Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 927

Chapter 927: How Nice I Am to You
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo wasn't worried at all. He played with the jade cards, waiting to get paid. Those golden core state peak stages cursed, but unless they found another way out, if the teleportation formation was really as Ye Mo said it was, then no one would be able to open it after he left.

Ye Mo wasn't worried, because he knew for sure that there was no other way out. Even if there were, it would be through the mist, but he believed no one would dare to try that out.

Indeed, even when a few cultivators searched the entire valley, they didn't find another way out.

Qin Muxin walked to Ye Mo's wooden house and said, "Martial Brother Ye, I'm willing to give you spirit herbs."

Ye Mo let her inside and said quietly, "Seeing that you didn't expose me, I'll give you the special right to pass free."

Qin Muxin blushed. She was thinking it might be more because Ye Mo had rejected the marriage in front of her face, but she couldn't really say that, so she just accepted the card and went into the teleportation formation.

Qin Muxin was in fact right. Ye Mo was indeed feeling a little guilty. But the main thing was that most of the herbs were on Liu Yuetang. He only needed to catch Liu Yuetang. So like this, he would still get what he wanted and seem like a good person at the same time.

Seeing this, Liu Yuetang let Qiqi go onto the teleportation formation. What everyone didn't understand was why Ye Mo let her pass for free.

Everyone was contemptuous of Ye Mo. This guy let all the beautiful girls pass for free, clearly he was a lecherous person. The other two female cultivators from the South also rejoiced. They decided to let Ye Mo take a little advantage of them when they went in. He wouldn't be able to really do anything to them anyway, and if they didn't have to pay spirit herbs thanks to it, they would be earning big.

Liu Yuetang rejoiced too. Ye Mo had great talent, but he still had a weakness towards beautiful women. It seemed Immortal Herb Valley was going to be lucky this time. Liu Yuetang stepped forward to the teleportation formation.

"Martial Brother Ye, hello. Thank you for helping my martial sisters, this is my communications bead. If you go out and have some time, come visit us at the Immortal Herb Valley." Liu Yuetang didn't mention anything about her spirit herbs at all.

Ye Mo took it and put it away without even looking at it, then he said calmly, "Thank you, Martial Sister Liu."

But then his tone changed, "Martial Sister Liu got 12 Core Building Grasses, 84 Smoke Mist Flowers, 31 Purple Back Blue Carrots and 16 Condensed Green Vines."

The more Ye Mo spoke, the worse her face looked. She didn't think Ye Mo had been watching her constantly from his small wooden house. Why was he saying this?

"I won't take much. Just give me half of everything. Of course, if it's an odd number, then you can have the extra one."

"Are you crazy?" Liu Yuetang immediately yelled.

Ye Mo shook his head, "I'm not crazy. After you go out, Martial Sister, you will know how lucky you are to be in the same sect as Guang Wei."

Liu Yuetang's face changed, and her tone suddenly went cold, "What if I don't agree?"

Ye Mo smiled, "Then please step back, I didn't spend that much effort to be free labour."

Hearing this, even the people outside the formation couldn't accept it. Liu Yuetang knew Ye Mo a little at least, yet this Ye cultivator was going to take half of her herbs! How much would he take from them strangers?

Liu Yuetang wanted to attack immediately, but she stopped herself. Even if she killed Ye Mo, the people outside wouldn't let her go.

Remembering how Ye Mo had saved Martial Sister Guang Wei, Liu Yuetang sighed and took out half of the herbs, saying coldly, "I'm giving you these herbs not as payment but as thanks for saving Martial Sister Guang Wei."

Ye Mo took the storage bag and checked it carefully before taking out a jade card and giving it to Liu Yuetang. Then he said casually, "You should consider yourself lucky that you didn't attack. My temper isn't that good, so even if I wouldn't have killed you on Guang Wei's account, I would take your storage ring at least."

"You!" Liu Yuetang was furious as she took the jade card and glanced at Ye Mo contemptuously, "I won't fight over something useless like that with you. Soon you will know how nice I am being to you. You're not bad, but soon you will realize the difference between you and someone at the golden core state peak stage."

Liu Yuetang cursed. If she knew this was going to happen, she would have left most of the herbs in Liu Yuetang's or Qin Muxin's care.

Ye Mo activated the teleportation formation immediately, but before she left, he also said, "Soon you will know how nice I was to you as well."

Zhe Qiushui then walked into the teleportation formation and before Ye Mo asked, he took out half of his herbs and said, "Martial Brother Ye, here are my herbs."

Ye Mo took out a jade card and said, "I was going to ask 60%, but since you are showing initiative, I'll just take 50%."

Zhe Qiushui smiled bitterly. He knew that Ye Mo was saying this not to him, but to the people outside. Ye Mo meant that they had to give the herbs to him without asking, or things wouldn't be so easy.

Seeing that five people had left already, the golden core state level eight that took Ye Mo's spirit herb garden asked Ye Mo to go in next.

Ye Mo saw the killing intent in his eyes and knew that the fellow didn't harbor good intentions.

As soon as he walked in, he said, "I'm Pan Yi, remember it-"

Then he took out a flying sword and attacked Ye Mo.

The cultivators outside saw this and knew that Pan Yi wanted to subjugate Ye Mo as quickly as possible. They were all preparing to attack.

But before they could, they heard a thud as Pan Yi was flicked out of the room, smashing into a herb garden.

Ye Mo looked at Pan Yi coldly. He didn't say anything, but this was more threatening than anything he could say.

At this moment, no one dared to doubt Ye Mo's formation capabilities anymore. He just activated the formation and flicked Pan Yi out without even having to attack himself. If Ye Mo wasn't concerned with the cultivators outside, he could probably kill Pan Yi at any time.

"He really is a formation master. Our South Peace State is full of geniuses, but we've never seen a formation master this young. My god, how does he do it?" the golden core state peak stage from the South murmured in shock.

"This person set up such a formation in a rush? Perhaps he's already a level four formation master - that's too scary!" another Southern golden core state level seven commented.

In the Cultivation Realm, formation masters were divided into nine levels. Those who could lay level one to level three formations were called formation masters. Between level four and level six, one can be called a formation grandmaster. If one can set up level seven to level nine formations, then that would be a formation supreme master. No one could lay formations beyond level nine, because that would be an immortal formation, and those who can lay those are called immortal formation masters.

The reason why everyone was so shocked was because even level three formation masters were very rare, much less a level four formation grandmaster like Ye Mo. Those other formation grandmasters were all hundreds of years old, no one was as young as Ye Mo.
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