Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 942

Chapter 942: Insolent
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

The Herb Valley was so big that Ye Mo couldn't even tell where he was. He just kept going north and collecting herbs along the way.

This Desert Herb Valley was really a natural garden. Even though Ye Mo didn't pass by anywhere special, he still found large quantities of level three and level four herbs, as well as a few level five ones.

Although he was flying north, Ye Mo subconsciously still avoided the way he came from. He really feared that black mist. That thing was too scary! If he were more powerful, perhaps he would go study it, but now he just wanted to stay as far away from it as possible.

On the seventh day of Ye Mo's travel, Ye Mo picked up on some cultivation essence waves with his spirit sense. Ye Mo didn't want to care too much about it, but he also wanted to see who was fighting. Thinking about this, he scanned his spirit sense over immediately.

But when Ye Mo saw that it was a golden core state peak stage cultivator fighting a woman who had her face covered, he immediately turned in their direction and charged over.

His heart was beating rapidly. He knew that golden core state peak stage - it was the strongest cultivator from back at the spirit marrow pond! Ye Mo saw with his own eyes how the man got at least 100 spirit crystals. How could he let this opportunity go? Not to mention, he had almost died to that man before.

Ye Mo made his cultivation level seem to be at foundation establishment state level seven again. He knew that the golden core state peak stage knew he was at level seven, so he wouldn't suspect anything.

The two both saw Ye Mo come over, and both of them seemed to be interested in this foundation establishment state level seven.

It was understandable that the golden core state peak stage man would look at him with fascination. Ye Mo even suspected that if he left immediately, the man would leave behind that woman to go capture him insead.

However, he had never seen the masked woman before, so why would she look at him with shock too?

Seeing that Ye Mo had no intentions of leaving, the two started fighting again. Cultivation essence rattled, explosions kept sounding in the air, and the fighting grew more intense with Ye Mo's arrival, as though both sides wanted to end the other party quickly.

Ye Mo checked the woman's power level. She was a golden core state level seven cultivator, but being able to fight such an intense battle with a golden core state peak stage cultivator, it clearly meant that she had a lot of various methods. But Ye Mo's battle sense was acute enough to tell that if he didn't intervene, it wouldn't be long before that golden core state peak stage man won.

Ye Mo didn't intervene, though. The most important thing were the 100 or so spirit crystals that golden core state peak stage cultivator had. That was a huge fortune.

With enough spirit crystals, Ye Mo would be able to reach golden core state middle stage in a short time. That would make him really happy.

At the same time, Ye Mo was also very clear that he was no match for this golden core state peak stage fighter yet. Seeing the two fight an intense battle, Ye Mo started laying out formations around them.

Seeing a foundation establishment state level seven set up formation flags around them and throwing down top grade spirit stones, the two golden core state cultivators thought it funny.

What use could it have even if this small cultivator laid some formations? The formations that a foundation establishment state level seven kid set down wouldn't even be able to block one strike from a golden core state cultivator.

In their eyes, Ye Mo was being insolent.

Rumble- Right when the formation was set up, the masked woman was smashed away. However, she didn't fly far before smashing into the defensive formation Ye Mo had just set up, shaking it a little.

The formation Ye Mo had set up activated with a shining yellow light, but that was it. The defensive formation didn't break as it sealed the woman and peak stage cultivator inside of it with a faint yellow light.

The masked woman was dazed. She even forgot to wipe the blood from her mouth as she looked dazily at Ye Mo, "You set up a level three formation? You're a level three formation master?"

Ye Mo sneered. A level three formation was nothing, if he had the time and materials, he could even set up a level four formation. He had also set up a stealth attack formation.

That golden core state peak stage also put on a serious look. He didn't care about Ye Mo's foundation establishment state power, but the level three formation made him become more careful.

He believed that Ye Mo wouldn't be able to stop him regardless, but he didn't reach the golden core state peak stage by simply trusting in assumptions.

"What do you want?" the masked woman asked Ye Mo coldly.

Ye Mo smiled plainly, "I have no conflict with you. I'll open the formation and you can go, but I have some problems with him. I need to take something from him."

Ye Mo's words were very funny, but the masked woman didn't laugh. Someone who can easily set up level three formations wasn't simple. Her master told her that she shouldn't easily offend a formation master.

Clearly Ye Mo was such a master. She also thought of when Ye Mo killed someone beyond his level and didn't look down on Ye Mo at all.

She nodded to Ye Mo and walked out of the defensive formation. This time, the formation didn't do anything, meaning that it was completely under the control of this foundation establishment state cultivator.

Seeing her leave, Ye Mo didn't care. Even if he didn't use formations, he wasn't scared of a golden core state level seven. Even if he couldn't win, he could run away.

"You've got balls, I haven't gone looking for you yet, but you dare to come for me?" the golden core state peak stage sneered.

Ye Mo smiled, "You haven't looked for me? I think it's just that you couldn't find me." Without question, this golden core state peak stage cultivator must've been looking everywhere for him.

"Give me the magic artefact that contains the spirit marrow. I promise you can leave after that. Other than this, I won't touch anything of yours." Unexpectedly, this golden core state peak stage didn't attack Ye Mo.

"Okay, give me your storage ring, and I promise too that if it satisfies me, I'll let you go," Ye Mo replied calmly.

As he said that, Ye Mo threw out another formation flag. This immediately clouded the environment inside the formation. The golden core state peak stage man couldn't even see Ye Mo's face clearly anymore, and his spirit sense also became weak.

The cultivator was shook. He waved his hand, and a colored flag appeared in his hand, which he then threw out immediately.

The small flag turned ten meters big in an instant, and the sky became ghastly under its influence. Ye Mo subconsciously shivered at the change.

Ye Mo clearly saw the cultivator use only a hammer-like magic artefact when fighting the masked woman before.

Ye Mo couldn't help but wonder why both Gu Yicheng and this man used ordinary moves and magic artefacts to fight other people but immediately took out their most powerful assets to fight him.

He appeared as only a foundation establishment state level seven right now.

Ye Mo immediately threw out tens of formation flags as well as Zi Xu.

He knew that it would be suicide to compete in cultivation essence against a golden core state peak stage opponent. It would be stupid to not utilize the formation right now.

If he wanted to win, he would need the formation to suppress the man and use Shadowless to slowly torture him.

Shadowless had killed a golden core state peak stage before, so Ye Mo wasn't too worried. And this situation was actually much better than when he killed Li Changsheng. He was only at the foundation establishment state before, but now he was at the golden core state and had formations to help him.

After throwing out the flag, the sky rumbled as tens of yellow rays shot out of the formation, charging into the flag.

The cloudiness in the formation was getting worse and worse. The golden core state peak stage was shook when his flag was stopped. His flag was made out of living souls, and although it had only just been completed, it was capable of stealing souls. He didn't expect a foundation establishment state would be able suppress it with a formation.

Then suddenly, countless purple sword rays slashed at his face.

The masked woman looked dazily at the formation and the countless explosions inside of it, but she couldn't see anything. Since when was this foundation establishment state cultivator this strong?
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