Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 919

Chapter 919: Insolent
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo realized that there were about 20 people on each side.

Just when Ye Mo was about to ask Guang Wei what was going on, he saw Guang Wei and Qin Muxin go towards a beautiful woman in her 30s. There was a teenage girl next to her.

"Big Martial Sister!" Guang Wei and Qin Muxin called out in joy.

Ye Mo greeted the four cultivators from the Immortal Herb Valley and then asked Guang Wei, "Do you know what's going on?"

Guang Wei shook her head in confusion. "I don't know."

The big martial sister also looked at Ye Mo in confusion. She hadn't gone to the pill concoction tournament, so she didn't know Ye Mo. However, she could tell he was a foundation establishment state cultivator and hadn't even called Guang Wei with an honourable title. Yet, Guang Wei wasn't angry - and Guang Wei wasn't so easy to talk to.

Qin Muxin glanced at Ye Mo once and said, "There's a big ruin in the Herb Valley and it's said that there are countless spirit herbs inside - all of level 5 or above. There's even said to be the level 8 spirit herb Soul Return Fruit."

The Soul Return Fruit was an overpowered spirit herb. It was said that when a cultivator died, as long as the body was preserved, one could use the Soul Return Fruit to concoct the Soul Nourishing Pill. It could gradually repair the soul of a dead cultivator!

"Is it in the ruin?" Ye Mo immediately asked. He was thinking about Nie Shuangshuang. Her body had been preserved, but her soul was missing. Perhaps it could wake her up.

Qin Muxin shook her head. "No, it's in this valley. Somehow, the people from the South Peace State knew about this and found it. Martial Brother Zhe and Ximen came after hearing this."

Ye Mo had understood. It seemed Qin Muxin and Guang Wei had found the Yellow Three Leaf there, but they had ran into the cultivators from the South Peace State, who had been looking for the ruin. Then, the two parties had fought over the Yellow Three Leaf but neither of them could beat the other. Even after the martial brother from the God Sword Sect had arrived, he still couldn't beat that Luo cultivator.

The situation finally stabilized after Ximen Chao and Martial Brother Zhe arrived.

Now, both sides had about the same number of golden core state cultivators - about 40 people altogether. Both sides had two golden core state peak stage cultivators too. The southerners had three golden core state tertiary stage masters and the northerners had two. The rest were at golden core state primary stage and middle stage.

Both sides started to go into the valley.

Ye Mo was aware that he was from the north, but no one knew him or greeted him. He was a solo cultivator.

Guang Wei saw this. She knew that although Ye Mo had beaten Hai Xin, no one considered his foundation establishment state power valuable, so she wanted to call Ye Mo. However, Qin Muxin said, "Ye Mo, thanks for saving Martial Sister Guang Wei, but-"

Ye Mo said plainly, "But what? Are you trying to say that it's best if I don't go in? That even if I go in, it won't benefit me much?"

Qin Muxin nodded awkwardly. "Yes, the portal also has limited spots. You're by yourself, so-"

Before Ye Mo could reply, the big martial sister called them, "Hurry up, Guang Wei, Muxin!"

The two women smiled apologetically to Ye Mo and went inside.

Ye Mo sneered. His power was low, but if he didn't fight for such a good opportunity, how could he pursue the great dao?

Just like half a month ago, if he hadn't taken the risk of stealing the Spirit Marrow, could he have reached foundation establishment state peak?

There was no danger in sitting at home. However, would he ever reach golden core state, nascent soul state, or even hollow spirit state at home?

Ye Mo followed them without hesitation. This secret land inside the Herb Valley would be at least on the same level as the Spirit Marrow Pond. He would be an idiot if he didn't fight for it.

Seeing Ye Mo follow them inside, Qin Muxin sighed and didn't say anything.

15 minutes later, Ye Mo followed the crowd and arrived at a big stage that seemed to be used for sacrifices and rituals. Everyone stopped moving.

Ye Mo was a formation master. Just by looking at this place, he could tell they were surrounded by a huge formation. However, the formation had been broken a long time ago.

The South Peace State's golden core state peak stage cultivator said on the huge stage, "50 years ago, our southern Qianbeis found this place, but they didn't have enough people to cross the formation and enter the Herb Garden. Time was up, so they had to leave. There's seven formations here. Each one must have at least one cultivator inserting cultivation essence to activate it."

Ye Mo heard this and looked around carefully. There were indeed two obscure teleportation formations on the stage.

It was a seven-star formation, he could recognize from what he had seen on Earth. However, each formation could only transport three people.

Then, the golden core state peak stage cultivator said, "Each formation can only be activated once and it can only transport three people. There are seven formations, which means that only 21 people can go. I suggest that everyone fights over the formations on your own, but we can't fight together as two whole parties. We should deal with whatever problems we have after coming out."

"I agree," the northern golden core state peak stage cultivator said. He immediately chose a formation. "I'll take this formation. Ge Ba, Wenren Tian, come to my side!"

Then, the southern golden core state peak stage cultivator took the second one without hesitation and called two people.

They were both at golden core state peak stage. No one dared to fight with them. The Immortal Herb Valley's big martial sister said, "Guang Wei and Muxin, one of you come with me. Qiqi come."

She didn't dare leave Qiqi outside. She was the weakest disciple of their sect there and she was only at foundation establishment state.

Guang Wei said to Muxin, "Martial Sister Muxin, your pill concoction skills are better than mine. You go in. I'll stay outside with Ye Mo," she believed that Ye Mo wouldn't be able to go in for sure.

Qin Muxin wanted Guang Wei to go in, but she felt it was going to be awkward if stayed outside with Ye Mo. Hence, she might as well let Martial Sister Guang Wei stay outside.

Then, another golden core state peak stage cultivator and two golden core state level eights cultivators took a formation each, bringing people from their sect.

After a short moment, there was only one formation left.

Ye Mo saw the last formation. Without thinking much, he could tell that no matter who took it, he wouldn't get a share.

Before anyone could come forward, he got on the stage quickly and said, "This formation is mine."

Everyone looked at Ye Mo in a daze. They couldn't tell whether Ye Mo was dumb or insolent. There were a few golden core state level 7 cultivators left and a bunch of golden core state middle stage cultivators. A foundation establishment state insect dared to claim a formation!

Hai Xin actually didn't laugh at Ye Mo this time. He could just feel the pain of his broken hand. "So he's an idiot. I was fighting with an idiot."

Then, he shook his head.

Ye Mo's actions were so outrageous that no one had challenged him yet. The big martial sister of Immortal Herb Valley looked at Ye Mo in shock and asked Qin Muxin, "Muxin, who is this foundation establishment state cultivator? Do you and Guang Wei know him? Why does he seem a little dumb?"

Qin Muxin looked down awkwardly, relieved that this idiot who was good at pill concoction hadn't become her husband.

"Ye Mo, get down immediately!" Guang Wei said desperately to Ye Mo. She knew Ye Mo was strong, but she was aware that Ye Mo could only fight with a golden core state level 4 cultivator at most. How could he beat all the golden core state middle stage and tertiary stage masters there?

Ye Mo knew what they were thinking, but he sneered. The most powerful cultivator left was at golden core state level 7. He was no match for that now, but he had the Three Birth Chant. He could cultivate while doing other things. If a golden core state level 7 cultivator came to him, he would take the Cultivation Increasing pill and the Lin Blue Fruit.

He could form his core and use the heavenly punishment to scare them.

"P*ss off! How can a mere foundation establishment state insect dare to take a formation?" the southern cultivator who had doubted Ye Mo appeared again. He knew he wasn't going to be able to get one with his level 5 power, but he wanted to kill Ye Mo first.
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