Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 931

Chapter 931: No Exit
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo exited the golden page world and tried to move the spirit range inside it, but reality proved it to be nothing but an exercise in pointlessness. The spirit range didn't even shake a bit.

Ye Mo sighed. If he wanted to put the range into his golden page world like that, he would need to at least reach the hollow spirit state.

Just when he was out of ideas, he suddenly felt the spirit range move a little. When he checked it carefully, he confirmed that the spirit range had moved a little indeed.

The spirit range wanted to escape? Ye Mo was shook. Ye Mo immediately perused the spirit range with his spirit sense and found that it was moving indeed, even though the movement was minimal.

So the spirit range had it's own will! It had been there for countless years and never moved - why would it move as soon as they came?

Ye Mo thought about and understood what was going on. This spirit range must've been controlled by some ancient powerful being to provide spirit chi for the seven herb gardens.

The herb gardens contained a formation that bound the spirit range. When the group with Ye Mo entered, none of them knew formations well and destroyed the formation. Even he didn't realize that the seven herb gardens formed a formation.

Without the formation binding it, the spirit range could run away and find a better place to reach the middle grade.

Formation? Ye Mo suddenly realized that perhaps he could use a formation to move it away into his golden page world.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo didn't hesitate to go into action. He started building formations around the spirit range immediately. Ye Mo's power wasn't too high, but his formation skills were good.

A week later, Ye Mo's formation had covered the entire spirit range.

As Ye Mo kept throwing out formation flags, the spirit range started to shake. The entire ground started to shake too. Ye Mo worried that if he took the spirit range, the entire valley might collapse.

No matter how worried he was though, Ye Mo did what he needed to do.

And finally, indeed a huge thud sounded as the spirit range was shifted into his golden page world!

The thunderous sound seemed capable of crushing one's soul. Without taking so much as a moment to hesitate, Ye Mo dashed into the golden page world. Even though he had earth mobility, the huge force of the earth crashing down would be enough to pulverize him.

As soon as Ye Mo came in, he saw the spirit range emit a faint white mist that circulated at one side of the golden page world. Meanwhile, Silver was watching the spirit range worriedly.

Feeling the dense spirit chi inside, Ye Mo breathed comfortably. No one would believe that someone had been able to seize a spirit range with golden core state power.

Ye Mo knew that the collapse outside wouldn't finish for a while, so he sat inside the spirit marrow pond and started cultivating.

The spirit chi was devoured by Ye Mo like crazy, and his power kept increasing. When Ye Mo opened his eyes again, he was shook. Another 20% of the spirit marrow pond was gone, yet he had only barely reached the middle stage of level one.

Ye Mo looked at the pond and murmured, "How many spirit stones will need to reach golden core state level nine? How many spirit herbs will I need?"

He didn't dare to imagine - his consumption rate was crazy.

Although he had a spirit range now, its potency was a far cry from the spirit marrow pond.

Ye Mo didn't continue cultivating in the pond. He would be wasting too much. It would be much better for Yangzhu and Ye Ling to cultivate in it.

Ye Mo started to organize his herbs. These were the herbs which had been planted around the spirit range, so they were important. Especially the two Five Colors Lotuses, so Ye Mo used a formation to protect them. Ye Mo looked at the vast patch of level five herbs and felt a sense of satisfaction. He had gone through a bit of danger, but the harvest was worth it.

Ye Mo came out of the golden page world and returned to the herb garden. The scene in front of him was astonishing. The valley was a mess, there were no longer any remnants of the seven herb gardens, and all that was left were seven big ravines instead.

Even the small wooden house had disappeared, much less the teleportation formation. Ye Mo sighed. Even if there weren't people waiting for him on the other side, he wouldn't be able to get away.

So now Ye Mo's greatest problem was - how to go out?

Ye Mo went around again but didn't find another way out. The formation he had used to threaten others with was destroyed by his own hands.

The mist was still dense outside, and Ye Mo didn't dare to try going through it.

But Ye Mo knew that the mist might really be his only way out.

So Ye Mo called out Shadowless and told it to approach the mist.

After Shadowless flew up to a few meters from the mist, it quickly came back to Ye Mo's shoulder and no matter how much Ye Mo urged it, it didn't dare to go up again.

Even Shadowless couldn't go near the mist. Ye Mo really didn't have any ideas left. He had wanted to use the method he used to escape Chang Fen Valley again. If Shadowless weren't afraid of the mist, he would let Shadowless take the golden page world across the mist.

But now Ye Mo began to worry. He didn't want to stay there. No one would come there even 50 years later.

Suddenly, Ye Mo felt a sense of danger. The mist started to slowly pour in, and the closest part was only a few meters away from him!

In his shock, Ye Mo immediately went back into the golden page world without thought. Ye Mo then immediately made a surveillance formation disk and threw it out.

Through it, Ye Mo saw the valley become slowly covered, and in no time, the entire valley would be covered in that deadly mist.

Ye Mo sighed. He knew that he had completely lost the way to go out.

Ye Mo guessed that the mist had probably been locked out by the garden's formation.

Ye Mo then just made a temporary home on the spirit range and started to concoct pills


He wanted to see if the mist would slowly dissipate into the environment without the confinement to keep it in place.

If not, then he could only hope that he would be teleported out after the three months were up, despite the possibilities of that not being great.

Atop the spirit range, Ye Mo used his Mist Lotus Heart Fire and started concocting pills. Ye Mo felt a smooth sense of satisfaction. With all the high level spirit herbs Ye Mo had, cauldrons of pills were quickly concocted.

Ye Mo concocted pills for an entire week before checking the outside again.

Seeing that the mist was still dense, Ye Mo began to turn disappointed.

'Hmm, wait-' Ye Mo saw two ants crawl slowly on the messy ground.

Even Shadowless was scared of the mist, how come those two ants were fine?

Ye Mo then noticed that the mist felt the same as before, yet also seemed to have lost something. And that seemed to be a level of intelligence.

Was this change also due to him pulling away the spirit range? Thinking about this, Ye Mo called out Shadowless again and threw him out without regard. He kept watch of Shadowless, though, and was ready to summon it back if there were any danger.

Shadowless was dazed after being randomly thrown out of the golden page world, but when it saw the endless mist, its first reaction was to run. But soon, it stopped. It walked around the mist and realized in wonder that it didn't seem to affect him anymore.

Ye Mo thought, 'Is there really no danger here anymore?' Thinking like this, he also went out into the mist.
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