Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 933

Chapter 933: South Peace Ten Beauties
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

When Ye Mo checked the age of the herbs, he was sure that he had just messed up someone's plan.

The herbs he got were all at least 500 years old, and they looked very good because they were growing on a spirit range.

Ye Mo was shocked. He finally understood why the spirit range had been trying to leave.

Probably according to plan, when the person didn't need any more essence blood, he would let the last group of cultivators break the restriction. The spirit range would then slowly move into the mist and be devoured by the being inside the mist.

By taking someone else's spirit range, Ye Mo ruined this person's set-up.

The being inside the mist won't be able to evolve like it was supposed to be due to this.

This person had spent so much effort to set all this up, having even calculated what would happen all these years later so accurately. This being was definitely not someone Ye Mo could mess with.

At the same time, Ye Mo knew that he had ended up offending this powerful being. Ye Mo didn't dare to so much as look back, as he just wanted to run as far away as possible. No matter if he'd guessed right or not, this valley's herb garden wasn't simple. The mist wasn't simple for sure.

Ye Mo just kept flying on Zi Xu while eating a life essence pill every once in a while. He didn't even know how long he had been flying, when he finally breathed easy and suddenly saw three cultivators fighting. No matter where this place was, it was clear he had gotten away.

The people fighting were two golden core state level three cultivators and one golden core state level two. It seemed the level two and one level three were fighting the other level three cultivator. Ye Mo scanned them without caring too much about them. These people couldn't pose a threat to him.

He found a place to sit. He had been running for a few days and nights and had long since been exhausted.

The three cultivators saw Ye Mo appear and were dazed. But when they saw that Ye Mo was only at golden core state level one and was eating pills while going to rest immediately, they understood that he must've escaped there. They ignored Ye Mo and kept fighting.

After Ye Mo ate a stalagmite benefit pill to mediate the pill poison, he started to watch the fight. The lone cultivator was very handsome and had defined features, but he was clearly not going to last long.

One of the other two had a pale face and hawk-nose, whereas the other had a long face that didn't match his head.

"Huang Zhuo, Cai Shizhang, I've already given it to you. What else do you want?" that handsome golden core state level three man kept panting and asking.

"Shi Hongzhu, it's not that we have enmity with you, but we made a promise to someone. It's your fault for not having a good look at yourself. You always try to get close to Du Xiuying. Of course, if you are willing to destroy your face and swear to the Heavenly Dao that you will never get close to Du Xiuying again, we can let you go," the pale-faced cultivator said.

Ye Mo shook his head. That Shi Hongzhu would be an idiot if he agreed. The pale-faced cultivator clearly had killing intent in his eyes.

Shi Hongzhu yelled, "Huang Zhuo, are you crazy? Du Xiuying is one of the top ten beauties in South Peace State, how can she like me? Did you get something wrong?"

"Get it wrong? How come I heard that she met up with you alone more than once? Last time on the Teng Pill Tower's auction, you guys talked for an entire day! Are you just ordinary friends then?" Huang Zhuo replied coldly.

The long-faced cultivator suddenly laughed creepily and said, "Hehe, Shi Hongzhu, your face is indeed pretty. If you had the chance, you might even get number one Wen Caiyi and Luo Susu, much less number nine Du Xiuying."

Shi Hongzhu was suddenly thrown into a daze for a moment as he reminisced Wen Caiyi's goddess-like beauty. That day, he'd glanced at her from afar and ever since then, he could never forget her beauty and temperament.

He wasn't that much into Du Xiuying, but he indeed had fallen in love with Wen Caiyi. But he was aware that with his identity and status it would be hard to so much as talk to her, much less get close to her. The reason why he could talk to Du Xiuying was because she approved of him.

Using this lapse of focus of Shi Hongzhu, the horse-faced cultivator pierced his shoulder with his flying sword. Shi Hongzhu quickly retreated and ate a pill, not daring to divide his attention again.

But Shi Hongzhu was already injured, so how could the two let go of such an opportunity? They attacked with even more force, trying to kill Shi Hongzhu in one go.

However, their two spirit artefacts didn't land on Shi Hongzhu, as they were instead struck back by a purple ray.

Ye Mo smashed the two spirit artefacts away with just one sword, and he sent the men back many meters.

The two looked at Ye Mo who was holding Zi Xu in a daze and couldn't react for a long time. Even though they had already almost exhausted their cultivation essence, their combined attack wasn't something a golden core state level one could casually break.

"What happened?" Huang Zhuo looked at Cai Shizhang and asked.

Cai Shizhang shook his head and said in a quiet voice, "This young man is a tough one. He just attacked casually, but I felt like his attack was unstoppable. I don't think we're a match for him even if we attack together. He must be hiding his power."

Shi Hongzhu was still in a daze, as he didn't understand why Ye Mo saved him and how this mere golden core state level one's attack could be so powerful. He wouldn't even dare to believe it if he hadn't seen it with his own eyes.

This golden core state level one's power was more absurd than some core disciples' of 9 star sects! He had seen the 9 star sect Lightning Cloud Sect's core disciple Tian Aofeng attack once. That was in the South Peace City's Trial Stone Square, when Tian Aofeng was just at golden core state level four, yet with his attack, he entered the ranks of the golden core state hall of fame.

To enter the golden core state hall of fame a cultivation of at least the golden core state tertiary stage was required, yet he had been only at golden core state level four! Other than that Tian Aofeng, Shi Hongzhu now once again saw a cultivator that shocked him.

"Friend, this is just a conflict between us, it has nothing to do with you. Why are you interfering in this?" Cai Shizhang immediately asked.

He had made up his mind that even if Ye Mo was going to forcefully save Shi Hongzhu, he would rather let Shi Hongzhu go than fight this person. He had noticed that Ye Mo also didn't really seem to have the intention to fight them. There was only some unexplainable excitement in his eyes.

Ye Mo wasn't planning on fighting the two indeed. He suppressed his excitement and asked, "Did you just say Luo Susu? Where is she?"

Ye Mo's tone was still trembling, as he simply couldn't control it.

Ye Mo's emotions had exploded upon hearing this name. He didn't want anyone to die in the fight, resulting in him getting incomplete information.

Luo Susu? Cai Shizhang realized that this cultivator was also an admirer of Luo Susu, and he must have been looking for information about her.

Although they didn't say anything, Cai Shizhang and Huang Zhuo immediately looked down on Ye Mo on the inside. Although Ye Mo's attack was quite shocking, he was daydreaming if he thought he could see Luo Susu.

However, Cai Shizhang didn't dare to say any of that. He replied respectfully, "Luo Susu is the core disciple of the 9 star sect called the Dark Ice Sect. She's ranked first in the top ten beauties of South Peace State along with Wen Caiyi."
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