Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 951

Chapter 951: Enemies Meet Again
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo watched the two leave and waited another day before carefully packing his things. He then took that jade card and finally left.

He could rest easy at last. Having directed the Ghost Immortal Sect fellows to Xia Shan City, Li Yuqian and company lost a big enemy.

Ye Mo really wanted to go to Pei Hai City now, but he knew he had to increase his power at all costs.

Although he was at golden core state level two and he wouldn't fear even a golden core state level eight in battle, he had too many enemies, and every single one of them was much stronger than him.

So, he chose to go to the All Herb Mountain Ranges.

The All Herb Mountain Ranges were boundless. They formed one of the ten big mountain ranges of the North Far State. This had always been a trial ground for low level members of sects. Ye Mo obtained the Rainbow Golden Lotus there int he past and had reached the foundation establishment state there. This was also the place he killed Li Bailin.

Without the flying pike, it was very inconvenient for Ye Mo. Although Zi Xu was also very fast, Ye Mo felt the flying pike saved a lot of time and effort. He had made up his mind to buy a good flying magic artefact after getting to a big city.

Many days later, Ye Mo was back in the All Herb Mountain Ranges.

Although there had always been a lot of low level sect members there doing trials, most of the area remained unsearched.

The map Ye Mo had gotten was of the depths of the All Herb Mountain Ranges. After getting there, Ye Mo used three days, while avoiding many level five beasts, to get to the spot that was marked on the map.

Ye Mo believed that he currently didn't have to fear ordinary level five beasts, but if they fought, it would cause too much commotion.

The spirit chi there was dense, but Ye Mo thought that since it was a ruin he was looking for, the spirit chi around it should be even denser. Yet when Ye Mo got to the place on the map, it was as if he were in the wilderness. There was nothing but naked rocks and peaks.

The entrance should be at the edge of a huge stalagmite according to the map. Ye Mo was just about to check it when he felt cultivation essence waves appear in his spirit sense area.

Someone was there? Ye Mo immediately noticed four cultivators, and all of them were more powerful than him.

Without hesitation, Ye Mo hid himself. The four were all at the golden core state, so they were soon there. They also seemed to be looking for something.

There were three men and one woman. The woman looked young but cold. She was very pretty, and her long hair was curled to the top. She was at least at golden core state level seven.

Out of the two men in front of her, one was very handsome. Ye Mo was shocked to see that he actually knew the man. He was the city lord of River State City, Zhang Chengfeng!

Ye Mo despised this hypocrite who took his pill yet did nothing for him. When Ye Mo first saw him, he was at golden core state level six, but now he was at golden core state level seven.

The frontmost man looked innocent and genuine. He was at golden core state level eight, but Ye Mo couldn't see anything special about him. Ye Mo could feel his arrogance, though. Clearly, he was the leader in his eyes. Yet Ye Mo had the strange feeling that this man wasn't as dangerous as the old man at the end.

That old man had a slouched back and was also at golden core state level eight, but Ye Mo felt he was the scariest.

They were all golden core state tertiary stage cultivators. No one was at the golden core state peak stage or middle stage.

Just when Ye Mo was confused about why they were there, Zhang Chengfeng asked, "Brother Fei, we've been searching for five days, and we've pretty much looked through the whole area, did you maybe remember wrongly?"

The honest-looking man replied calmly, "I didn't remember wrongly. I found out about this unintentionally. The fellow that was acting against me ran from the market and killed a foundation establishment state cultivator called Gu Yuhuo. He robbed from him a Nine Creviced Sword and the map of an ancient ruin. The map was of the All Herb Ranges, but that young man just isn't here yet."

"But we've been looking for so long, would the person you got the information from have remembered poorly?" the cold-looking woman suddenly asked.

"No, he's Gu Yuhuo's brother, and he's only at the chi gathering state. I searched his soul, so I'm sure he didn't lie," the man called Fei said.

Ye Mo had already realized who this Fei was.

He was the person who tried to fight over the Stone Stool with him at Nan Shan Market, Hidden Sword Sect's Fei Cijiang.

Ye Mo was surprised to see that he looked like an innocent guy. One really can't judge a book by its cover.

Since it was Fei Cijiang, Ye Mo knew why he could find out about him having taken the map and key. Luckily Ye Mo had put on Nine Transformations. Otherwise, he would've been caught by him.

Hearing this, no one else said anything, and they just kept looking.

If it wasn't for this Fei Cijiang, it would be fine if these people left, but Ye Mo really wanted to kill Fei Cijiang.

Just when Ye Mo was hesitating, the old man suddenly looked at the big stalagmite and said, "There's a hidden formation under there, let me open it and see."

They had found the place, but Ye Mo wasn't worried. The four might have found the place but clearly didn't have the key.

"Haha, there's a hidden formation here indeed. It seems Brother Luo found the right person. Who else would set a formation here?" Zhang Chengfeng laughed as he hacked out with his sword.

Immediately the hidden formation disappeared, and a stone door was revealed.

"A space formation portal!" the old man yelled in excitement.

"It really is a space formation portal, we're rich hahaha!"Fei Cijiang laughed in a hysteric way which really mismatched his innocent-looking face.

Even the woman and Zhang Chengfeng were excited.

"What do we do now?" Zhang Chengfeng was the first to calm down.

Fei Cijiang stopped his hysterical laughter too and said, "Brother Luo, set up a hidden formation outside the space formation portal, and let's go in first."

The old man nodded and started throwing out formation flags. 15 minutes later, a new hidden formation was set up, and the four of them as well as the door disappeared from Ye Mo's sight.

When Ye Mo was sure they should be thoroughly inside, he got up. A space formation portal was very hard to set up, so why was it covered by such a simple hiding formation?

There were a lot of dubious points about it, but Ye Mo didn't want to waste time. The old man's formation was barely level three, so it was not bad, but it was far from enough to stop Ye Mo.

Ye Mo went inside and took out some formation flags of his own, setting a trap formation outside the hidden formation before going in.
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