Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 922

Chapter 922: Long Howl
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

However, everyone felt something was wrong. Amidst the explosion, the spirit chi whirlpool was getting bigger and bigger.

Jin Suozhen saw occasionally rainbows and spirit chi clouds flash. He immediately realized that the foundation establishment state insect wasn't dead, and he was about to form his core instead. A golden core that could attract rainbow spirit clouds was no ordinary golden core.

Thinking about this, Jin Suozhen's expression changed drastically. He activated his hoop with full power and charged at Ye Mo with his long sword.

Ye Mo closed his eyes - he could tell that Jin Suozhen had come in. He sneered and shook his Zi Xu. Countless whirlpool sword rays pierced Jin Suozhen. If he hadn't been about to break through, his cultivation essence now could have killed Jin Suozhen in one move.

"A rainbow spirit cloud?!" all the golden core state cultivators called out in shock.

They were dumbfounded. When a cultivator was about to form his golden core, a spirit cloud would take form, allowing the cultivator's power to have a qualitative ascension.

However, they had only heard about the legendary rainbow spirit cloud that formed only once the golden core reached a certain quality. None of them had seen one before.

Yet, they saw one that day - one that was huge. They stared in a daze at the rainbow cloud that a madman had formed while fighting against another golden core state cultivator.

Everyone fell silent, each lost in their own thoughts. The few other golden core state peak stage cultivators saw this and wanted to kill Ye Mo now.

Some of the northern cultivators considered attacking, but they eventually didn't. They couldn't know whether the rest would join them.

"Big Martial Sister, what is a rainbow spirit cloud?" Qiqi asked in shock.

The big martial sister didn't take her eyes off the clouds and said, "If a cultivator wants to reach higher states, they need to build a good foundation. The golden core is the foundation for a cultivator to reach higher states. Golden cores are divided into nine types or nine levels. Only those who are level 3 or higher can have hope of reaching higher states. Your Martial Sister Muxin has a level 2 golden core, but I'm only level 3."

"Then, those below level 3 won't have any chances of ascending into the immortal realm?" Qiqi asked.

The big martial sister shook her head. "No, even someone with a level 9 golden core has a sliver of hope. The Heavenly Dao gives a chance to all beings. But this sliver of hope is next to nothing."

Qiqi nodded. "Then, Big Martial Sister, did Ye Mo form a level 1 golden core?"

The big martial sister shook her head again. "No, level 1 to 9 golden cores don't have rainbow spirit clouds. There are three types of golden cores that can have rainbow spirit clouds. These three types are above the nine levels of the cultivation realm. I only know there's three types, but not what they are exactly. Clearly, Ye Mo is about to form one of them."

While Jin Suozhen was still fighting with Ye Mo's Zi Xu, Ye Mo suddenly felt his meridians shake. Countless cultivation essence gathered and spirit chi rushed into his body like crazy. He felt he was lacking in spirit chi, however.

Just when Ye Mo was about to take out the spirit marrow, a large patch of rainbow spirit cloud landed above his head and a sense of extreme comfort rose from his heart. His power sky-rocketed and the spirit chi whirlpool grew even bigger.

In the blink of an eye, Ye Mo felt his power had reached a maximum limit. The next moment, using his Three Birth Chant, the rainbow cloud and his cultivation essence formed a litchi-sized golden core.

Ye Mo rejoiced. He could tell that he had successfully formed his golden core, so he devoured spirit chi like crazy.

Jin Suozhen had just broken free from Ye Mo's whirlpool sword rays, but he felt Ye Mo's immense power. He was shook. He realized that Ye Mo had reached golden core state. This golden core state level 1 cultivator emitted a power that even he felt scared of.

Jin Suozhen didn't have any battle will anymore. Realizing this, Jin Suozhen decided to run away. If he didn't run now, perhaps he wouldn't be able to.

Ye Mo felt the power and abundance of cultivation essence in golden core state level 1. He had felt a little scared that he had dared to fight against a golden core state cultivator with foundation establishment state power. The golden core state power was far from what a foundation establishment state cultivator could compare with.

The instant Jin Suozhen tried to run away, Ye Mo felt it. He sneered, "Do you want to run away? Too late. Once you're here, you can't change your mind!"

Then, Ye Mo spun Zi Xu. This was the first time he used the Illusion Cloud Essence Binding Strike as a golden core state cultivator.

Jin Suozhen felt something locking him on the spot. He was shook and spat essence blood, wanting to break free. He couldn't understand how this cultivator was so strong after just having reached golden core state.

But before he could completely break free, the second strike arrived.

Countless purple sword rays pierced his body without resistance, creating a blood mist. Ye Mo's sword ray spun and Jin Suozhen's fat head flew away, splashing blood all over the ground.

Ye Mo felt satisfaction. His Illusion Cloud Essence Binding Strike had never been so smooth against a golden core state master. It was the first time he killed a golden core state cultivator without the help of Shadowless.

Ye Mo took his storage ring and the dark hoop. He howled, clenching his Zi Xu. He felt like he had been living a succumbing life.

He had had to suck up to people, to run away at the spirit marrow pond while watching the spirit crystals he wanted get taken away. He had been laughed by all of these people for wanting to take a formation.

Now, he had easily killed a golden core state level 5 cultivator. He could finally scream at the top if his lungs and let out all of his dissatisfaction.

All of the cultivators looked dazily at the headless Jin Suozhen and Ye Mo, who howled with a purple kitchen knife.

Ye Mo was like a god. After a long while, no cultivator dared to challenge Ye Mo. There were two golden core state level 7 cultivators, but if Ye Mo could stop a golden core state level 5 when he had been at foundation establishment state and he had killed Jin Suozhen immediately after reaching golden core state, his limits were unimaginable.

He even had a rainbow spirit cloud to help him form his core. Even a golden core state level 7 cultivator wouldn't be so confident against such a person.

"He actually succeeded!" The big martial sister looked at Ye Mo in shock.

She had thought of someone like him to be an idiot! A madman!

Qin Muxin also looked at Ye Mo in disbelief. She suddenly understood what her master had been trying to do. Ye Mo wasn't just a genius, he was beyond that.

"He got chosen as the pill concoction hall of fame's number one and he created a pill recipe on the spot called the spirit weaving pill. The pill included the Spirit Attraction Grass. It can be used to recover spirit sense," Qin Muxin said slowly to her big martial sister.

"What?!" Her big martial sister was shook upon hearing this. She gulped and sighed after a long while, "I saw wrong."

"He's really cool," Qiqi watched Ye Mo howl and said admiringly.

The southern cultivators looked at him in a daze. No one dared to challenge him. Even the northern side cultivators looked at Ye Mo in disbelief. No one would believe such a story if they spread this out.

Hai Xin looked at Ye Mo and murmured to himself, "So, I'm the idiot."
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