Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 935

Chapter 935: Ten Beauties Ranking
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo didn't fly very long this time before meeting three cultivators, two men and one woman. They seemed to be heading towards the direction the two girls had been going in.

Ye Mo didn't care who it was, as long as he could just talk to someone.

Ye Mo immediately gave up on the two girls, and he chased up to the three cultivators.

Seeing this, the three cultivators stopped in vigilance as they took out their magic artefacts, looking at Ye Mo.

Other than the girl who was foundation establishment state peak stage, the two men were golden core state level five and level two.

Ye Mo quickly saluted with his fists and said, "I'm Ye Mo, I have been in solitary cultivation, so I don't really know about the situation in South Peace State. I heard someone talk about the South Peace State ten beauties, and I'm very curious. I happened to meet you guys, so may I ask who these ten beauties are?"

Ye Mo didn't dare to say he was from the North Far State, as this part of the herb valley belonged to the South Peace State. Huang Yushan and co. said they were from South Peace State straight away because they were strong.

Hearing this, the three rested easy. So it was a horny cultivator. Ye Mo was only golden core state level one and couldn't threaten them.

The tall dark-faced cultivator put away the magic artefact and laughed, "Then friend, we are similar people, hahaha! However don't take it too seriously, otherwise you'll only end up getting hurt."

The other male cultivator put away his magic artefact and laughed. Clearly, he could tell Ye Mo was truly there to ask questions and not to look for trouble.

Ye Mo saw that the two were straightforward people and had a good impression of them.

"I'm Guo Qifan, and these are my Martial Brother Yan Qi and Martial Sister Ding Ling. Brother Ye, you've probably just got news and must be heading towards Purple Lake. Let's go together then. We'll talk as we go," Guo Qifan had a good impression of Ye Mo too.

Ye Mo just wanted to say no, as he didn't know what Purple Lake was, but Yan Qi intervened, "Martial Brother, is there a need to ask. Who isn't going to Purple Lake at this time? Although there is just one Purple Flower Fire ,and we won't be able to get it, but we might get a few Purple Flower seeds. Perhaps after countless years, one will turn into another Purple Flower Fire."

'Purple Flower Fire?' Ye Mo thought. It was ranked 12th among the Rare Flames in the cultivation realm. This was rather high seeing how the top ten were all Heaven Flames.

When the Purple Flower Fire was born, it would sprout 36 seeds. These seeds were also very precious. Each seed is a level five spirit item and is not only helpful for cultivation but can also be added to pills. If the seeds are of a high grade, countless years later, they might really become another Purple Flower Fire.

After Ye Mo heard this, he didn't say no. He nodded and continued to ask, "Yes, I'm also going there, but I do want to ask" Ye Mo didn't forget about the South Peace State ten beauties.

"Haha, I know, Brother Ye, don't worry! Although I don't know it very well, my Martial Sister does. Martial Sister Ling, you can explain to Brother Ye so that he can stop being so desperate," Guo Qifan laughed.

Ding Ling wasn't as pretty as the two girls before, but she was rather fresh-looking and seemed easy to talk to.

Hearing this, Ding Ling laughed and answered meticulously, "People say 'South Peace State ten beauties,' but it's actually eleven people."

"Ranked one are nine-star sect Dark Ice Sect's Luo Susu and nine-star sect Infinity Sect's Wen Caiyi. Second is nine-star sect Clear Dream Mosque's Ling Xiaoshuang. Third is eight-star sect Distant Immortal Pond's Ning Qingxue-"

Ye Mo heard this, and his heart shook as he looked excited once again. Qingxue was indeed one of the top ten beauties too! He didn't care about what rank she was at. He cared about finding news of her.

Ding Ling continued, "Fourth is nine-star sect Deep Sound Tower's Jing Yinming. Fifth is eight-star sect Golden Sword Sect's Xiao Shiyin. Sixth is nine-star sect Dark Ice Sect's Tang Beiwei-"

Ye Mo's excitement rose a beat again. He consecutively heard news of Luo Ying, Ning Qingxue and Tang Beiwei! His excitement was through the roof! He didn't know why Luo Ying and Tang Beiwei were in the same sect, but he could finally rest easy a bit.

Ding Ling noticed Ye Mo's excitement and looked strangely at him but didn't ask anything. She continued, "Ranked seven is eight-star sect Heaven Star Sect's Yi Pandie, while in eighth place is eight-star sect Nan Gong Villa's Nangong Xiaodai. Ninth is seven-star sect Fusion Joy Sect's Du Xiuying. Finally tenth is seven-star sect Red Pill Sect's Qiu Xue."

"Dark Ice Sect is really strong, having two of the top ten in their sect!" Yan Qi exclaimed.

Ding Ling rolled her eyes, "What's this got to do with the sect being strong.? But the Dark Ice sect is a nine-star sect, so of course they are strong."

Ye Mo felt relieved knowing that they were all doing fine and couldn't help but sigh at the power of South Peace State. Even the worst of the top ten came from a seven-star sect. The rest were all in eight or nine-star sects. Meanwhile, in the North Far State, a five or six-star sect stood at the pinnacle. The difference was huge!

At the same time, Ye Mo also realized why Qiu Xue left in a rage. She was ranked last out of the ten beauties and assumed he knew her, so when he asked her to rank the beauties from one to ten, she thought he was insulting her.

But Ye Mo didn't care about such trivial matters. This information was enough. There were many who were prettier than Qiu Xue, even that Goddess Zihua, Yun Ziyi, had been on par with Qiu Xue, while that Ji Mei had been even better than Qiu Xue.

After this, the first thing Ye Mo planned on doing when he got back would be to try to bring Yangzhu and co. to South Peace State.

Ye Mo asked Ding Ling about their current status too, but she didn't know anything about that. After all, the difference in social status was too high. She only knew some widely known bits of news.

As the four continued flying, more and more cultivators appeared. Many who knew Guo Qifan came to speak with them. When Ye Mo followed everyone to a big lake, he finally understood why he didn't see anyone before. Most of them were here - there were at least a few hundred cultivators present!

There were much more people from South Peace State coming into the herb valley than the North Far State.

As Ye Mo arrived, he immediately saw Qiu Xue and that big-eyed girl. They were waiting on the side of the lake for the Purple Flower Fire to come out. Ye Mo scanned them and moved his eyes away. They took his gift but didn't answer his question, so he really didn't like the two.

The two clearly didn't notice Ye Mo and just stared at the lake anxiously. Around them were tens of young cultivators. When they looked at Qiu Xue, it was obvious they were all admirers of her.

Qiu Xue's face was calm, and no one dared to go up and talk to her.

The lake was placid, and the big-eyed girl was bored. She said to Qiu Xue, "Sister Xue, why did that guy say that? Is he retarded? He chased up to us, but why did he use such a ridiculous way to catch your attention?"

Then she took out the two jade bottles, "I really want to see what pills he gave!"

"Throw it away," Qiu Xue said calmly.

The big-eyed girl laughed, "I will throw it away, of course, but I really want to see what pills the fellow gave first. The two jade bottles are quite exquisite."

Then she casually opened one bottle. When she poured two pale blue pills out of it however, she couldn't help but open her mouth wide in shock.
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