Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 934

Chapter 934: Susus Whereabouts
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Ye Mo didn't care about the South Peace State's top ten beauties. He just wanted to know if that Luo Susu was his wife.

Before Cai Shizhang had finished, he asked desperately again, "When did Luo Susu join the Dark Ice Sect? What is her current power level?"

Cai Shizhang seemed to see from Ye Mo's desperate expression that it wasn't just simple admiration.

However, Cai Shizhang didn't know how to reply. The top ten beauties' status was so much higher than his.

Shi Hongzhu had recovered, so he bowed to Ye Mo and said, "Thank you, Martial Brother, for saving my life. I know some basic information about Luo Susu."

Then he blushed as though fearing Ye Mo would blame him for researching Luo Susu. He continued, "My friend gave me some news about Wen Caiyi. They both ranked as the most beautiful in the South Peace State, so I have some information."

Ye Mo waved his hand and rushed him. "Hurry up."

"Yes," Shi Hongzhu quickly said. "She joined the Dark Ice Sect less than a year ago. It was a Qianbei from the sect who found her. That cauldron filing state Qian bei was out with a few friends and found Luo Susu. They were shocked by her spirit root talent and immediately brought Luo Susu back to the Dark Ice Mountain. It was proven that Qianbei was right. Luo Susu reached foundation establishment state peak stage in less than a year and she might even be at golden core state now."

"Which one of you can draw her?" Ye Mo scanned the three men again. He was sure that Luo Susu was his wife Luo Ying. The chronological order was coherent.

The three men glanced at each other. Luo Susu rarely showed her face. They had only heard about this person. None of them had seen her.

Ye Mo remembered that Ning Qingxue and Tang Beiwei were also with Susu, so he asked, "Did that Qianbei find a few people with Luo Susu when they took her?"

The three men shook their heads - none of them knew.

Ye Mo was very disappointed. He waved his hand. "You guys can leave."

Cai Shizhang and Huang Zhuo saw that Shi Hongzhu didn't move, but they didn't dare point fingers in front of Ye Mo, so they could only leave.

Of course, Shi Hongzhu wasn't going to leave now. He had to wait until the two cultivators were far enough before he could leave. He saluted with his fists and thanked Ye Mo again. However, Ye Mo's mind seemed to have wandered off, so he could only change directions and run.

Ye Mo suddenly thought of something but when he got up, he found all the three cultivators had left.

He had forgotten to ask whether Ning Qingxue and Tang Beiwei could have been taken to other sects. After all, the cauldron filing state cultivator had been with a few friends.

Ning Qingxue and Tang Beiwei were both very talented. With their beauty, they really could have made it into the South Peace State's ten beauties. He should have asked about the rank. He might have been able to gather more information.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo got very annoyed.

However, he immediately took out Zi Xu and dashed towards the direction Cai Shizhang had taken. He only needed to find one Southern cultivator to get their names.

On the way, Ye Mo wasn't even in the mood to search for spirit herbs. He just kept searching for a Southern cultivator. But after two days, he still hadn't met a single one.

Ye Mo began to worry. He knew that with his current power, it would be impossible to get to the South Peace State. Yet no matter how impossible it was, he had to find a South Peace State cultivator to ask.

Three days later, Ye Mo saw two cultivators pass by with his spirit sense and immediately chased after them.

His current speed wasn't any slower from when he had escaped the mist. His speed was causing a sharp howl in the air, but Ye Mo didn't care. He just went faster and faster.

Ye Mo chased the cultivators and half a day later, he could see two figures. They seemed to be two female cultivators.

The two women had also seen Ye Mo and they also noticed that he didn't care about all the noise his Zi Xu was making. The two women didn't seem happy. They stopped, took out their magic artefacts and waited for Ye Mo to come over.

"What do you want?" before Ye Mo could talk, the tall woman asked coldly.

Ye Mo breathed at ease now that he had finally caught up. He studied the two cultivators. One was tall and very beautiful. Her skin was very smooth. She carried a flying sword that emitted a faint yellow light which flew around her.

However, her cold tone didn't seem very welcoming. Her power was a lot higher than Ye Mo's, she was at golden core state level 7.

The girl next to her seemed cute and small. Her round face seemed innocent and her two big eyes looked very lively. They studied Ye Mo, but her eyes seemed to say that she could tell why Ye Mo had stopped them. However, her power was only at golden core state level 3.

Ye Mo wanted to ask for a favor, so he saluted with his fist. "Hello, I'm Ye Mo. I want to ask-"

"You don't need to ask anything. This is my Martial Sister Qiu Xue, you've already found her. Hurry up and say what you have to say. Give her whatever gifts you have to give. We're in a hurry!" the cute girl interrupted him.

The tall woman also thought she knew what Ye Mo wanted to do. There was a sliver of disgust in her eyes.

Ye Mo was dazed.

Seeing this, the big-eyed girl got impatient. "Are you going to talk or give gifts? If not, we're leaving. We can see someone like you every day. I'm speechless!"

Ye Mo immediately realized that the two women had misunderstood him.

However, Ye Mo didn't dare to offend them. He had been after them for three days. If they refused to reply, then it would be hard for him to ask questions.

Ye Mo immediately saluted with his fists and said, "I want to ask you two if you come from the South Peace State?"

The cute-looking girl looked at Ye Mo speechlessly and said impatiently, "Of course we're from the South Peace State! Please use a better conversation starter. Sister Xue, let's go."

Ye Mo quickly stopped them and took out two jade bottles. "A small gift. Please don't reject it."

Seeing this, the big-eyed girl lowered her tone and took the two jade bottles before saying, "Sister Xue is here. Hurry up and say what you've got to say."

QIu Xue watched the girl take the jade bottles and seemed a little helpless. She then looked calmly at Ye Mo - there was contempt in her eyes.

Ye Mo quickly asked, "Can you please tell me who are the ten beauties of the South Peace State? Can you please tell me their names from the number one to number ten?"

Hearing this, Qiu Xue's expression immediately changed. She sneered and said, "Martial Sister, let's go."

Before Ye Mo could return to his senses, the two women had once again went on their flying sword.

Ye Mo was confused about why the two cultivators had left. He was a little annoyed too. He had given them a gift, did they need to be like that?

Thinking about this, Ye Mo got on his Zi Xu and he was about to chase after them again. However, Qiu Xue took out a round disk spirit artefact and pointed at Ye Mo with her flying sword, "If you dare approach us and say rude things again, I will kill you."

Then, they disappeared immediately.

Ye Mo was really confused. He had just asked a question. How was that rude?

However, Ye Mo still followed them with Zi Xu. Even if he wasn't planning on asking them, he was going on the same direction. He didn't believe he couldn't find someone else.
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