Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 937

Chapter 937: Three-Eyed Purple Frog
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Seeing Ye Mo's sneer, Guo Qifan quickly said, "Brother Ye, that person isn't simple. He's the core disciple of the 9 star sect called the Infinity Sect, Dong Tianya. He's ranked fourth on the golden core state hall of fame."

"Same sect as Wen Caiyi?" Ye Mo asked in shock.

Guo Qifan looked at Ye Mo speechlessly, "Brother Ye, please excuse me for being straightforward, but the only thing you need to know about the South Peace State ten beauties is that if you keep them in your heart, you will eventually get hurt."

This was the second time he said this to Ye Mo. Clearly he had a good impression of Ye Mo.

Guo Qifan continued, "This Dong Tianya for example, he's a golden core state peak stage cultivator at such a young age and the core disciple of a nine-star sect. And he is a pursuer of Wen Caiyi. Even though his status is a little higher than her, she still rejected him by saying that her cultivation level was still too low.

Then he reminded Ye Mo to look at Qiu Xue on the opposite side, "Look, that's the Qiu Xue who is just ranked South Peace State number ten."

Seeing Ye Mo look over, Guo Qifan continued, "She's only ranked tenth, yet how many cultivators want to get close to her? Those cultivators around her are all trying to get her attention, but they don't know how ridiculous they are. They all think they're looking really eye-catching and all that, but I'm certain that Qiu Xue doesn't like even a single one of them."

Ye Mo had noticed the scene as soon as he arrived and found it funny too.

Qiu Xue saw Ye Mo look at her and suddenly seemed to understand something. She couldn't help but think in contempt, 'So in the end he was still trying to get my attention.'

"By the way, Brother Guo, how many cultivators enter the Desert Plain Herb Valley from the South Peace State each time?" Ye Mo asked.

Guo Qifan looked strangely at Ye Mo, "You don't even know this? The spots are based on one sect's rank. Take my sect, the True Cauldron Sect, for example. It's a five-star sect, so we got five spots. Nine-star sects have nine spots. Other than this, there's also a solo cultivator alliance. If a solo cultivator wants to go in, he needs to sign up at the alliance and pass their test. If you're qualified, you can go in. All in all, there's about 10 to 20 thousand people each time.

Ye Mo was shook. He didn't expect the difference between the North and South to be this huge.

Suddenly, ripples started forming on the Purple Flower Lake. Seeing this, everyone became quiet in an instant.

No one spoke, while some people even took out their magic artefacts. Everyone walked a few steps forward subconsciously, as though the closer they were to the lake, the greater their chances would be.

The ripples grew larger and larger until it was eventually like the lake was boiling. Everyone knew that the Purple Flower Fire was about to be born.

Seven minutes later, the water split from the heart of the lake, and a huge meter-long Purple Sunflower rose up from the water. Soon, it grew up to half a meter above the lake.

Ye Mo, like all other cultivators, watched nervously as the Purple Sunflower kept rising. This was his first time seeing such a phenomenon too. He knew from 'Things' that the Purple Sunflower was a water element fire.

Although it came from the water, all the cultivators by the lakeside felt a scorching heat.

The Purple Flower Fire was precious, but Ye Mo already had the Mist Lotus Heart Fire, so he didn't really feel astonished. He was going to say something to Guo Qifan when he turned around and saw Guo Qifan staring deadly at the Purple Flower as he gulped down his saliva.

Ye Mo then looked around, and he found that everyone was similarly greedily looking at the Purple Flower.

Ye Mo sighed. If he didn't have the Mist Lotus Heart Fire, would he be like these people too? Asking people in this state to not kill when fighting over it, wasn't that a joke?

Suddenly, Ye Mo felt great respect towards Kong Ye. He knew Ye Mo had the Mist Lotus Heart Fire but wasn't at all greedy for it and even planned on giving him an Earth Fire. Perhaps only such a person could be called a true morally righteous Qianbei.

The flower stopped growing at 2 meters, and the huge sunflower then started opening up. The heat it emitted was getting more and more intense, forcing some weaker cultivators to step back.

One golden core state level four cultivator got too excited, and before the Purple Flower Fire was fully mature, he charged up.

A few more cultivators saw this and did the same, fearing someone else would take it.

"Stop, you can't touch the Purple Flower Fire now!" Dong Tianya was very annoyed.

But before he finished talking, there was a sudden rumble underneath the lake. A 10 meter high waterstream shot up as a huge, bloody mouth appeared. With one spin of the tongue inside the mouth the golden core state level four and two golden core state level three cultivators were swept away.

Then, the tongue immediately sunk back into the lake.

Everyone took a breath in. If they had charged up as well, their end would have been the same.

What a terrifying spirit beast! Everyone by the lake side calmed down their excitement completely and looked at the flower with some concern.

Level six primary stage spirit beast - the Three-eyed Purple Frog! Ye Mo had recognized it immediately. A level six Three-eyed Purple Frog was similar to nascent soul state cultivators in power. But spirit beasts had much better defensive powers than cultivators.

"It's a level six Three-eyed Purple Frog!" someone screamed.

"The Three-eyed Purple Frog is the spirit beast that is born along with the Purple Sunflower Fire - how could I forget about that!" someone exclaimed.

Meanwhile, Ye Mo was very excited, because the Three-eyed Purple Frog had something on its body that was much more precious than the Purple Flower Fire.

The situation had changed, however. A level six Three-eyed Purple Frog was much stronger than these cultivators.

There was a core difference between the golden core state and the nascent soul state. Golden core state cultivators only congealed their cultivation essence into a solid state. Nascent soul state cultivators on the other hand could forge their essence spirit as well.

Soon the Purple Flower completely opened up, and a faint purple flame rose up in the centre of the petals.

Ye Mo knew that when the flame was first born, it would have a faint purple color, but after it stabilized, it would return to a faint yellow color. It would then need countless years of consolidating its foundation to reach purple again.

The flame was almost mature, but no one dared to go up. It was a precious thing, but it was protected by a level six beast. They couldn't even defend against such a beast.

Dong Tianya was becoming more and more desperate. He suddenly flew up and said, "Everyone, the flame is guarded by the Three-eyed Purple Frog. If we don't annihilate this beast, we won't be able to get the flame or the seed. It will just all be devoured by the frog at this rate. I will go lure the frog and then everyone can attack together."

"Okay, I agree! Go Martial Brother Dong, I will be the first to help!"

"Me too!"

Most people agreed with Dong Tianya's suggestion.

Dong Tianya took out a palm-sized stamp and charged at the fire.

Before he got there, another waterstream shot up, as it seemed the Three-eyed Purple Frog had been ready for him, and the huge tongue swept over again.

Before the tongue reached him, though, Dong Tianya threw out the stamp in his hand, which started increasing in size. By the time it got above the Three-eyed Purple Frog, it was already 3 meters long.
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