Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 924

Chapter 924: Ye Mo Takes No Share
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

The formations were all occupied now.

That Southern golden core state tertiary stage cultivator saw that there were still about 20 people who hadn't gotten on, but he was sure that no one else would dare to challenge Ye Mo. He could only say, "Since there's enough people now, let's all activate the teleportation formation with our cultivation essence."

The seven formations were activated at the same time. Each formation flashed with a wave of white light and formed the spoon-shaped constellation. Rumble- The formation was activated, and when the white light disappeared, all the people in the formation had disappeared along with it.

People outside looked at the formation in admiration. They knew they didn't have any more chance, and so they left. Only a few stayed.

Han Qianye looked bleakly at the formation and had a sliver of coldness in his eyes. He then left on his flying spirit artefact. No one from his sect had gotten in, so he wasn't going to let all those people get the good things inside for free. He would give them a huge surprise after they came out. However, if Han Qianye knew that the exit from the secret land wasn't there, perhaps he wouldn't do this.

Ye Mo guessed that this secret land would be a huge plane or spirit herb garden.

But when he arrived, he realized that it was a valley. The valley was filled with mist, and nothing could be seen. Their spirit sense couldn't scan anything either. There was only a small room in the valley. There seemed to be seven restriction formations on the small wooden room.

What was inside couldn't be seen. Ye Mo didn't find any spirit herbs nearby. He immediately guessed that all the good things would be inside the restriction. This place might consist of seven spirit herb gardens.

Those few golden core state tertiary stage and peak stage cultivators rushed towards that small wooden room as there was nothing else around.

A golden core state level five saw this and said in disappointment, "There's nothing here. It seems this place isn't some secret land."

Another cultivator said, "Perhaps the good things are inside the restrictions, let's try to break through."

"Everyone, don't move." The golden core state peak stage cultivator who had gone inside came back out. Clearly, they didn't find anything in the small wooden room.

Almost everyone looked at the seven restrictions outside the room. They all guessed that there must be good things inside there.

Ye Mo frowned. He was thinking that since there was no portal, how would they get out?

"There's no teleportation formation out of here." Ye Mo wasn't the only one who noticed this. Zhe Qiushui also realized it.

Immediately, everyone started thinking about the problem. How were they going to get out?

Suddenly, a Southern golden core state level three cultivator pointed at the misty area outside the valley, "Perhaps this place is just a place inside the Desert Plain Herb Valley. If we pass that mist, then we might be able to get out. I'll go test it out."

"Careful, the mist might be poisonous," someone reminded.

The golden core state cultivator laughed, "I know of course."

He put up a cultivation essence barrier and checked his spirit artefact armor before approaching the mist carefully.

He thought he should be safe like that. If he still felt any danger, he would retreat immediately.

As the cultivator neared the mist, nothing seemed to happen, and everyone rested easy. It seemed this was just ordinary mist. They might be able to get out if they passed through it.

But the next moment, everyone looked at where the man stood in disbelief, because he had suddenly vanished. A few breaths later, there was a terrified howl, and the mist returned to its serenity.

Just a few breaths' time and a golden core state cultivator was gone! Everyone's face went bleak. This place didn't seem to be some secret land, more like a death valley.

"Perhaps we can fly out," another golden core state tertiary stage broke the solemn silence and said.

Ye Mo sneered in contempt and didn't say anything. He knew there were flight restrictions there the moment he came in.

"Try flying then," another cultivator sneered. Clearly he knew it too.

"Let's break these seven restrictions first. After all, there's this large area not covered by the mist. Even if we can't go out, after the three months are up, we will be teleported out anyway," Liu Yuetang said.

"What if we don't get teleported out after the three months?" someone else immediately asked.

A golden core state level eight from the God Sword Sect rebuked, "Since this is still inside the Desert Plain Herb Valley, then we should just normally be teleported out after three months."

The Southern golden core state peak stage cultivator slowly shook his head however, "The cultivators inside the Desert Plain Herb Valley will be transported out, but not anyone who is here."

"Why?" some people asked immediately.

The golden core state peak stage cultivator replied coldly, "Because that's what the map I got said. We must get out before the Herb Valley closes, or else"

The man didn't finish his words, but everyone knew what he meant.

The Immortal Herb Valley had the most people with them, four people. The God Sword Sect had two. One was Yuan Ting at the golden core state level eight, and the other was Ximen Ji at the golden core state level five. Zhe Qiushui was brought in by Yuan Ting.

There had been another formation taken by the Northern side, but Ye Mo didn't know any of the three on that one. One of the people that were on it was at the golden core state peak stage like Liu Yuetang.

Seeing Ye Mo look at that person, Guang Wei whispered to Ye Mo, "He's Ji Zhiyuan, from the Ghost Immortal Sect. With him are Ge Ba and Wenren Tian who are also from his sect."

Guang Wei's voice was quiet, but Ji Zhiyuan seemed to have heard her as he glanced at her. Guang Wei quickly looked down and said to Ye Mo, "I'll be going to my Martial Sister."

Ye Mo nodded and didn't mind. Ye Mo felt that this man was the one who gave him the greatest feeling of threat.

"No matter what, let's break the restrictions here first," Ji Zhiyuan suddenly changed the topic.

Everyone reacted. They had come there to find spirit herbs, and perhaps there would be some in the restrictions.

The other golden core state peak stage from the South nodded in agreement, "I agree with Brother Ji's proposal. No matter what, we have to break these restrictions first. But there's 20 people here, how will we split the restrictions?"

The first Southern golden core state peak stage cultivator walked up to one of the formations, saying, "Us two will take one." They had three people before, but now it was just the two of them.

Then, he waved to the person he brought with him.

The Immortal Herb Valley Senior Martial Sister brought the other three people from her sect and also occupied one. Ji Yuanzhi and Yuan Ting took one as well.

Because of Ye Mo's limited power, he didn't try to take a restriction, and it was taken by a South Peace State golden core state level eight cultivator. The south only had eight people yet took four restrictions.

The only ones without a restriction were Ye Mo and the Qiu Xuanyu who had come in with him.
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