Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 944

Chapter 944: Exchange
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But Ye Mo didn't have any good impression of the Sword Sect at all, much less of this Martial Sister. When he was fighting with Li Baisen, he was on the lower hand, yet this woman didn't come out, which meant that his life was worth nothing to her.

This woman clearly only cared about herself.

Ye Mo immediately lost interest in continuing his talk with her.

Seeing that Ye Mo wanted to leave, Fu Yishuang suddenly said, "Since you killed Li Changsheng, you probably obtained the Illusion Cloud Six Strikes right? I know he had it."

"What are you trying to say?" Ye Mo's tone went cold. He didn't really care about the Illusion Cloud Six Strikes, but since this woman was asking about it, she might have some plans for it.

Fu Yishuang saw Ye Mo go alert and immediately said, "You don't need to worry. The reason why I care about it so much is because it belongs to my Fu family."

Hearing this, Ye Mo understood why she had wanted to kill Li Baisen. When he obtained those last three strikes of the Illusion Cloud Six Strikes, he knew that the Illusion Cloud didn't belong to the Li family. But it seemed the Fu family's Illusion Cloud wasn't complete either, so it probably didn't belong to them either.

"A few centuries ago, the Fu family got the Illusion Cloud, but we were slaughtered by the Li family. The only purpose the descendants of the Fu family have in mind is to get the Illusion Cloud back and to get revenge," Fu Yishuang's tone was calm as she explained.

Ye Mo didn't care, so he said, "You haven't been back to your sect for two years, there's a lot of things you probably don't know. It's said that they were going to unite with Hidden Sword, and I also heard that the Ping Yao Li family was annihilated by the sect. Perhaps finding the Illusion Cloud Six Strikes is all there's left for you to worry about. As for the revenge, the sect already took care of it for you."

"Huh?" Fu Yishuang was stunned and reacted only after a long while, "So there are some things that don't need to be done, huh."

Ye Mo didn't speak as he just watched her.

She soon reacted and looked fervently at Ye Mo, "This means that if you give the Illusion Cloud to me I don't need to keep living for the Fu family blood oath!"

Ye Mo said plainly, "You're right, and I do have it indeed, but I'm not related to you, nor are we friends. Why should I give the Illusion Cloud to you?"

"" Fu Yishuang was at a loss for words. She said hesitantly after a while, "But when you killed Li Baisen before, I didn't attack you during that time."

"The reason why you didn't attack was because you knew he didn't have the Illusion Cloud Six Strikes. Secondly, you felt threatened by me. If I can kill a false core state Li Baisen, I can heavily injure you too. You had just reached the golden core state, and you couldn't afford to sustain any injuries. Therefore, I don't owe you anything."

"Not to mention, when Li Baisen was about to kill me and I had no strength to retaliate, you probably wouldn't have come to help me if I hadn't taken care of it myself. You would have only used the chance to kill Li Baisen. You wouldn't care about my life or death, am I wrong?"

Fu Yishuang was speechless, and she didn't argue. That was the reality. Even if Ye Mo was about to get killed, she wouldn't come out and help.

Seeing this, Ye Mo sneered, "So if we're talking about owing anyone anything, it is you who owe me. Even if I didn't help you kill Li Baisen on purpose, would you have been able to beat a golden core state peak stage like him in the end? If I hadn't appeared, you would have gotten heavily injured even if you hadn't died. And actually, I must say that if I hadn't come, you would have died for sure. I won't explain why in detail, but in this perspective, you owe me your life."

Fu Yishuang looked down. She didn't believe what Ye Mo said, but Ye Mo had helped her indeed.

Ye Mo could tell she didn't believe him, but he didn't care, "You owe me, yet you want me to give you the Illusion Cloud for free. Don't you think that's ridiculous? If you think you can rob the Illusion Cloud from me, then give it a try."

Ye Mo could even kill someone at the golden core state peak stage, there was no way Fu Yishuang would fight him with her life right now.

"In that case, I'll be leaving." Ye Mo was about to release Zi Xu.

"Wait!" Fu Yishuang stopped Ye Mo. If Ye Mo left, where would she go find the Illusion Cloud Six Strikes?"

Seeing Ye Mo stop, Fu Yishuang pulled down her face veil and said, "I still have some looks. If you give the Illusion Cloud to me"

Ye Mo was dazed at her words. He really didn't care about the Illusion Cloud Six Strikes as he had the Nine Strikes which he had improved based on it.

The reason why he was being so tough was because Fu Yishuang having been in the Herb Valley for so long, she must've gotten some herbs. He wanted her to bring it up herself. The basic rule to business was that the other side would only give you the best offer if you didn't want to do the deal.

But what Fu Yishuang was thinking was that the herbs she had might be precious, but they weren't nearly as precious as the Illusion Cloud Six Strikes. Besides, Ye Mo must've obtained a lot of herbs too.

If she couldn't get back the Illusion Cloud Six Strikes, the blood oath would block her from ever reaching Immortal Ascension.

If it wasn't that Ye Mo was too strong, she would really want to kill Ye Mo and take it.

She couldn't beat Ye Mo,however, nor did she have any valuable items. She even owed him too. The only thing she had was her virgin body.

Fu Yishuang's face was a little pale, perhaps due to always wearing a veil. But even so, Ye Mo had to admit she was beautiful. Her eyes were very big, making Ye Mo think of Yang Rou. However, she was prettier than her. Ye Mo believed even Qiu Xue might not be as pretty as Fu Yishuang.

But even then, Ye Mo had no intentions for her. He sighed. He felt that it wasn't worth it for Fu Yishuang to go so far for the Illusion Cloud Six Strikes.

Ye Mo suddenly lost interest in taking her fortunes. This woman was living for the hatred of the Fu family and this Illusion Cloud. That was too tiring of a way to live in Ye Mo's eyes.

Ye Mo took out the Illusion Cloud Six Strikes jade slip and gave it to her. "The Illusion Cloud is in here, but it's incomplete. It's missing three strikes. Even if you cultivate it, it can only be a sword technique for before the hollow spirit state. After that, it will be lacking."

Then, he took out Zi Xu and dashed away.

Although he pitied her, he didn't give the Nine Strikes to her. If she had helped with killing LI Baisen, he would, but instead she had just watched. It was already very generous of him to be giving her the Illusion Cloud Six Strikes.

Fu Yishuang was dazed. She didn't think that when she took off her veil, Ye Mo would give it to her for free.

Why? Did he think she was ugly?

Fu Yishuang was rather confident about her looks. She didn't understand why Ye Mo did what he did.

She shook her head and stopped thinking about it. She checked the Illusion Cloud Six Strikes jade slip, and it was the real deal indeed.

Fu Yishuang rejoiced. She had worked so hard and finally gotten the Illusion Cloud Six Strikes back for the Fu family.
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