Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 923

Chapter 923: Taking the Formation with Dominance
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Silence remained for some time, but someone still came out. It was a golden core state level 7 cultivator from the south.

Ye Mo had just killed Jin Suozhen, but that cultivator felt that a golden core state level 5 cultivator and a level 7 one were completely different stories. One was at tertiary stage and the other had been at middle stage. There was a huge gap in between, so he believed he could beat Ye Mo.

Seeing another golden core state tertiary stage cultivator challenge Ye Mo, everyone set their eyes on the two men. They all wanted to know who was stronger, Ye Mo who had just reached golden core state or this golden core state tertiary stage master?

Ye Mo held Zi Xu. He watched the golden core state tertiary stage cultivator calmly. He wasn't certain he could win but if used Shadowless, he was sure he could kill that man.

The cultivator walked up to the formation and saluted Ye Mo with his fists. "I'm the South Peace State's five-star sect Truth Black Sect's Han Qianye. I'm not here to fight you, I'm here to negotiate. If you give me one of your Lin Blue Fruits and let me get on the formation, I won't attack you and will help you guard this formation instead. Of course, I will compensate you with some spirit stones."

Everyone heard this and cursed Han Qianye for being so cunning.

Han Qianye had decided that if Ye Mo didn't give him the Lin Blue Fruit, he would show his power and force Ye Mo to take them out. He believed Ye Mo wasn't an idiot and he would take his proposal into consideration.

"P*ss off!" Ye Mo said. The spirit stones were just to make Ye Mo not lose too much face. In the end, he just wanted the Lin Blue Fruit for free.

Han Qianye heard this and his face got red in anger. He wanted Ye Mo to feel pressured and give in, but it had ended up like this. He had lost face in front of so many cultivators!

Without a word, Han Qianye waved his two hands and countless red lights flashed from his hand. The light dots looked like bugs and they were abominable.

These dots gathered together and formed a pan-sized blade. The blade had countless legs, like a centipede, and he charged at Ye Mo with sharp killing intent.

Ye Mo frowned. It looked very disgusting and it had a putrid stench.

Seeing this, Ye Mo swung his Zi Xu and used a whirlpool blade immediately.

Countless blood lights flashed and the spinning sword ray Zi Xu had activated turned the blood blade into pulp.

After a huge explosion, Han Qianye's blood blade had still managed to tear a gash on Ye Mo's clothes, but he hadn't stayed unaffected either. The whirlpool sword ray had not only destroyed his blood blade, but it also left a few gashes on his body.

Han Qianye's face was pale and he took a few steps back. He hadn't thought that newly ascended golden core state cultivator would be on par with him in terms of cultivation essence.

Ye Mo sneered and waved his hand. Zi Xu flew back in his hands. His power had also risen drastically. He needed to show that Han dude how good he was, otherwise, more people would come up and challenge him.

Han Qianye saw Ye Mo's chi rise and his expression changed drastically. Eventually, he decided not to move forward. He could tell that this golden core state level 1 cultivator had stronger moves. Although he had his own lethal move, it wasn't the place to fight with his life. He chose to retreat.

Ye Mo was dazed. He hadn't expected Han Qianye to retreat. No one else had expected this either.

However, no one thought that Han Qianye was just being too cautious. They had realized that this golden core state primary stage young cultivator was no simple character.

The scene fell silent again. Even the golden core state peak stage cultivator felt a little concerned about Ye Mo. This cultivator was only at golden core state level 1. Once he reached tertiary stage or even middle stage, who would be a match for him?

Ye Mo looked around. He was sure that no one was going to challenge him. He then said to Guang Wei, "Martial Sister Guang Wei, thanks for your good will before. Come here."

Guang Wei woke up from her daze. She breathed at ease and approached him. She had understood that Ye Mo was no longer that solo cultivator pill master. Even in a place filled with masters like this, no one dared to do anything to him.

"Thank you, Ye Mo. You did not only save my life, but you also brought me into the secret land," Guang Wei thanked him. She knew that Ye Mo was thanking her for bringing him and worrying for him before, not because he liked her.

The Immortal Herb Valley's big martial sister saw Ye Mo let Guang Wei join him and thanked him, "Thank you, Martial Brother Ye, for bringing Guang Wei with you. The Immortal Herb Valley's Liu Yuetang is very grateful."

Ye Mo glanced at her and said calmly, "This has nothing to do with you nor with the Immortal Herb Valley. You don't need to thank me."

Liu Yuetang felt awkward. She wanted to get closer to him, but she hadn't expected this.

Ye Mo had been there for a while and could tell what sort of person that big martial sister was. She was at golden core state peak stage, but she was very realistic. She didn't value friendship at all. To her, she would face someone happily if there was something to benefit her. Otherwise, she wouldn't even bother looking at you.

The other golden core state level 6 cultivator saw there was one more spot on Ye Mo's formation and approached him quickly.

Seeing this, people got excited again. Was this person also going to charge at Ye Mo? Ye Mo had been done with Han QianYe in one move. People hadn't even gotten to savour the fun.

Guang Wei began to worry, but Ye Mo's face was calm. He didn't move at all. His sixth sense was strong. This cultivator didn't have any killing intent nor had he gathered his power.

This cultivator walked up to Ye Mo and gave him a Spirit Crystal. "I'm the Blue Sea Sect's Qiu Xuanyu. I'm also from the north, like you. I got this Spirit Crystal not long ago, and I just want a chance to go into the secret lands."

A Spirit Crystal? Ye Mo scanned it and said calmly, "One isn't enough."

Ye Mo was sure that it was the first time he saw that cultivator, he hadn't seen him at the spirit marrow pond. Without thought, Ye Mo could tell that this guy had robbed someone else, but he was trying to act like Mr. Nice Guy there.

Everyone felt Ye Mo was being too shameless. Spirit crystals weren't as precious as extreme grade spirit stones, but they were hard to find.

Qiu Xuanyu bit his teeth and took out another one. "I only have two. If two isn't enough, then nevermind."

Ye Mo knew that there had been a lot in the pond, but there had been too many people there to share it with. The golden core state level 9 cultivators took the most, so Qiu Xuanyu wouldn't have had a lot even if he had robbed someone.

Ye Mo nodded and accepted them. "In that case, come up."
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