder they dared to hunt down an Immortal Herb Valley disciple then.

"Foundation establishment state wanbei? Hahaha!" The golden core state level three saw that Ye Mo only had foundation establishment state power and immediately laughed.

Guang Wei's face went red. She threw over a dark yellow herb and said, "It's yours, this has nothing to do with him."

The golden core state level four took the herb and looked contemptuously at Ye Mo, speaking coldly, "You want me to let this insect go?"

"It isn't impossible If you give me your virginity that is."

Guang Wei's face went red, and she was about to fight immediately, but Ye Mo's following words stopped her impulse.

"Yellow Three Leaf?" Ye Mo became excited staring at the herb. The nin bi pill's main ingredient was the Yellow Three Leaf! And the nin bi pill was the most important pill for golden core state cultivators.

"I'll take this Yellow Three Leaf," Ye Mo looked coldly at the level four golden core state and spoke up solemnly.

When Ye Mo said this, the two golden core states as well as Guang Wei were dazed. Two breaths later, the two golden core states laughed out loud. If Guang Wei weren't in danger, she would want to laugh too.

A mere foundation establishment state dared to say to a golden core state middle stage that he would take what was in his hands?

"I wanted to kill you later, but I see you're asking to die now. Insect, I want to see how you're going to take this Yellow Three Leaf!" the golden core state level four uttered as his flying sword quickly surrounded Ye Mo with sword light.

He wanted to cut Ye Mo's limbs off and let Ye Mo watch as he dual cultivated with this female cultivator before killing him.

Guang Wei saw this and took out her flying sword, wanting to stop it, but the golden core state level three stopped Guang Wei.

What the golden core state middle stage fellow didn't expect was that as soon as his flying sword was about to attack, the foundation establishment state insect took out his kitchen chopping knife and chopped over at him.

He was furious. A foundation establishment state cultivator dared to attack him? He wanted to use his cultivation essence field to bind the insect, but what shook him then was that his cultivation essence was bound first!

This was the second time Ye Mo used the Illusion Cloud Essence Binding Strike against a golden core state. The first time it didn't even stop the person for half a breath.

Now, he was inestimably closer to the golden core state, so he was really curious to see how strong it was now.

The purple sword ray instantly bound the golden core state fellow. But soon, Ye Mo felt that it would still only last for two breaths.

Hence he used the Illusion Cloud Division Strike immediately.

Instantly, countless purple sword rays were struck out. By the time the golden core state broke free, Ye Mo had about a few hundred sword rays ready for him.

The golden core state sweated cold from this and conjured a blue shield.

Crack- Countless strikes struck the shield. The shield blocked 90% of the sword rays, but some still got through and went into the golden core state's body, injuring him.

The golden core state middle stage cultivator was immediately furious. Due to his underestimation, he had gotten injured by a foundation establishment state insect. Now, he didn't hold back anymore. He raised his two hands, and four different-colored swords were sent out. They formed the word 'Wang' and completely covered Ye Mo.

(Ed. note: Wang = = King)

Guang Wei was stopped by the golden core state level three, but when she saw that Ye Mo was capable of injuring the golden core state level four cultivator, she was shook. She really couldn't imagine how a foundation establishment state level seven could injure a golden core state cultivator.

Having crossed the bridge between the foundation establishment state and the golden core state, she knew how big of a difference it was. Usually, the first placed foundation establishment hall of fame ranker was no match for an ordinary golden core state level one cultivator.

Yet, Ye Mo had injured a golden core state middle stage opponent with foundation establishment state power. This exceeded her comprehension. But when she saw the 'Wang' attack, she began to worry. She knew how powerful it was. Martial Brother Quanwu of the God Sword Sect had lost to this move. It was this cultivator's killing blow.

This Li Quanwu was at golden core state level four and came from the God Sword Sect, so he was much stronger than ordinary golden core states, yet even he was no match for this move. Meanwhile, Ye Mo was only at the foundation establishment state. She didn't dare to think further than that.

And as soon as the move was used, Ye Mo indeed felt an extreme sense of danger.

The four swords had different-colored sword rays, and when the golden core state activated them, it was like a vibrant fireworks display. But Ye Mo felt that the sword rays could follow him everywhere. If he wasn't careful, the move would tear him apart. Perhaps one or two would only injure him, but when all the swords joined together, he would be torn apart for sure.

It was like his Three Birth Sword Ray. Ye Mo didn't dare to hesitate and closed his eyes. Zi Xu rumbled, and countless purple sword rays appeared like a flower festival. These sword rays seemed to have eyes of their own as they followed the vibrant sword light.
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