Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 926

Chapter 926: Leave Behind the Toll Price
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

The golden core state peak stage cultivator saw everyone's greedy eyes, so he said coldly, "There are seven herb gardens here and I've only broken into one of them. I think you should all focus on your own gardens."

With this reminder, everyone woke up and attacked their own restrictions like crazy. If there were that many herbs in the first garden, it meant that their own wouldn't have any less.

Even Ye Mo wanted them, but he couldn't get them now.

No one kept watch of Ye Mo.

Qin Muxin had been watching Ye Mo the whole time, however. She saw Ye Mo's fiery eyes and she could tell that Ye Mo desired those spirit herbs too, so she began to worry. If he fought with those golden core state peak stage cultivators, Ye Mo wouldn't be strong enough to beat them.

However, she found that Ye Mo didn't go out of the small wooden house. Instead, he took out formation flags and set them around the wooden house. It was as though he didn't plan on letting people go into his wooden house.

Rumble, rumble- Restrictions were broken one by one and large amongst of high level spirit herbs were shown. Ye Mo sat at the door of the small wooden house and scanned with his spirit sense.

Red Light Fruit, Purple Back Carrot, Core Building Grass, Blue Wen Grass, Crisp Vine, Tiger Blood Flower There were even some level 7 herbs. Everything was what he wanted.

The people soon divided the herbs after breaking the formation.

But what disappointed Ye Mo was that after all of the seven restrictions were broken, the highest level spirit herbs inside were level 7 and the most precious one was the Five Colors Lotus. He hadn't even gotten to see the level 8 spirit herb Return Soul Fruit he wanted to see. Clearly, there was none there.

"Sorry, Ye Mo, I have two level 6 Purple Back Blue Carrot. You can have it." Guang Wei walked up to the wooden house. She felt bad for Ye Mo, who hadn't gotten anything. Ye Mo had done all he could to come in.

The two herbs she had given him were materials for concocting the blue carrot pill. It was used for breaking through bottlenecks for nascent soul state cultivators. It was very precious.

"Hmmm. Did you make defense formations here?" Guang Wei immediately realized that she couldn't go into the small wooden house.

Ye Mo smiled and nodded. "Yes, but I don't need your herbs. It doesn't have much use for me."

"But I have two level 6 herbs."

Just when Guang Wei was about to say something else, Ye Mo waved his hand and stopped her. He suddenly spoke out loud, "Everyone! I believe that you've all gotten large amounts of precious herbs here and you're desperate to go out!"

Ye Mo's words immediately caught the attention of all cultivators there. Of course, they wanted to get out.

"Do you have a way out?" the Southern golden core state peak stage cultivator suddenly asked coldly.

Ye Mo didn't answer, seeing that his attitude wasn't nice. He looked at the other cultivators and waited for someone to ask.

The golden core state peak stage master saw that a mere golden core state level cultivator dare to ignored him, so he was about to rage. But the golden core state peak stage cultivator next to him stopped him. "Let's see what he has to say first. If he doesn't have a good reason, we can attack him then."

Ji Zhiyuan from the Ghost Immortal Sect said slowly, "Dao Friend Ye, if you really have a way for me to leave, I can give you a few herbs."

Ye Mo smiled. He had been waiting for those words.

He then glanced at the cultivators before him and said calmly, "This wooden house is a teleportation formation, but it's incomplete. A master who excels in formation must complete this formation. And I happen to be that formation master. While you were gathering the herbs, I spent five days of arduous work and finally completed this formation."

Before Ye Mo even finished, a few desperate cultivator tried to rush into the wooden house. Yet when they arrived at the door, they were blocked by Ye Mo's defense formation.

Seeing this, Ye Mo's expression sunk and said coldly, "I paid a great deal to finish this formation and you want to just use it for free? I finished this formation, so if you want to use it, you have to take out something I'm happy with."

When Ye Mo started speaking, the Southern golden core state peak stage cultivator's face looked happy. But when Ye Mo asked them to pay, his face sunk again, "You're a mere golden core state level 1 cultivator! Do you want everyone to give you something? How long do you think your defence formation can last if we attack together?"

Ye Mo sneered and took out a jade card. "If you want to use this teleportation formation, you must use a jade card I made. Without it, no one can pass through it unless you're also a formation master like me. Even if you all attack together, my formation can last at least 30 seconds. During that time, I can leave this formation easily. How long do you think I need to stop you guys for?"

Ye Mo acted like this because he knew there were no formation masters there. Otherwise, they would've long seen that the small wooden house was a formation.

Hearing this, the cultivator was furious - he was about to attack Ye Mo's defense formation. Ye Mo sneered and took out his jade card. He stood on the teleportation formation and said calmly, "Since you think you can get out on your own, then I'll be leaving first guys."

"Wait!" Ji Zhiyuan stopped the furious golden core state peak stage cultivator and also quickly stopped Ye Mo. If things were really as Ye Mo said, then if he left, no one would be able to leave.

The golden core state peak stage cultivator also realized he couldn't attack now, despite his fury.

Ye Mo wasn't really going to leave. Otherwise, he wouldn't have waited until then. So, he got off the teleportation formation and said to Ji Zhiyuan, "What do you have to say?"

"How do we know what you say is the truth?" Ji Zhiyuan already believed Ye Mo's words.

Ye Mo could tell that Ji Zhiyuan believed him, but he was bargaining. He sneered, "I've spent so much effort and wasted all this time to repair the teleportation formation! I wasted countless materials for that. If you believe me, then we can do business. If not, don't come over."

Qin Muxin wanted to laugh. She had been watching Ye Mo. He had just placed some formation flags at the start, certainly without spending much time or materials. The formation must've also been complete from the beginning and it had nothing to do with Ye Mo. She didn't say this, however. Otherwise, Ye Mo would cause rage.

In fact, the teleportation formation had been complete, but there was a stealth restriction on it so other people couldn't see it. Yet, Ye Mo could.

At the same time, Ye Mo changed the formation so that only those with a card could go through.

That meant that without Ye Mo, these people would eventually find it and leave without the jade card.

"The small wooden room doesn't belong to you. What right do you have to take over it?" a Southern golden core state level 8 cultivator roared in contempt.

He was the one who had taken the herb garden that belonged to Ye Mo, but Ye Mo hadn't dared say anything. This had made him look down on Ye Mo.

"The herb garden outside wasn't yours, why did you take it?" Ye Mo jeered at him.

He then looked at Guang Wei. "Martial Sister Guang Wei, if you trust me, come in. I'll let you go first."

"Okay." Without thought, Guang Wei walked into the small wooden room.

Seeing Guang Wei taking out the spirit herb, Ye Mo smiled and stopped her. "No need, I'll let you go for free."

Guang Wei blushed and took the jade card. Shen then put it on the teleportation formation.

Everyone saw Guang Wei walk onto the teleportation formation and after a white ray of light flashed, she disappeared.

Seeing this, everyone was shook. After all, giving some spirit herbs to Ye Mo was better than being locked up in there forever.

Knowing that they could leave for certain, some people weren't worried and instead looked around for other exits.
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