Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 936

Chapter 936: The Purple Flower Fire
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Qiu Xue noticed that her martial sister had suddenly stopped talking. She immediately turned around to see what had happened and saw two pale azure pills on her martial sister's hands.

She recognized the pills and exclaimed in shock, "The azure wen pill?! And it's special grade!"

Qin Xue immediately stopped talking. Everyone knew how precious the azure wen pills were to golden core state cultivators. Hence, they were even more precious when it came to special grade ones. This was something that couldn't be bought - only pill kings could concoct special grade azure wen pills.

The best cultivation pill for golden core state cultivators was the condense red pill. The second best one was the azure wen pill. It was very hard to reach golden core state peak stage with the condense red pill, but it was different with the azure wen pill. The reason for it being one of the most precious pill was because it could easily make a cultivator reach golden core state peak stage.

The pill was for helping golden core state tertiary stage cultivators breakthrough to golden core state peak stage. If you were at golden core state tertiary stage, you would be able to reach golden core state peak stage in a short time, as long as you had enough azure wen pills and suffer no side effects.

However, the main ingredient of the azure wen pill, the azure wen grass, was very rare. The pill was also very hard to concoct. It required at least a level 9 spirit pill master. Qiu Xue was the core disciple of a seven-star sect, but even she couldn't easily get a special grade azure wen pill. Even when she reached golden core state level 9 she would at most get a top-grade azure wen pill.

Yet now, she had found two special grade azure wen pills surrounded with spirit chi in her martial sister's hands.

The little girl immediately understood and placed the two azure wen pills into the jade bottle. She was also very excited. She hadn't thought that a golden core state level 1 cultivator would give them four special grade azure wen pills.

Seeing her martial sister's searing eyes, she immediately realized what her martial sister wanted. She took out the two bottles and gave them to Qiu Xue. She said, "Martial Sister, I don't need these pills for now. It's a waste for me to use them."

Qiu Xue really desired these special grade azure wen pills, but she also knew how valuable they were.

She took one bottle and said, "That person gave us two. We can have one each. I really didn't expect it!"

The big-eyed girl blinked and said, "Martial Sister, good thing I didn't listen to you. I almost threw them out without even looking at them."

Hearing this, the eternally cold-faced Qiu Xue blushed and said with embarrassment, "I think we misunderstood him. He might've really approached us to ask questions."

The younger martial sister continued, "I refuse to believe that he doesn't know the South Peace State's ten beauties. If he can give away such pills so easily, he's a core disciple of either an eight-star sect or a nine-star sect. He's just using a new way to get your attention. But it didn't go according to the plan."

Qiu Xue shook her head. "Not necessarily. Think about the flying artefact he was using. It was an ugly kitchen knife. If he was from an eight-star sect-"

Qiu Xue believed that Ye Mo had gotten the two bottles through his luck. As for why he had given it to her, it had obviously been to suck up to her. She had seen such cultivators before. People who were willing to give her everything in their storage ring to attain her favour.

Hearing this, the big-eyed martial sister nodded. Then she added, "I wonder if that guy is here too."

She started searching amongst the crowd and immediately saw some cultivators talking to Ye Mo. She grabbed Qiu Xue's sleeve and said, "Martial Sister, he's really here! Look, he's in front of us! He didn't even greet us. What sort of pursuer is this? Hmph!"

She then continued, "Martial Sister, it seems you're right. He's just talking with those low-grade sect members. Clearly, he's not from a big sect. I really don't know how he found the four pills."

Usually, big sect members looked at lower-grade sect members with content and they usually didn't talk to them.

Qiu Xue looked up and saw Ye Mo. However, he didn't look over at all, and much less did he go talk to them.

"Qiu Xue Goddess, Yang Rou Martial Sister, long time no see," an amicable male voice sounded.

Qiu Xue frowned but when she saw who waa coming, she could only nod. "So it's the Martial Brother Wang Pu from the Tian Xian Sect! What teachings do you have for us?"

She didn't want to talk much to him.

The Tian Xian Sect was a seven-star sect and Wang Pu was the core disciple. He was already at golden core state level 8 and he was stronger than her.

Wang Pu didn't feel awkward about her words at all. He said nicely, "I thought I saw two pills in Martial Sister Yang Rou's hands that seemed to be special-grade azure wen pills."

QIu Xue had began to frown already. Wang Pu was at golden core state level 8. Of course he wanted the azure wen pill.

"I saw that Martial Sister Yang Rou had another bottle. If she's willing to sell it, I-" Qiu Xue interrupted him without hesitation, "Sorry, Martial Brother Wang, azure wen pill are very important to us to. We don't have more to sell."

Wang Pu seemed to have known Qiu Xue would say this. He didn't get angry and simply continued, "Of course, I won't force you if you don't want to sell. I just want to know where you bought your azure wen pill, so I can try my luck too."

Qiu Xue felt a little better after hearing this, but it was hard for her. If Ye Mo didn't have some big background, he would be dead for sure in the hands of Wang Pu.

Thinking about this, Qiu Xue said casually, "We helped someone and that person gave us the pills in gratitude. We don't know that person either. Sorry."

Qiu Xue blushed when saying this. They had taken Ye Mo's things, but they hadn't helped him at all.

Wang Pu had a sneer on his face. He said plainly, "That person is really generous. Giving a special-grade azure wen pill to a stranger for helping them! Hehe."

Qiu Xue didn't explain. She wouldn't have believed it either if she had been Wang Pu. She subconsciously glanced at Ye Mo.

However, this glance was immediately caught by Wang Pu. He immediately kept a mental note of Ye Mo. He didn't believe that Ye Mo, who hung out with a group of small sect members, would have such pills. Yet since Qiu Xue had glanced at Ye Mo that second, it meant something.

Meanwhile, the Purple Flower Fire was about to be born. He didn't have time to talk to a cultivator like Ye Mo.

At this moment, a golden core state peak stage cultivator stood in the air and saluted everyone with his fist, "Dao Friends, we're all gathered here for one purpose, the Purple Flower Fire! But there's only one. Luckily, there are many seeds coming with it. So even if you just get the seed, it's quite a fortune!"

The golden core state cultivator clearly had some status. The crowd immediately quieted down when he got out and soon the scene was silent.

This cultivator nodded with satisfaction and continued, "There are 36 seeds, but there are hundreds of cultivators here. Not everyone can get one. I'm here to remind everyone that we're all elite cultivators from the South Peace State. Even if you want to fight over the seeds, try not to kill each other!"

Ye Mo sneered upon hearing this. He knew this guy was talking bullshit. It would be lucky if the lake hadn't been dyed red by the end - so killing just a few people was even more unlikely.
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