Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 925

Chapter 925: The Crazy Herb Garden
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

The reason the two golden core state level 8 cultivators from the south hadn't taken a formation each was because it was safer for them to do so. They were from the same sect.

However, now it was different. If the seven restrictions were herb gardens, then they had to take one each. Who wouldn't want more herbs?

Qiu Xuanyu saw this and was dumbfounded. He had finally gotten inside the secret land, but he couldn't even get something. He might even be stuck there forever.

He immediately looked at Ye Mo when a golden core state level 8 master took a restriction all for himself.

But he realized that Ye Mo didn't seem to plan on doing anything. Without thought, he went up to the golden core state level 8 cultivator and took out a spirit crystal. "Friend, you're by yourself. Take this spirit crystal, I only want 30% of the herbs."

He had already given two to Ye Mo, which was a waste. If he didn't get anything out of this, it would be an even bigger waste for him.

The golden core state level 8 cultivator had taken a restriction all for himself, but he was still a little worried. He didn't fear Ye Mo, but if Qiu Xuanyu was helping on the side, then things wouldn't be as hard. What he hadn't expected was that this golden core state level 7 cultivator would only ask for 30% of the herbs and give him a spirit crystal. He could be at ease now.

Without much thought, this golden core state level 8 cultivator agreed to Qiu Xuanyu's request.

Even those at golden core state peak stage had to admire the golden core state level 8 cultivator's luck. He could take 70% of the spirit herb garden for himself.

Ye Mo was just a mere golden core state level 1. No matter how strong he was, he wouldn't be able to take a spirit herb garden from golden core state level 7 and level 8 cultivators.

All of the seven restrictions were taken by the cultivators, but Ye Mo didn't get anything in the end.

Guang Wei was just about to call Ye Mo, yet she saw her big martial sister's serious glare. She immediately understood that if she called Ye Mo over, it would mean that she was giving the Immortal Herb Valley's herbs to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo seemed to have just woken up and was staring at the seven taken restrictions. He was dazed and smiled, looking at Qiu Xuanyu.

Seeing this, Qiu Xuanyu and the golden core state level 8 cultivator immediately became alert. Theoretically, Ye Mo shouldn't go look for trouble with them.

Everyone looked at Ye Mo, thinking that he would start a fight with that golden core state level 8 master.

However, no one believed Ye Mo could win. Ye Mo might not even be able to beat the golden core state level 8 cultivator - much less with Qiu Xuanyu helping.

However, Ye Mo just smiled at that golden core state level 8 cultivator and didn't even approach them. Instead, he walked into the small wooden room.

The golden core state level 8 cultivator breathed at ease when he saw that Ye Mo wasn't planning on bothering him. However, he was contemptuous of Ye Mo in his heart.

There was nothing inside. The golden core state peak stage cultivators had confirmed it already, so no one cared when Ye Mo went inside.

Qiqi saw Ye Mo go in and asked strangely, "Big Martial Sister, didn't you just say that he would take that restriction for sure? How come he went into the wooden room?"

Liu Yuetang blushed. She felt very curious too. According to Ye Mo's personality, he wouldn't have let things go like that. However, he had just smiled at that guy, he didn't attacked. Since when was he like this?

Qin Muxin sighed. She knew that it wasn't that Ye Mo didn't want to fight for one, but that no matter which one he chose, he was on the losing end. She quickly said, "Everyone else is attacking their restrictions. We should start too."

Everyone started attacking their restrictions. The golden core state tertiary stage cultivators found that Ye Mo didn't seem to be doing anything after going into the small wooden room, so they stopped caring.

The moment the 19 people attacked the seven restrictions, the valley rumbled instantly.

Meanwhile, Ye Mo was making some formation flags and some jade cards.

After half a day of attacking them, the restrictions still hadn't really loosen up.

If the 19 people had attacked the same restriction, they might've broken it long ago.

Many cultivators started to rest after half a day, but no one went inside the small wooden room, as though agreeing that it was Ye Mo's.

If one of them went inside the wooden room, it gave Ye Mo a reason to fight over their herb gardens. They weren't afraid of Ye Mo, but Ye Mo was a madman. So even if they were to mess with Ye Mo, it would be after they got their spirit herbs.

Three days later, many people found that Ye Mo was making formations in the small wooden room and he seemed to be preparing them for cultivation. People were speechless. This cultivator was mad indeed. Had he used all of these means to come in there just so that he could cultivate?

They were right. Ye Mo really started cultivating in the wooden room. He knew that with his current power, no matter which restriction he chose, he wouldn't get anything.

Spirit chi was very abundant in the valley. Ye Mo took out the spirit marrow and made a cauldron of nin bi pills. He was progressing very quickly. His golden core state had stabilized and it had started to rise to level 2. Ye Mo was aware that even with all of this, he wouldn't be able to reach level two in a short time. Yet he knew that the more refined his cultivation essence was, the better it would be for him in this valley.

On the fifth day, a huge explosion sounded. Some kind of spirit chi that was incredibly dense spread out. Even Ye Mo couldn't help getting up. He could guess that one restriction had been broken.

He sent his spirit sense out and saw that one of the restriction was broken indeed. It was the golden core state peak stage cultivator from the south's restriction.

Everyone stopped to look at it. The things inside immediately made everyone's eyes get full of tears. There were spirit herbs inside indeed.

The lowest levelled ones were level 5 spirit herbs like the Yellow Three Leaf, the Mist Lan or the Life Force Fruit. The three level 5 spirit herb and level the Five Colors Lotus were enough to make everyone go crazy.

The Mist Lan was the main ingredient for the mist spirit pill. It was the best pill for golden core state cultivators to break through. However, it was very rare and precious.

The Life Force Fruit was a level 6 spirit herb and an ingredient for making the life force pill. It was said to be the best cultivation essence recovery pill for those under hollow spirit state. It could not only recover cultivation essence, but also heal you.

The Five Colors Lotus was a level 5 spirit herb, but it was enough to make people crazy for it because it was a spirit herb that could ascend in level. Once the lotus reached six colours, it would become a level 6 spirit herb. The legendary Nine Colors Lotus was its highest state in the cultivation realm because once it reached ten colours, it would become the Ten Colors Immortal Lotus.

The Nine Colors Lotus was precious because it could be used to make the nine wen pill, pill that could purify spirit roots. It was a legendary pill in the cultivation realm.

However, they all knew that it was very hard to keep a Five Colors Lotus alive. Even if they could, it would take a few hundred years for it to reach six colors, so nine colors would take too much.
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