Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 918

Chapter 918: Agreeing to Help
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

This golden core state cultivator was different from other cultivators. The first thing he did was to force out Shadowless. However, he underestimated Ye Mo's Illusion Cloud Whirlpool Strike.

He thought his foundation establishment state opponent was already very strong, but no matter what, since he could suppress him for so long, he would be able to do so for a bit longer.

But as soon as he forced out Shadowless, he was sliced up by the countless purple sword rays. Despair filled the cultivator's eyes. He was killed by a foundation establishment state insect.

Guang Wei looked in a daze at the sky filled with sword rays that sliced a golden core state level four to pieces. She forgot that the first thing she should be doing right now was changing clothes.

She immediately realized that the golden core state level four cultivator had also seemed distracted before he was killed.

"Did you help me kill that golden core state too?" Guang Wei reacted and asked.

Ye Mo scanned her and said plainly, "I think what you should care about now is changing into some clothes."

Then, Ye Mo took the level four's ring and sat down, starting to recover.

Guang Wei just realized that she didn't have any clothes on. She was very embarrassed. Just when she wanted to tell Ye Mo not to look, he had already turned his back to her.

Without thinking, Guang Wei casted a simple barrier and went inside it, washing herself with a water spell before changing into a set of clothes.

When Guang Wei came out, Ye Mo was already standing up. He was covered in blood, and Guang Wei couldn't see the state of his injuries.

"I will be going, good bye." Ye Mo turned to leave. He had been fighting all these days and felt that it was time for him to form his core.

He didn't want to be with Guang Wei while doing that.

"Huh?" Guang Wei reacted and immediately remembered why she was being hunted. She said desperately, "Ye Mo, please save my Martial Sister Muxin now. She's trapped by cultivators from the South Peace State."

Ye Mo studied Guang Wei in surprise and said after a long while, "You want a foundation establishment state cultivator to beat the golden core state cultivators trapping your martial sister and save her from them?"

Guang Wei said desperately, "Ye Mo, you can do it for sure. You're capable of killing that Luo guy. Your power is no weaker than golden core state. With me, we should be able to help. You must go help! Remember, before you came in, Muxin helped you-"

Ye Mo smiled, "Helped me? Do you think I needed help? In fact-"

Ye Mo paused and studied Guang Wei before saying slowly, "In fact, it's not a good idea for you to come in here. If I were you, I would stay at home to concoct some pills."

Guang Wei heard this and blushed.

Actually, Ye Mo didn't plan on not helping. After all, Qin Muxin did want to help him before. But after fighting with that golden core state level four cultivator, Ye Mo again realized that his power was nothing in front of the might of a strong golden core state. Not to mention that after so long, who knew if she was dead or not. What if she was dead?

He just wanted to find a place to recover and ascend to golden core state. Anything had to wait until after that.

Guang Wei saw that Ye Mo was about to leave, and her face went pale. She suddenly thought of something and said, "My Martial Sister and I were hunted by them because we found a large patch of Yellow Three Leaves. They must have something important to do, coming all the way here. Furthermore, we've already killed two of the four golden core state cultivators. If we meet up with Muxin and the others-"

Hearing about the Yellow Three Leaves, Ye Mo immediately turned around and said, "What are we waiting for then? Hurry up and go!"

Then, he immediately got on his flying pike. He was about to reach the golden core state, but he didn't have any herbs for golden core state cultivation. If he wanted to reach higher states faster, then he needed large amounts of resources.

He even dared to steal things from hollow spirit state cultivators, much less from two golden core state cultivators.

Guang Wei looked at Ye Mo a bit stunned. She didn't expect Ye Mo to agree just because of that. Wasn't this too straightforward? He just said he couldn't beat golden core states, and now he was getting ready to go as soon as he heard 'Yellow Three Leaf'.

But Guang Wei didn't dare to scorn him for fearing that he wouldn't go. When she saw Ye Mo's low grade flying spirit artefact, she wasn't even shocked. It was normal for an overpowered cultivator like Ye Mo to have a low grade flying spirit artefact at the foundation establishment state.

Guang Wei picked up the golden core state level three's storage ring and gave it to Ye Mo, "You killed him, you deserve it."

Ye Mo said plainly, "I killed the level four and I took his ring. As for the level three, that's your loot. I won't take what's yours."

Ye Mo denied himself being involved at all. Guang Wei knew that it had something to do with Ye Mo, but Ye Mo wasn't going to admit anything.

"You control the flying pike, I need to recover," Ye Mo said.

His injuries looked serious but Ye Mo knew it was only a matter of cultivation essence exhaustion and some external injuries. Four hours later, Ye Mo had completely recovered. He didn't take over the flying pike but instead started looking at the golden core state level four's storage ring.

There were more than 100 thousand top grade spirit stones inside and about the same amount of middle grade spirit stones. There were also large amounts of golden core state cultivation pills and the four colored swords. Ye Mo also found an incomplete jade slip inside. It had the 'Wang Four Swords'.

It was a very good sword ability, but Ye Mo had Illusion Cloud, so he didn't look at it and left it to the side.

Other than this, he also found a jade card that said 'Flowing Cloud Sword Sect, Luo Zixiang'. It was probably his identity card. There were also tens of jade boxes that contained the herbs he had found.

Ye Mo took everything, took a shower, and changed his clothes before coming out.

"How long?" Ye Mo asked Guang Wei who seemed a little worried.

Guang Wei said, "Almost there."

Ye Mo also started inserting cultivation essence into the flying pike, and it cut through the air even faster.

Thirty minutes later, the flying pike landed outside a huge valley.

"Martial Sister Muxin, you're okay? Great! Where are those villains?" Guang Wei charged out immediately and ran up to Qin Muxin. She didn't expect that Qin Muxin would only have some blood on her and wouldn't even be heavily injured.

Qin Muxin looked joyful when she saw Guang Wei and quickly said, "Martial Sister, I was very worried about you, but I didn't know which way you ran. It's so good to know you're fine."

"What's this?" Guang Wei guessed that something special must have happened. When she turned around, she saw the two golden core state cultivators who were attacking them when she ran. Her martial sister was fine, so why were the two still there? There seemed to be more people around them too.

"These Martial Brothers from the God Sword Sect and Duo Heart Valley helped us," Qin Muxin said as she pointed at those golden core state cultivators and introduced them, "This is God Sword Sect's Martial Brother Ximen Chao, this is Duo Heart Valley's Martial Brother Zhe Qiushiu"

Guang Wei quickly went up and thanked them. If it weren't for these people, the Immortal Herb Valley would've suffered greatly this time.

Ye Mo saw that Qin Muxin had a few people next to her and knew that she had been saved.

However, when he put away the flying pike, he realized that the atmosphere didn't seem right. Qin Muxin's side and the other side seemed to be in a stalemate.
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