Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 932

Chapter 932: The Spirit that Devours Space
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo stood in the mist. He didn't go back to the golden page world because he knew that it was different from before. It was just some ordinary mist now and it didn't harm him at all. Even when he walked back to the place where the mist had been sealed, nothing happened.

Ye Mo carefully sent his spirit sense out. He soon found that his spirit sense could go through places he couldn't before.

Without much effort, Ye Mo found the cultivator that had disappeared. He was just a pile of bones now - even the clothes on him were gone.

Ye Mo believed that the mist had lost its poisonous and spirit sense barrier properties after he had pulled away the spirit range. Theoretically, he should be safe now, but he had a sense of danger.

The dead cultivator's ring was right next to his body, but Ye Mo didn't have any intentions of picking it up at all.

He had to leave the valley quickly. That was his only thought.

Was there something with intelligence there before he had put away the spirit range? Was it an evil spirit or something else?

Thinking about this, Ye Mo's body got colder. That scary feeling was getting more and more intense. He didn't even turn away, he just dashed away on his flying pike.

There were no longer any air restrictions.

A spirit range, an evil spirit, a corrosive mist. Ye Mo just wanted to fly away as fast as possible.

A strong suction force came. Ye Mo subconsciously scanned where he was before, and what he saw made his skin crawl. His spirit sense couldn't find anything, but the place where he had stood had disappeared into thin air.

It was just like a huge football field that had a block dug out of it. The football field was still there, but it had lost a piece of it

That part seemed to have completely disappeared into nothing. Ye Mo could guess that if he had stood there, then he would have disappeared along with it.

Ye Mo was a golden core state cultivator, but there was nothing he could do against such unexplainable phenomena.

Regardless if that was real or fake, Ye Mo knew he had to leave this place quickly. Otherwise, even if he went into the golden page world, it might disappear too.

The suction seemed to be getting bigger and bigger. Ye Mo felt that if he slowed down even a little bit, he would be sucked away and disappear from this world.

Ye Mo didn't dare to look back at all, nor pick up the countless rings on the bones below.

He took out one of his extreme grade spirit stones and placed it on the flying pike without hesitation. With this powering it, the flying pike instantly speed up.

Ye Mo felt that suction force didn't seem as strong as before and he finally breathed at ease.

Two days later, Ye Mo heard his flying pike crack. Ye Mo realized that he had made it go too fast and it had broken.

Ye Mo threw it away, picked up the unfinished spirit stones and dashed away on Zi Xu.

Ye Mo had slowed down, so half a day later, he felt that suction force again. However, he realized that he was about to get out of the mist.

Ye Mo didn't even dare to look at what kind of place it was. He used his cultivation essence and accelerated to the maximum before dashing away.

When he left behind the last sliver of mist, Ye Mo could breathe a little better, but he still kept running at full speed. He was scared of that unseen force. He had never heard of something capable of devouring space.

Ye Mo felt that everything that had been in the herb garden's secret land seemed to be part of a cycle, as though it had been designed by someone. Ye Mo believed that he had broken someone's set up land by taking out the spirit range. Thinking about this, he felt extremely uneasy.

Wait! Since there was a teleportation formation in the herb garden, why were there still so many bones in the mist? They must have come from outside too. How come they didn't leave through the teleportation formation in the wooden house?

Ye Mo connected the dots and his heart skipped a beat.

The wooden house had a complete teleportation formation, but it wasn't for them. That teleportation formation was hidden. He had changed the formation flags to his. This way, the formation could be activated.

In other words, if he hadn't changed the formation flags, even if someone found the teleportation formation, they wouldn't have been able to use it unless that person was a formation great master. However, those who had come in there were elite sect members. Moreover, formation grand masters couldn't just be at golden core state level. It was very hard to become a formation grand master in the life span of a golden core state.

He was a formation master. If he hadn't found that formation, then everyone would be trapped inside and forced to find a way out through the mist. From this point of view, he had saved everyone.

The person who had designed this secret land had only one purpose and that was to attract people to come in and make them go into the mist to be devoured by it and that unseen force.

The Herb Valley had been around for countless years. This meant that countless people had died there.

That's why there were hidden restrictions placed on the herb gardens. It was only after all these years that the restrictions had started to get weaker.

Ye Mo suspected that there was also a hidden restriction around the wooden house, but only they had gotten to see it.

Ye Mo guessed that the spirit herb garden was meant to feed that unknown thing. The primary source of strength was the essence blood of cultivators.

Ye Mo suddenly realized that if he wanted to know if he had guessed right, he just had to look at how old the spirit herbs were.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo started to check the herbs in his golden page world.
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