Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 921

Chapter 921: Madness
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo was prepared for a heavy battle as soon as he got on the platform. When he saw a golden core state level 5 cultivator challenge him, he took a cultivation increasing pill and the Lin Blue Fruit without hesitation.

Guang Wei noticed that Ye Mo wasn't getting off and that he had instead taken some pills. The challenger was at golden core state level 5 and stronger than the level 4 cultivator they had killed together. She yelled desperately to her big martial sister, "Big Martial Sister, help him! He-"

The big martial sister glanced at the two golden core state peak stage cultivators from the South Side and shook her head. She couldn't. If she did, she would be breaking the rules. She would be attacked by everyone.

Guang Wei was desperate. She wanted to go up and help. The big martial sister quickly yelled, "Guang Wei, stop! Do you think you can help him?"

Guang Wei heard this and calmed down. She knew that she wasn't able to do much. She sighed. She hoped Ye Mo would give up when he couldn't beat the challenger, but she realized that the cultivator had a face full of killing intent.

"The Lin Blue Fruit?" a few cultivators had recognized the fruit Ye Moh had taken and exclaimed. Their eyes were filled with greed. The Lin blue Fruit was very rare. It wasn't a level 7 spirit herb, but it wasn't less valuable than one. Yet, this foundation establishment state cultivator had the Lin Blue Fruit.

The golden core state level 5 master sneered, "P*nk! Remember my name, South Peace State, Flowing Cloud Sword sect, Jin Suozhen! On account of your Lin Blue Fruit, I'll leave your body in one piece."

Everyone regretted not having gone up earlier. If they had, the Lin Blue Fruit would have been theirs after killing Ye Mo.

Jin Suozhen waved his hand and a gray metal hoop charged at Ye Mo. The hoop was only the size of two palms in Jin Suozhen's hands, but when it stopped above Ye Mo's head, it turned into a one meter-sized hoop. Tens of dark rays were shot out of the hoop with an eerie killing chi.

Qin Muxin saw this and her expression changed. She hadn't expected Jin Suozhen to use such a cruel move immediately. She had lost to that dark hoop. If she hadn't had a spirit artefact armor, she might've even died to that. The dark rays were very powerful, they could even dissolve spirit sense.

Ye Mo immediately felt pain on his spirit sense when the hoop came out. He was shook. He hadn't expected to encounter a magic artefact that could corrode spirit sense.

Meanwhile, the cultivation increasing pill and the Lin Blue Fruit's potency spread. Ye Mo felt like his body was on fire. He was betting on the Three Birth Chant.

When he used the Three Birth Chant, countless spirit chi formed a spirit chi whirlpool around him. Meanwhile, Ye Mo used his first strike, the Illusion Cloud Essence Binding Strike.

He had to defend himself against the attacks. However, these attacks could activate his potential.

The sword rays' target wasn't Jin Suozhen, but the dark rays from the hoop.

The sword rays mixed with the dark rays, which made a sizzling sound.

At the same time, Ye Mo waved his hand. Countless top grade spirit stones flew up, forming a simple spirit gathering formation.

Immediately, more spirit chi appeared and it formed an even bigger spirit chi whirlpool around him.

His foundation would have been more stable if he did this two years later, but he didn't have the time. Hence, he could only think of taking advantage of that life and death situation to activate his potential.

When everyone saw Ye Mo block the hoop attack, they were already quite shocked. However, they were astonished upon seeing Ye Mo's huge spirit chi whirlpool.

When people saw Ye Mo throw countless top grade spirit stones into a simple formation, they all realized that Ye Mo was trying to form his core.

Mad! No one could believe Ye Mo was sober at that moment.

A foundation establishment state cultivator was blocking the full powered attack of a golden core state cultivator, yet he dared to form his core at this moment! He was asking to die. And even if he didn't die, his cultivation would go wrong.

The big martial sister looked dazily at this scene and said to Qin Muxin, "I was wrong. He's not an idiot, he's a madman."

Guang Wei also looked at Ye Mo in daze, not daring to believe he was this crazy. This wasn't even crazy anymore - it was something else.

Jin Suozhen's face was green. It was like slapping him in the face. His lethal move hadn't worked against a foundation establishment state cultivator, yet this insect dared to form his core while fighting him.

The irated Jin Suozhen threw a dark red ball at Ye Mo and took out a long sword.

Everyone shook their heads at this. Jin Suozhen was a golden core state level five fighting a foundation establishment state cultivator. This was embarrassing enough, and yet he used Red Lightning.

Red Lightning was an one time use spirit level magic artefact made by lightning element cultivators. It could explode and shoot powerful lightning.

Usually, even golden core state tertiary stage cultivator wouldn't be able to escape from this, much less a foundation establishment state cultivator.

The Three Birth Chant devoured the spirit chi like crazy and he could feel the pressure of the dark rays. With that, it triggered his body to exert more potential. He was about to break through at any moment.

Ye Mo saw the Red Lightning. If Ye Mo hadn't known he could devour the lightning source, he would have gotten as far away as possible. But now, he stopped his counterattack.

Rumble, rumble-

Ye Mo was completely surrounded by the Red Lightning. Countless lightning sparks and explosions sounded where Ye Mo stood, pushing the spirit chi whirlpool all over the place.

However, Ye Mo closed his eyes and used the Illusion Cloud Exert Will Strike. His power reached the border of golden core state. Zi Xu shot out countless sword rays and tens of them directed under Ye Mo's will, blocking the dark ray, while others went out and stopped the pieces of exploding red lightning.

The most powerful lightning ray hadn't been blocked at all and it all landed on Ye Mo. Even the parts that missed were drawn to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo had forgotten he was in a battle now. He had gotten immersed in devouring the lightning. As he continued to devour the lighting, his power kept increasing and the spirit chi whirlpool above his head grew bigger and bigger.

Everyone saw Ye Mo getting hit and they all assumed he was over. Even a golden core state peak stage would be half dead after getting hit like that.

Guang Wei closed her eyes in pain. She knew Ye Mo was over.

Qin Muxin sighed. She approved of Ye Mo quite highly. Becoming the pill concoction hall of fame's number 1 wasn't so easy and even her master had thought Ye Mo was a genius. She hadn't even rejected too firmly the idea marrying him. She had only been angry when Ye Mo rejected her. But now that Ye Mo was covered in lightning, she felt a little sad.
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