Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 952

Chapter 952: Enticing Ruins
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

After going into the space formation, a long set of stairs appeared before Ye Mo. Ye Mo carefully sent his spirit sense down, but he found that the four people before him had disappeared. Clearly, something inside was blocking his spirit sense.

Ye Mo walked for about 1 km down the stairs and his spirit sense scanned those four cultivators again. They had stopped at a spacious hall in the shape of a hexagon. There were illumination formations all around the hall. Although it had been many years, theses illumination formations could still consume spirit chi.

Ye Mo suddenly realized why there was a lack of spirit chi there. There were so many formations there and all of them devoured spirit chi from nearby. After countless years, of course there would be a lack of spirit chi.

The reason the group had stopped in this huge hall was because there was nothing else here except a huge sword shaped rink in the center of the hall.

Ye Mo looked at it and realized that the shape matched his sword. It seemed those two foundation establishment state cultivators were right, the big sword he had gotten was the key.

"No door, nor any place to go. What do we do?" Zhang Chengfeng looked at the empty hall and asked.

Fei Cijiang glanced around and said, "That guy took the nine-chipped sword and that's the key. Although we found this place, we can't go in without the key."

Zhang Chengfeng suddenly took out a flying sword and attacked the wall.

There was a just a low thud, but Zhang Chengfeng's flying sword didn't do any damage to the wall. There wasn't even a spark.

"There's no way you can force your way into there. Even a nascent soul state cultivator wouldn't be able to do that probably," the Old Man Luo said.

Fei Cijiang's innocent-looking face spasmed. He really couldn't accept not being able to go into a treasure mountain. He was burning with anger. "Brother Luo, didn't you say you could enter through the formation?"

"Do you have news of the cultivator who stole the sword?" the cold-looking woman shadowlessy asked.

Fei Cijiang shook his head. "No, after I found out about this ruin, I found Dao Friend Luo and then I told you guys. This formation needs four golden core state cultivators to form it. Brother Luo, regardless of the situation, let's do what we planned before and set up a formation."

The woman shook her head and said, "I don't think ordinary formations will have any effect on this hall. Brother Luo can set up a level 3 formation at most. I don't think it's possible to shake this hall at all without a level 4 or above formation."

"Even though, since we're here, we need to try. If it doesn't work out, then we'll investigate the whereabouts of that kid," Zhang Chengfeng intervened.

Fei Cijiang suddenly regretted it now. He should've found that cultivator first and come here himself. If in the end that Old Man Luo couldn't break the formation, then he would be losing too much. Not only would he not be getting anything, but also would he be exposing an ancient ruin.

The old man nodded at Zhang Chengfeng's words. He took out formation flags, which he set up around the sword-shaped rink.

Ye Mo could tell that the old man was setting up a Four Division Position Breaking Formation. This formation could use the power of four golden core state cultivators to blast this hall.

However, when Ye Mo saw the old man set up another hidden blood sacrifice formation on the outside of the formation, he immediately realized this old man had ill intentions.

Indeed, the old man said, "the Four Divisions Position Breaking Formation needs essence blood as a lead. We'll prepare a drop of essence blood each and drop it into the heart of the formation."

Ye Mo sneered. The blood sacrifice formation needed essence blood as a lead. Once the cultivator dropped his essence blood, the formation could suck the essence blood of the cultivator to supply itself with energy.

Then, the old man dropped a drop of his essence blood on the formation's heart. Seeing this, the other three didn't think much and they all did the same.

When he saw they followed his words, there was a sliver of joy at the corner of the old man's eyes. Yet, it soon disappeared.

"Okay, let's stand on one corner of the formation each." Then, the old man took the Zhen position.

Zhang Chengfeng was the closest to the zheng position, but he could only stand on the kan position. The woman took the dui position without hesitation. Fei Cijiang could only stand on the li position.

The li was closest to the wall of the hall. However, Fei Cijiang felt strange, as though something was wrong but he couldn't tell exactly what it was.

Just when he was still thinking, the old man said, "I'm going to activate the formation. Insert your cultivation essence into the formation, don't stop. The more cultivation essence, the stronger the formation."

Then, the old man threw a formation flag and started to insert cultivation essence.

The formation emitted a faint yellow light. The remaining three realized that the formation had been activated, so they started to insert their cultivation essence too.

Thud- The formation started to inflate like a balloon.


The formation got activated! A powerful explosive energy charged out of the formation into the sword-shaped rink. The hall started to shake.

Was the formation actually useful? However, Ye Mo immediately understood that the ancient ruin had been here for countless years and many of the defense formations had started to loosen up.

The old man kept throwing formation flags as blasts of explosive energy charged at the wall.

Fei Cijiang was the closest to the energy blasts and his clothes were already messy. If it went on, he was going to get heavily injured or even killed. He quickly said, "Brother Luo, stop! I can't stand here anymore, I need some rest!"

The old man smiled. "Dao Friend Fei, don't worry! It will be fine soon. Just hold on a little longer."

The impacts on the woman and Zhang Chengfeng's positions weren't as big as Fei Cijiang's, but there were still some.

Rumble- A huge energy blow shook Fei Cijiang as he spat blood.

"Luo Youping, what did you do? Why does this formation keep draining my cultivation essence? Why can't I stop?!" Fei Cijiang finally realized something was wrong.

The old man acted as though he hadn't heard this and he just kept throwing formation flags inside.

"Luo Youping! This bastard wants to have the ruin all to himself!" Fei Cijiang shrieked.

Needless to say, the woman and Zhang Chengfeng had already realized this. They had both fallen into Luo Youping's trap.

Zhang Chengfeng called out, "Luo, are you trying to take up on us three at the same time? Hurry up and stop, or don't blame me for the consequences!"

The woman didn't speak, as though she was trying to activate something.

Ye Mo sneered. These people didn't understand the power of a blood sacrifice formation. Devouring their cultivation essence was just the beginning - after a certain stage, the formation would devour their essence blood.

But Ye Mo had no intentions of doing anything. Even if they didn't need to use the key and Luo Youping broke in with the formation, he wasn't worried.

Rumble, rumble-

More explosions sounded. Ye Mo could feel the ground beneath him starting to shake. The old man's face was full of worry and concentration.

Fei Cijiang spat mouthfuls of blood and shouted, "Luo Youping, you treacherous bastard! The Hidden Sword Sect won't let you go! Aaaargh!!"

He suddenly howled. "Luo Youping, you dare suck my essence blood!!"

Zhang Chengfeng and the woman's faces also went pale. They were feeling the same.

The woman suddenly took out a rune and spat blood at it.

Luo Youping saw this and his expression changed drastically. He quickly threw many formation flags.

Yet, the rune had turned into a huge whirlpool and it swept the woman away.

A level 8 Space Mobility Rune! The rune was worth a fortune. Ye Mo hadn't expected that a golden core state cultivator would have this sort of rune. Clearly, she was no simple character.

With her escape, the place would soon be no secret. Ye Mo had to quickly search this place and leave.
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