Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 945

Chapter 945: Really Dare to Leave
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Ye Mo found a quiet place and set up a formation to check his loot. The ring was mostly filled with herbs, so he organized them and put into a separate ring. The slightly valuable herbs were sent to the golden page world.

Large amounts of spirit stones, pills and other magic artefact spirit artefacts were stored together in piles. Other than the crocodile scissors and the flag, Ye Mo was ready to sell the rest.

As for ores, the most precious one was the Vibrant Sun True Metal and a top-grade pilo of Star Sand.

The golden core state peak stage cultivator had 400,000 top-grade spirit stones, but what shocked Ye Mo the most was that he had all sorts of spirit herbs that all together counted more than his. However, he simply had less valuable ones. Ye Mo wouldn't have had so many precious spirit herbs if he hadn't gone to that mist valley.

When he saw more than 170 spirit crystals, Ye Mo immediately understood why this guy was so rich. He must've robbed a lot of the cultivators in the spirit marrow pond.

When he opened more storage rings inside the golden core state peak stage cultivator's ring, he found 1.5 million top-grade spirit stones, 2.6 million middle-grade spirit stones and only less than 3 million low-grade spirit stones.

Ye Mo was sure that this guy had been the wealthiest man amongst the golden core state cultivators.

He put these things away and went out looking for more herbs casually. He knew that the place was about to close.

There were still a few days left, so Ye Mo made a few level 2 formation disks, including a defense formation and four attack formation. Ye Mo wanted to make higher level ones, but his resources were limited. Moreover, it was much harder to make formation disks than building the formation.

He knew he wasn't really in danger in there, but he would be when he got out.

All of those cultivators who had paid him a toll and that bitter-faced cultivator wanted to kill him. He wasn't concerned about that guy on his own, but feared what could happen if he had backup.

A few thousand kilometers away from Ye Mo, a bitter-faced cultivator had a bleak expression.

Other than collecting herbs, he had a very important mission and that was to kill Ye Mo and take all of his belongings to Elder Feng of the Immortal Treasure Tower.

Elder Feng believed that Ye Mo had to have some secret to have been able to become number one in the pill concoction hall of fame with such power.

He had thought it was going to be a simple task, as he had planted large amounts of spirit sense marks on Ye Mo. However, after going in, he hadn't been able to Ye Mo and he had even lost his minion He Chong.

This easy task remained unfinished and it made him very annoyed. He knew that if he didn't complete his mission, his value would greatly decrease in the eyes of Elder Feng.

His time was almost up.

Indeed, time was up. White lights flashed over the cultivators as they were teleported out.

As soon as Ye Mo came out, he saw a large crowd of people squeezing outside the valley. There were even more stalls now and each with a sign for collecting spirit herbs and materials.

Ye Mo didn't dare to use Nine Transformations. He was more scared of the the black and the white masters he had avoided. They were hollow spirit state cultivators.

Ye Mo was certainly not staying there after seeing how many people there were. But as soon as he tried to run, he was surrounded by a group of very fervent merchants.

"I'm the worker at the All Spirit Hall!"

"I'm from the Herb Cauldron Sect! We will pay a high price for your herbs."

After Ye Mo finally squeezed out, a beautiful woman appeared before him. "Ye Mo, I knew those people couldn't do anything to you. Indeed, you didn't disappoint me."

Ye Mo looked at Liu Yuetang and the three martial sisters behind her and he secretly stayed alert. He said calmly, "I'm just making a profit from my hard work. If it hadn't been for me, you guys would've already died in that mist. But I'm sure you don't believe me."

Ye Mo had really helped these people. However, all of these guys wanted to kill him and rob his belongings.

If Ye Mo has known it was going to be like that from the start, he would have rather not make them pay the toll price.

Liu Yuetang smiled, but she didn't answer Ye Mo. Clearly, she thought that even if Ye Mo hadn't repaired the formation, they could have still come out.

Ye Mo said expressionlessly, "I have no spirit herbs. If you want to attack me, then hurry up or I'm going to leave."

That Qiqi girl suddenly said, "Martial Brother Ye, I believe you."

"Qiqi? You-" Qin Muxin suddenly looked shockingly at Qiqi. They knew that she had the ability to tell if someone was lying or not. She could feel that Ye Mo was actually telling the truth.

Qiqi continued, "Martial Brother Ye, you've mistaken my martial sister. No one is allowed to fight after the herb valley opens. They have to wait until going outside. My martial sister just wants to invite you to our sect. Although we won't do anything to you, other people might."

Ye Mo's spirit sense had already seen Ji Zhiyuan, who was staring coldly at him. Although he hadn't come for him yet. if Ye Mo left, Ji Zhiyuan would chase him for sure.

Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense out again and found that bitter-faced cultivator. He wasn't looking at him at that moment, but Ye Mo was sure that this guy was going to attack him. He had sensed the guy scan him with spirit sense more than once.

Other than him, another cultivator was watching him. It was that golden core state level 8 cultivator from the God Sword Sect.

Unexpectedly, while other people were just watching Ye Mo, the Dual Heart Sect's Zhe Qiushui came up to Ye Mo and saluted him with his fists. "Brother Ye, hello, I knew I would be able to see you soon. If you have time, you must visit the Dual Heart Valley. I highly respect Brother Ye, and I'm also grateful to you for saving my life."

"You don't harbor enmity towards me?" Ye Mo looked strangely at Zhe Qiushui. He had taken half of his herbs.

Zhe Qiushui laughed. "I greatly admire Brother Ye's talent, those mere herbs are nothing! Moreover, you've saved my life."

Ye Mo was sure that this guy was being genuine, so he nodded. "Okay, if I have time, I will go to the Dual Heart Valley for sure."

Seeing this, Liu Yuetang approached him again and smiled. "Brother Ye, you're indeed quite significant. Zhe Qiushui is a prideful person. You took his herbs, but he still thinks so highly of you."

Seeing that Ye Mo was getting impatient, Liu Yuetang smiled. "Martial Brother Ye, our sect is genuinely inviting you over. If you leave now, that Ji Zhiyuan won't let you go. But he doesn't dare to come to our sect. Even if you offend the Ghost Immortal Sect, we won't fear them."

Ye Mo was considering whether he should go with them. After all, Ji Zhiyuan was from a five-star sect. He wasn't going to be the only one hunting him down.

However, Liu Yuetang's words clearly implied that they were doing him a favour. They were willing to go against the Ghost Immortal Sect for him. If he went, he had to admit this as this favor.

Qin Muxin heard this and sighed. She knew Ye Mo rather well. Her big martial sister hadn't even done anything for Ye Mo, yet she was already planning to make him pay back. Ye Mo could even reject her master - there was no way he would succumb to her.

Indeed, Ye Mo sneered. "Thank you, Big Martial Sister, for your good will, but I don't need to be protected by your bunch. goodbye."

Then, Ye Mo darted into the sky with Zi Xu.

Ye Mo didn't mean to look down on the women from her sect, but Liu Yuetang's intentions were too obvious.

Liu Yuetang saw this and murmured, "He really dares to leave?"
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