Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 943

Chapter 943: Martial sister
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

As the purple sword ray swooped down, the golden core state cultivator immediately realized that Ye Mo wasn't at foundation establishment state level 7. No matter how much of a prodigy a foundation establishment state level 7 he could be, he wouldn't be able to use a sword ray of that caliber.

However, it wasn't the time to think about that. He spat some essence blood and summoned the flag back with it. It got stopped by the formation at first, but due to the burning essence blood, it only took an instant to bring it back.

Then, the flag stopped Ye Mo's purple sword rays.

The purple sword rays and the flag clashed together, creating a screeching sound that was absolutely unbearable.

Ye Mo felt his cultivation essence rustle and he almost spat out some blood.

But the flag's effects were far from done. Soon, the screeching sound started to summon something, as though from it came from hell. Ye Mo's head was dizzy.

Ye Mo's soul was strong, so he immediately could tell what was going on. It was the main effect of the flag. The flag was trying to summon his soul into the formation. This golden core state cultivator was underestimating his formation too much.

Ye Mo threw out a few more formation flags and Zi Xu shone even brighter.

Countless yellow light ray got activated from within the formation and they swept the flag again.

This time, Ye Mo had used the Illusion Cloud Essence Binding Strike. With Ye Mo's current power, it could only bind the cultivation essence of a golden core state peak stage cultivator for a brief moment, but that was enough. Shadowless had already made a move.

Shadowless had cooperated with Ye Mo countless times and it was very proficient at such things.

Ye Mo was sure that if he hadn't had the formation, it wouldn't have even been easy to stop the flag - and much less bind the cultivation essence of this golden core state peak stage cultivator.

The golden core state peak stage master suddenly noticed his cultivation essence had pause for a moment. He immediately realized things weren't good. He had been in countless battles and for the first time, he feared Ye Mo. It seemed like this cultivator had all sorts of undetectable means!

The golden core state cultivator wanted to run away and take back his flag, but then he felt his meridians ache. It was as though large amounts of essence blood were being instantly devoured.

He was shook. He realized this was Ye Mo's lethal blow. If he stayed now, he would die for sure.

The cultivator abandoned the flag, wrapped Shadowless with all of his cultivation essence and tried to dash away.

This was the first time that Shadowless got covered with cultivation essence. If the cultivator had wanted to kick him out, he had other means to deal with it, but he also wasn't able to break free from the binding at that moment.

The golden core state cultivator wanted to run away as far as possible, but he forgot about Ye Mo's defense formation in his worry.

Rumble- The golden core state cultivator ran into the formation and the formation shook.

The golden core state cultivator forced himself to calm down. He had finally understood why Ye Mo had such confidence. His cultivation essence wasn't that far from his and he had all sorts of means.

The golden core state man knew that the most important step was to escape from this formation. He had never thought that a formation that he hadn't taken seriously would be a matter of life and death for him.

This cultivator just took out his flying sword. He realized he wasn't able to attack the formation yet when he saw endless purple sword rays coming at him.

This forced him to defend himself against the attacks, instead of hacking open the formation.

However, his cultivation essence had been letting Shadowless slip away as he had used it on running. However, now that he had to use even more to defend himself against Ye Mo's attacks, Shadowless instantly broke free and started to devour his dan tian.

The cultivator's flying sword was thrown in the air and it got devoured by Ye Mo's purple sword rays. In his eyes, there was endless regret.

It was too late for him.

The purple sword rays brought shower of blood and the next moment, the cultivator started to sag and dry out.

Ye Mo took away the flag and the storage ring - he could now breath at ease. He didn't look into the ring yet, there also was a masked woman outside watching.

The masked woman had seen countless explosions and then, the shaking of the formation. She was just about to go and check when the formation suddenly disappeared. That foundation establishment state level 8 cultivator appeared before her, but the golden core state peak stage master was gone.

The masked woman saw Ye Mo come out alone, putting away the formation flags. After a while, she asked hesitantly, "Did you kill him? You actually killed him."

"Yes, I killed him." Ye Mo then looked at the woman. He had never seen her, but she seemed to have seen him.

Ye Mo asked casually, "Do you know me? Have you seen me before?"

The woman nodded. "Yes, I've seen you once and I know you're from the Zheng Yuan Sword Sect. You killed Li Baisen outside the sect."

Ye Mo was shook. He didn't know that there had been a masked woman watching on the side when killed Li Baisen.

If she had wanted to kill him at the time, it would have been rather easy.

The woman realized what Ye Mo was thinking and said calmly, "If I had wanted to kill you at the time, I would've. But I didn't."

"Who are you? How do you know Li Baisen?" Ye Mo asked coldly.

The woman's tone grew even calmer, "I know Li Baisen because I'm also from the Zheng Yuan Sword Sect. As a member of that sect, what do you think I would do when facing the killer of a core disciple?"

Ye Mo suddenly laughed. "That's old news! Other than Li Baisen, I've also killed Ji Changsheng."

Ye Mo waved his hand and Zi Xu appeared again. He said calmly, "If you want to fight, then hurry up."

The masked woman was dazed, but she didn't have any intentions of fighting Ye Mo. After a long while, she murmured, "You could actually kill Li Changsheng? That's right! You just killed a golden core state peak stage cultivator."

"Did you know his surname is Li?" Ye Mo asked strangely. Theoretically other than Li Yuyan and him, no one else knew that Ji Changsheng was actually Li Changsheng."

The woman didn't reply, but she bowed to Ye Mo and said, "Thank you for killing Li Changsheng. I'm Fu Yishuang. You've probably heard of me."

Fu Yishuang? Ye Mo had actually heard of this name. He studied her and asked hesitantly, "I've heard of this name, aren't you the chi gathering state hall of fame's number one? How did you become a golden core state cultivator?"

Fu Yishuang smiled. "When I left the sect two years ago I was already at foundation establishment state level 7. I haven't been back for two years. When I reached golden core state level 1, I wanted to follow Li Baisen and kill him, but I saw your battle with him."

Ye Mo realized that this Fu Yishuang had also had an enmity with Li Baisen, so she didn't dare to go back to the sect.

Strictly speaking, that woman was his martial sister.
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